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The Killer: The Man and the Woman

January 29, 2014


Lisa Stebic, John Spira, Stacy Peterson

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

The Killer:

The Man and the Woman

09.24.09p1Page “1” of my 09.24.09 session first tells me that my information is being used by “under covers” in an effort to manipulate the outcome of the situation—to make it look as if I am a nut case. At the same time, they are using my information for their own advantage and gain.

Cinderella is a “fairy tale bride” yet she is also “Mary Poppins” (a storybook character) and this is associated with the Beauty Queen from Alsip, IL.

The curtains are a “cover“inside” the “stage coach” which has a multifaceted meaning—a staged event having to do with a coach is just one of the meanings—and this is symbolized by the word “jalopy”. The stage coach is jalopy. The cover for jalopy is someone who is on the inside of the investigation.

They further show searchers out on a boat in the dark searching—sneaking around in an effort to go unnoticed.

The cursive “L L L” represents me. The “dute dute dute” represents “sonar” and my ability to see what they are doing on the surface and underwater at the same time.

Symbolically, when one “goes under” they are undercover; however, this is referencing online identities utilized to operate their manipulative schemes by creating a network of bogus online identities complete with photos of real people and their family and friends.

09.24.09p2On 09.24.09 page 2, they show that “jalopy” is an old rusted “pod shaped” “steel” container that was a body on an autopsy table (“jalopy” is also the crooked cop who is the clown who is the John Gacy-like serial killer). “jalopy” is also a “tooth” being pulled out associated with me.

A “tooth” is part of a set of teeth that make up an identity. “jalopy’s” teeth are shown symbolically to be all “crooked and distorted”. That means he is crooked and distorted with the use of his false identities that are his cover.

The identities are not used to conduct official police business; they are used to distort and manipulate the control of any given investigation, whether it is his own investigation or another he may get “paid” to manipulate. This is part of the “code”.

This computer manipulation of his is a “racket” he has going on and others in law enforcement pay him to do “jobs” for them where he works those jobs through the use of all his bogus online identities and fictitious characters—his computer creations. He is a master at computer hacking and he has access to the abundant resources utilized in computer forensics.

What this 09.24.09 session tells me is that they—the “two”—stole my work from me via computer hacking and illegal phone tapping and they used that information or will use that information in some way regarding a death and an autopsy and it has to do with an “old pod container” that was “stolen—symbolized by “steel”.

I am well aware of what this is and when the time is right, I will refer back to this to explain it. I detail its meaning, in part, throughout this e-book.

Because I have published information on this specific event and sent information to law enforcement that will expose their criminal acts of theft and plagiarism they are now, were, or will be attempting to remove a “tooth” which is part of an identity associated with the acts they performed in their manipulative schemes using the plagiarized information they stole from me.

This “tooth” being removed is one of two “front teeth”. The “front teeth” is a “front”—a cover—and these are “Tony’s children”. Tony’s children are his cover.

As shown in the image on the 09.24.09 session on page 2, they—the two on the boat—the man and the woman—are now trying “ride out the storm” or soon will be. The storm is their deceptive acts being exposed by me.

These two “searchers” have been shown to me since day one.

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For example, on March 28, 2009 page 2 they show me the two searchers as a married man and a woman but this is a false identity—a fake marriage—as she was wearing the wedding ring on her right hand.  This is their cover—their marriage.  They provided me with her name a long time ago, and I posted these sessions with her name provided symbolically. The name provided is not initially flagrant; but once I point it out it will then be obvious.

Eventually, I will be questioned about how I know what I know and how I gathered my information as I am detailing here. And I am very much looking forward to that day.

On December 5, 2007, I left a voicemail for a law enforcement official regarding a session I conducted the day prior on “Brenda Boyd” who was found murdered on December 13, 2006. This was a time when “Tony” was obsessively tapping all of my communications and following my every move physically. That 12.04.07session was documented in the journal I provided to Don Bennett—Chief of Police at Plainfield PD—on November 16, 2008. On page 4 of that session, my notes detail a little girl with a “ballerina” trophy.

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Because I was told on 01.04.09 to “go south” to look for the missing remains of Lisa Stebic and Stacy Peterson,” I asked “Go south where?” The first thing they tell me on 01.07.09 page 1 to answer my question, is to provide me with her name—her last name—shown as a well defined “symbol”—a “Link”—followed by something about a “park” a “ballet” and a “ballerina” who was wearing a “tutu” that was also “Queen Elizabeth’s” neck garland material thing, whatever that is called. They also show a ginger bread bear “cookie”—that is, a computercookie”—that someone slaps on “glass” (glass is symbolic). They show me the Plainfield PD “puppet” that is also a “carnival ride” made of “steel” meaning steal.

What the symbols on 01.07.09 page 1 tell me, is that “Link” is directly associated with the “ballerina” symbol and that the specific information from my journal was plagiarized somehow. The “stuffed bear” that becomes a Gingerbread cookie that is slapped on glass is symbolic. That is followed by the Plainfield PD “puppet” that was also a “carnival ride” made of “steel”—steal.

The “gingerbread” symbol came in on a session I did on 01.23.09 related to the Riley Fox case. This session is not posted on MISSING because the session was conducted for a private individual. In this session, they show that gingerbread man is the “ghost”—he’s the “spy”; and he gets burned.

Gingerbread is symbolic to the storybook “Hansel and Gretel”. There was a person online who had been active in the Stacy Peterson forum Stacy’s family used; and this forum user then started their own forum. I wasn’t active in that forum and only read parts of it; but I do recall this person put psychic information out there that had everyone looking at the area around “Hansel Road” which is much farther south than Bolingbrook, Lockport, and Plainfield, Illinois. This is the “gingerbread” symbol I received. That is how spirit communicates to tell a story.

This is important: I did not publish that session containing the “ballerina” symbol until June 19, 2009 [link to Riley Fox, Brenda Boyd, Lisa Stebic post]; and I did not share that page with anyone except as provided to Plainfield Police Chief Don Bennett on November 16, 2008. If this “ballerina” symbol made it to investigators through a bogus “psychic tip,” or something along those lines, prior to June 19, 2009; then the only place that information could have come from was directly from someone who had access to the journal I provided to Plainfield PD or from someone tapping my phone in December 2007 when I left the voicemail for the law enforcement official with those details on it.

And remember, the Stacy Peterson investigation is handled by the Illinois State Police District #5 in Lockport, Illinois.

01.07.09 page 1: I ask again, “Go south where? Give me anything.” They give me the name “Indian Trail”.

Then on page 2 while still asking them to give me anything so I would know where to go south to, they show me the “lovers” kissing and a “7” and they tell me that the lovers are “Lisa” (that is symbolic).

They’re telling me to “go south” from my location to where “Link” is at (once I figured out who “Link” was), and where the “gingerbread” “cookie” man is at—the spy with the gingerbread cookie that is slapped on “glass” associated with the Plainfield PD puppet that is carnival of plagiarized information.

They told me to go south to where those two are at.

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On 01.18.09 when asking “Stacy Peterson” where south do I go to? She shows me a “cross”—meaning a “death”—associated with a “quarry” and a road that runs along the river. She shows me an upside down car (could this be the “jalopy” symbol?).

On page 2, she shows me what happened to her—she was strangled outside of her car.  I saw a small airport. Then I am inside a small cockpit.

As an FYI, this “7 man Seven” guy who is the “lovers” guy is also a pilot and is also associated with an ultra-light plane like Drew Peterson had. My viewing of things as if I am on the inside of the plane doesn’t mean that Stacy was inside this plane. It could mean that; but it doesn’t necessarily mean that. It could mean that this is the information this maniac put out there in the form of a bogus psychic tip. One must always remain objective and never dive into an automatic assumption and run with it—that is how you end up with tunnel vision. Being inside a small cockpit could simply mean her killer has a plane and/or is a private pilot.  Or it means this entire inside the plane cockpit scenario is a part of the bogus information he planted in the form of a fake psychic to get investigators and/or the search teams to run around in circles searching for a leprechaun and his imaginary pot of gold.

Next, on page two, they show me the “lighthouse” (7-man-Seven) and a “church”.

On page 3, I see an old car from the “60s”, a junk car; nose diving down into a body of water that was a quarry with stone walls (is this “jalopy”?).  They show me that there was a hand off of Stacy Peterson’s body—lots of hand offs—from one to another. That way, the first person to pass off the body will not know where her remains are and they can honestly say they do not know where she is.

They next show me the symbols for the “two”—the man and the woman who will have the staged marriage as I will point out in this chapter. He is symbolized by a man’s “cheap workbook” and she is symbolized by a “flip-flop” from a careless type of individual—she is sloppy.

They then show a woman’s body thrown out of a car and her lifeless body thumps to the ground.

Then there is a gun firing—this means someone gets fired—and it is pointed directly at me.  I push it away. Then it is 2 guns that are “identical” and “joined together”—they move together simultaneously.  They are “twins”—this is the brother and sister who are lovers who have the staged marriage as I will point out throughout this e-book.

They show me a person who represents “Rockdale, Illinois.” I ask “South to Rockdale?” They answer by showing me the “Sun”. Notice the note I made next to that on 01.28.09: “Those clothes I found across from the locks.” As I detailed previously in Chapter 1, those clothes were found at the location of Lafarge in Rockdale, Illinois—the quarry where John Spira indicates he will be found on the shore under logs and tree branches.

04.16.12 p104.16.12 was such an important session for me as it helped me to understand so clearly just who this woman is. I have blocked out much of the notes I made while trying to understand the message on this session completely; so the page looks quite busy though the message is very clear.

She is the woman with the “flip flop” and she is or was a cop who is a “single stripe” associated with “Will County”. She is “Link”. They also tell me that an internet “IP” address the police have, possibly one I have provided to them on involved persons, is her IP and this is associated with “Melrose Park”.

04.16.12 p2On 04.16.12 page 2, they tell me that “Link” is with “Paris ID”. Paris ID is symbolic for a Pairs, Illinois case conducted by the Illinois State Police. That means she is Illinois State Police—ISP under cover as the “staff” at Plainfield “PD”. She is the “record keeper” for the “Chief” as detailed in Chapter 7. They indicate that there will be a “test” associated with her and “trump”.

02.09.11 p2[small image of page 02.09.11 p2]

12.03.10 p2[small image of page 12.03.10 p2]

Based on information provided to me by spirit on 12.03.10 page 2 and 02.09.11 page 2, I suspect that this “trump” test associated with “Link” is new information that was stolen from me—information about a specific person mentioned in a text I sent to someone on 01.13.14—and they are using this information somehow to continue in their relentless pursuit to point the finger at me through staged internet personae.

At the end of that 04.16.12 page 2 session, they provided me with the date “May 23rd”.

04.12.10 p3

I was first provided this May 23rd date on 04.12.10 page 3. On this page, they first tell me about someone “rolling a joint” associated with “Joliet” (“Joliet” is the big fat sloppy ghost who is “Jewish” that will be taken away—Tony). The “Joliet joint” means “prison”.  They further tell me about how “Tony” stole my information from me through illegal phone taps as symbolized by the “upside down telephone handle” and that he will face a “grand jury” for it or he is associated with a “grand jury” because of it—as in he provided false testimony when he testified before a grand jury based upon my work and what I produced and this is a “huge step” he took regarding the events that led to the “May 23rd” sentencing—all my years of hard work stolen from me through his illegal phone tapping of me. Or both scenarios are true and he provided false testimony to a grand jury regarding information he stole from me plagiarizing my work, and he will also face a grand jury because of what he did to me.

Whichever the case, “Tony” and the “grand jury” are associated with his illegal phone tapping of me. The “Huge step” being taken is associated with “Goofy”. “Goofy” is one of the two snakes who make up the “heart” and that is the “lovers” who are also brother and sister and are Tony’s cover.

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The “flip flop” that is symbolic to this woman “Link” was first shown to me on 10.31.08. I did not understand it at the time and that is typical. The symbols sometimes take years to know their full meanings; and in this case, it did take years to understand it completely.

Now I can see it clear as day.

Morelli as SueHThe “flip flop” girl was “SueH” on and another poster who was part of the “orphanannie” gang of posters that trashed my name and assassinated my character so egregiously throughout latter 2007, the entirety of 2008 and the majority of 2009 utilizing for their attack platform.

Remember, multiple people can and do share the same online identity. So, SueH could have been more than one person posting under that screen name.

Morelli as SueH on Gordie Gillespie in Ripon WII discovered that SueH made a post on in a Wisconsin forum trying to find “Gordie Gillespie” as shown in the screen shot above. There are two things to point out regarding this specific SueH post: (1) this is in the “Ripon, WI” forum and that is the bogus “Cheddie” poster who supposedly was from Rpon, Wisconsin—“Cheddie24”; (2) this is a new thread that the poster “SueH” created in the Ripon, WI forum. And because the post is on an old Joliet Catholic Academy High School baseball coachGordie Gillespie—I think I know who one of the posters were that used the SueH “registered” screen name. A registered screen name on requires a password to login.

This is a person active online, who is/was an investigator, trashing my name and harassing me online but doing it in disguise (that is a felony—signed into law under George W. Bush).  They think I can’t see who they are because they lack the ability to see what I can see. And in their unfounded arrogance, they run around on the net asking questions, in print, about real people associated with their relative’s personal lives foolishly thinking nobody will see it or figure it out. He was more than sloppy; he was stupid.

There is a twist to this, however; one must keep in mind that the “master manipulator” could have “planted” that post as a deliberate effort to throw anyone off who may look into that poster “SueH”, especially since we received the “Cinderella” symbol with the “stage coach” on 09.24.09. Or it is saying that the “Cinderella Bride” who is on the inside of the investigation IS the one with the stage coach; and she is really a he—the investigator inside the case whose relative is associated with the former Joliet Catholic Academy High School Baseball Coach Gordie Gillespie.

And remember, they play musical chairs; so more than one person uses these bogus screen name identities in an effort to maintain their cast of characters charade to keep their ship of corruption afloat. Therefore, the flip-flop (multi-symbolic) “Link” could be both the new cover “Link” and the old cover of the investigator (a flip-flop) with the relative who is associated with Gordie Gillespie of Joliet Catholic Academy High School—the baseball coach.

Always keep in mind that the big ship of corruption—the “Titanic” as it is symbolized—is “Jack’s” ship. Jack is “Sr.”; and he is the “puppet master”. The two lovers in the movie the Titanic were Jack and Rose. As I pointed out in Chapter 1, Jack is a cover and the cover name is “Jack Honig”.

One must always remain objective in order to see the full truth; and one must recognize spirit’s infinite wisdom through the use of multi-meaning symbolism’s. In this particular case, one must never forget the twisted manipulating actions of the puppet master behind all of these online identities and his whole charade of characters and spirit’s uncanny ability to describe the madman’s animated creations with a single symbol such as with the symbol of the “Titanic” and its multifaceted meaning.

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At the bottom of 10.31.08 page 2 and the top of page 3, they show the “C-hand”—a cop—eating up the pages in my journal like “pac man”—one of the pack devouring what my journal details. This is followed by a car seat—a position held—pushed down and closed. This was a “Captain’s chair”—a Captain’s position is closed down as Lisa is telling me to get out of there.

I was preparing to move at that time. I had not yet provided my journal to Don Bennett at Plainfield PD.  So this event happened at the time I was moving; and I moved two weeks after I provided my journal to Don Bennett on November 16, 2008.

The Captain’s position closing is followed by a skeleton hand, and a skeleton foot but the skeleton foot had a “flip- flop” on—think “skeletons in the closet” and “SueH” for the meaning of the skeleton here, though this is a multifaceted meaning that I will refer back to in the future.

Then I am shown a “ship” but Lisa is saying “woo woo” and making the sounds of a train. Then I see Lisa’s hands as bones sticking out of the ground but almost like water—like sandy, muddy water. They show a “drop” of water and the “ripple effect” it makes and then I’m shown my own hand writing the words “This is it.

Then I am shown a “1” with the “profile” of a man “blowing smoke” out of his “mouth” about “drugs.” With this, they show “troubled writing” and “Freezing.” “She’s freezing.”

[link to 10.31.08 session] Continued on page 4, they show a very heavy smoker (this is aka Russell/Puffing Paul on Followed by the symbols of the location of the “Chevron” plant in Lockport, Illinois—a very specific location that is adjacent to the railroad tracks that run between the facility and a location that is associated with deer carcasses I found there prior to this session.

I am going to stop there and give you the skinny on what this session is telling me. The “flip-flop” skeleton is a bogus identity as symbolized by the “ship” that’s a “train” (detailed in Chapter 10 and Chapter 11) and was created at the time I was moving—the end of November 2008. As I detail in Chapter 11, the “covert operative’s” underground world is an “underground railroad”. This is an entire underground world of false identities used to help a living identity to escape, such as a fugitive on the run given a new identity, or a way to wash a bogus identity into the “underground railroad” world. This means her identity—“Link”—is not real—it is FAKE and that “Link” is associated with the Captain’s position that is closing at the time I was moving at the end of November 2008.

The man “blowing smoke” and with the “freezing writing” is one of the fake psychics this loser created to put bogus psychic tips out there to get people running around like crazy going in circles and always coming up empty as was his plan for them.

In this particular case, the person I was working with at the time was working with a “psychic” named “Steven” who claimed to be from the other side of the Atlantic (how convenient) and he was providing her with false psychic tips.

A copy of the following email correspondence was provided to Plainfield PD when I met with Don Bennett on November 16, 2008.

Steven email

On 09.11.08, Steven claimed that in his “psychic dream” he saw that Craig Stebic’s father, Joe, came to the house to get Lisa’s body in the middle of the night, and that Joe put Lisa Stebic in a freezer storing her in there until he moved. And, according to this “Steven,” Joe then took the freezer with Lisa Stebic’s body inside and moved her with him to his new house. According to this never-met-before-in-person “psychic” Steven from lalaland, then Joe Stebic had a “house warming” party while the body of his daughter-in-law was packed in his freezer like a side of beef.

That is so ridiculous it is laughable.

*Note:* The date Joe Stebic closed on his house was “September 11th”. I know this because just prior, Lisa Stebic appeared to me in a panic indicating that Craig was moving and taking the kids away. Through research, I discovered that Craig’s father had his house on the market for sale and I discussed all of this on the phone in detail with the person who was working with me in finding Lisa Stebic’s remains—the same person who was in contact with the bogus psychic “Steven”.

My phone was tapped by him so this guy—the dirty cop—Tony—who is the bogus psychic Steven—knew everything we discussed on the phone. My computers were tapped by him as well so he knew everything I did online and every communication I had via Email, chat, or instant message. And he was physically having me followed so he knew everywhere I went and every single thing I did. I knew he was doing those things; and I knew he had been doing that to me since the early summer of 2007—since I first began trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding Lisa Stebic’s disappearance—and I have proof of that.

There is so much more that he did to me—so many egregious ill-intentioned acts meant to emotionally and psychologically traumatize me and prevent my forward movement in the physical world—he meant to paralyze me and my efforts in finding Lisa Stebic. He wanted me to STOP trying to find the truth and intended to go as far as possible to make that happen.

One cannot imagine what kind of psychological and emotional impact such acts have on one’s person; and the unimaginable level of stress and emotional trauma endured by knowing you are being watched and are under constant surveillance—24/7—in every aspect of your world, even inside your own home. One cannot know what that will do to your person and how negatively it will affect your ability to function in the physical world until one has experienced it for their self. The effects as a result of being under surveillance and being stalked are unfathomable.

It is personally devastating. It destroys your entire human existence—everything you’ve worked your whole life to achieve and have accomplished is lost due the emotional trauma inflicted upon you by experiencing such despicable acts against you on a continuous basis for an extended period of time.

The evil behind the ill-intentioned acts committed against me are incomprehensible; and the emotional, psychological, and physical damage created as a result of being forced to suffer through such evil acts is inconceivable.

And I’ve had to suffer through all of that for nearly seven years.

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Page 3 of this session CLEARLY shows me that the profile of “Steven”—the psychic with the “troubled writing” and the “freeze” and “she’s freezing”—is BOGUS.

He “planted” that information about Craig moving, probably through some bogus psychic tip, and that is what Lisa was trying to tell me when she appeared to me in a panic repeating it. That was her spirit’s way of saying “the one who presents the information that Craig Stebic is moving is the one who is her killer.” At that time, Lisa referred to him as “John Morgan”.

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The “9-11” scenario is symbolic to the “fireboy”—“Johnny boy”—as indicated in the journal provided to Don Bennett and detailed on 11.10.08 page 3. Remember, Joe Stebic closed on his house on “9-11” and the bogus psychic “Steven” sent the email about his bogus psychic dream on “9-11”. Notice on this session that the guy they are telling me about is the “two striped” “Chief” who is a “triangle” (that is half of the Jewish Star that is also an Illinois State Police badge as detailed on 08.04.08 [link to 08.04.08 session] and it means a “tri” “angle”—3 sides to this guy—as in, he is triple undercover—and he is associated with “9-11” (that is multi-symbolic). On page 2 they show the “chief” associated with a “rose”.

[link to 10.31.08 session] 10.31.08 page 5 shows me him as the “backward 1” on the water, the “C-hand”—a cop—and sprit says that “This is the link”. This-is-the-Link is a multi-faceted symbol. It means HER name is the link needed to find Lisa’s murderer which is also the location where Lisa’s remains were placed. He is “j” and “the Monkey”, see 08.04.08 page 1 [link to 08.04.08 session].

Over the years, they have given me every single minute detail of who they will be in the future so I can locate them as they are in their “cover” during the present (when that time comes to be) knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the “two” as has been shown to me for nearly seven years; and I have done just that—I’ve located them and I know where the human remains are of Lisa Stebic, John Spira, and Stacy Peterson.

My job is to “blow the whistle on Tony” and I am doing that right now, again.

His name is “Tony S” (first presented to me on 11.12.08 page 5 [link to 11.12.08 session]). Her name is “Link” and they are in “Rockdale” as clearly stated to me on January 7, 2009 [link to 01.07.09 session] (the “Link”) and January 18, 2009 [link to 01.18.09 session](Rockdale)—long before she moved there and long before I could have had public access to her name at that specific location.

I was provided with her first name over and over again throughout the years so it was easy for me to look up two names together, both of which I had the first and last names provided to me by spirit; and as always, I found those two people at the exact same address, living together, recently “married,” in Rockdale, Illinois and residing precisely where the “Lafarge” facility is located—a location and name I didn’t discover until May 2013; and that is also well documented and verifiable.

It does not get anymore specific than that. And it cannot be denied that I provided those names associated with that specific Rockdale, Illinois session years before those two together were associated with that location and did so through the posting of my journals on MISSING for the entire world to see along with providing a copy of my first journal to the police department investigating the disappearance of Lisa Stebic with both of those name in there.

The only person in all of this who is pure intentioned, open, forthright, honest, and presents what she has openly—with her name and physical person attached to it—is me. If it doesn’t have my name plain to see on it, then it didn’t come from me. I despise manipulation and I always have because that is who I am.

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On 12.02.08 page 2 and page 3, they show that at the time these two are “cut out” by a thick and heavy pair of “steel cutters”, they are “closing in” (the 4-line E symbolizes their ship of corruption used to frame me)—that is, these two are closing in on me. And that is happening right now as I am preparing this e-book that will save my life and set me free from these two and their insidious dirty rotten intentions in the guise of law enforcement.

I was forewarned of these “two” and their dirty actions against me long before any of this came to be.

On June 29, 2002, I was specifically warned about the “Aries” woman and that she was a “force” who had a “lesson” for me. She was associated with the “Lovers” tarot card and they had a union which was associated with “my work”. Then they were separating and she was a big problem; and she was a “force”. That means she is on the police force. I have this session well documented, though not in writing; I have a recording of the conversation I was having with another person when I was forewarned of the future actions against me as clearly described on tape in June 2002—five years before Lisa Stebic went missing.

On August 24, 2002, I am told about a man and a woman on a boat—she was “Aries” and they were represented as the “Lovers”—and they were coming after me and were closing in, about to be on top of me, when suddenly, as a result of all my years of hard work, trial and error—my lifetime of effort and experience—I finally nail it and get it right; and I produce the tangible evidence. This is the tangible physical world evidence I am providing right here and now. The moment I get it right, the result of what I have produced throws up a huge wall completely blocking their ability to get anywhere near me. They are stunned—they didn’t think I had it in me; and it is a complete shock to them. I was able to stop them from coming after me based on what I produced and what I presented.

Unbelievably, during this reading for me by another on August 24, 2002, spirit showed me as Sandra Bullock inThe Nettrying to upload the information to the FBI before the thugs get to me first; and it’s an intense knee grabber moment. I succeed and they do not. (I’ve never seen the movie, by the way).

I was and I am successful in preventing them from coming after me any longer. They were stopped dead in their tracks. What I am disclosing in this e-book will stop them dead in their tracks and their bogus existence will be “wiped off the face of the Earth” (symbolic). They told me what I create is permanent and it stays around for a very long time.

I didn’t grasp the entire meaning of those two readings until last night, January 23 2013. While going through my journals in search of something specific; I came across a session that told me I will make a “photo finish” (multi-faceted symbolism). Then I remembered the old readings from June and August 2002 and pulled them out to listen to them again.

Because of my understanding at this moment; I now know what January 27th means [link to January 27, 2013 post]. Today is January 24, 2014, as I write this. January 27th is when I am free from “Will County”. I totally know what that means—it means, at last, the loser pig and his “Link” won’t be spying on me anymore. I had the year wrong due to my eagerness to be finished with this project of mine. The date, however, was valid—it always is for me.

Timing is difficult to understand even though I get specific dates. Many times, I get the exact day and the month but not the year. In the past, due to my eagerness to be done with this project, I misinterpreted the date information to mean it would be happening soon when it didn’t mean that at all. However, I have come to understand my abilities more throughout these past nearly seven years; and while I do get exact month-and-day dates, knowing what year it will take place won’t be known until it either happens or it gets closer to the date as the meaning of other symbols associated with that date become flagrant; and that’s when I know definitively what it all means.

I was able to pinpoint to a specific future date in the event associated with June 26th and John Oglesby [link to “Who is this?” post]; and through my dedication, tenacity, persistence, and solid investigative skills, I was able to produce physical world evidence of that.

Spirit provides me with specific names—two people living together at the same location—including their ages and their middle initials presented to me at a time when I had no ability to access those names in any of the public directories; yet years later, I am able to locate those people in the physical world.

Even though I’ve erred on my predicted years when these specific month-day events will take place; all things considering, my ability to pinpoint the precise future dates of specific real life events to the specific day-date of a specific month the future events will happen, along with pinpointing the precise names of involved persons, and to pinpoint the precise location where human remains will be discovered in the future (as proven in May 2009), is still pretty darn incredible.

I’ve worked extremely hard to accomplish this for the benefit of and for the well being of others.  Because of the exceptional work I have produced as a result of my level of intelligence, my lifetime of dedication to understanding cause and effect in search of the truth, my gifted intuitive skills, and my extraordinary efforts; I not only deserve a pat on the back but I solidly have earned the future rewards I will eventually receive for the enormous accomplishments I’ve made in the process of my search for the truth.

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On 12.22.08 page 1, they tell me that “John’s” position on “Lisa” associated with “precision”—who is “Jeff”—is part of “Link” being cut out of the “4-line E”. The 4-line E is symbolic to the “Captain’s” ship of corruption that is to be his book of their case once they close it—the fame and fortune they are seeking—their “treasure”—based on manipulation, theft, plagiarism, bribery, using any corrupt means necessary to achieve their twisted desires as detailed in Chapter 4.

12.21.08 page 2 indicates that once “Link” is cut out “now the pressure is on,” and the Captain is “stuck”. The force of the flow is pulling him toward his demise at a time he is no longer in control. The “force” pulls him into a stationary cement bridge where his boat is stripped away from him. He’s left abandoned on the road like a “chicken with their head cut off”. At this time, the “Bad moon is rising”.

As an FYI: “Link” is one of “four” lines on the 4-line E that makes up the Captain’s ship. The “bad moon arising” is associated with a real person named “Tom” (symbolized by “seeing” the name and “hearing” the name at the same time) and it is about “Lisa”. I cannot provide more specific details at this time but I will refer back to this in the not too distant future when it is time to do so.

Remember the “Indian Trail” name that was provided to me on 01.07.09 [link to 01.07.09 session] when I asked “Go south where? Give me anything”? Well, “Irish Indian Trail” is located in “Trygg Industrial Park” (a name I have been provided with many times over the years). Trygg is adjacent to “Splash Station Water Park” that is next to the River Boat. And all three of these locations are directly across the River from the “Lafarge” quarry where John Spira indicates he will be found. Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic both indicate that the location of their remains is associated with the “two” on the boat who are associated with this Lafarge facility in Rockdale, Illinois.

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Another session that includes the bogus marriage is 11.29.08. Page 2 of this session shows the “C-hand”—a cop—“riding the wire”.  This is the cop that had me wiretapped illegally. As you can see in the image, this is a wedding photo but he is wearing the wedding ring not only on his right hand but on his “thumb”. This is symbolic—the thumb is the puppet master who has many under his thumb but he is also “goofy”. “Goofy” is one of the “two” snakes that make up the “heart” that is the “apple”. The “heart” is the two lovers. The “apple” is the “fruit of the loom”—fruit is children. They are the children who are lovers and have the staged marriage.

The question I am asking spirit about in that 11.29.08 session on page 2 regarding “page 14” relates to a very specific location in Yorkville, Illinois. This is part of the six (6) future events I detailed at the end of Chapter 1—specifically, the woman in the box with the skull fractures (shown as a skeleton on 11.29.08 page 1) who will be found that was either killed there, who will be killed there in the future, or it is a part of some sort of staged death in order to wash an identity through the “underground railroad” that is detailed in Chapter 11.

Either the woman’s death associated with this location is merely one of the bogus psychic tips they’ve submitted over the years to law enforcement after their illegal tapping and hacking of my communication back in March of 2008, or this is about a real death used as a cover up for something else and the DNA results are/were or will be manipulated to disguise the victim’s true identity as a cover up.

Don’t ever think that cannot happen. Anything can be manipulated. While DNA does not lie, people sure do. Pay-to-play corruption is prevalent in Illinois and not just in politics. That corrupt pay-to-play operation runs rampant in all facets of Illinois including law enforcement, prosecutorial, the judiciary, crime labs—you name it.

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At the time of Lisa Stebic’s disappearance and murder, these two—the man and the woman—were the two “Lovers” who had blood all over their hands as shown on 12.13.08 page 9. They are the two with the “steel” (steal) “blue” (cop) “change” “purse” (some sort of change associated with “pay”) that is a “box” with a “rose” on top. The change-purse-box is all “decorated” and “very pretty”.

I am near certain this “steel blue change purse with a rose on top” is symbolic to the death associated with the Alsip beauty pageant queen (a bogus identity) that I am near certain is the death of the “woman in a box” with the major skull fractures killed at that specific Yorkville, Illinois location (detailed below) where DNA results will be manipulated, possibly to pin a rape and a murder on someone else in order to eliminate the dirty internet trail of a specific identity—to wash that identity through the underground railroad—in an effort to cover up for and to protect the real killer.

The killer’s level of manipulation is extraordinary and when combined with the case investigators’ lack of attention to detail—blinded by their tunnel vision—it allows the killer to skate free and clear without even a second glance.

03.08.10 p1The “Son Rising” is foreshadowed by “Jesus” and the woman joining hands. They are the 4-5, 4-5, 4-5 hands shown to me since the beginning. This is the “baby thumb” (symbolic) flipping back and forth—the “8” that is made up of two people who sit in the Captain’s chair—a man and a woman—John and Joan—and they are the two baseballs that make an “8”—two people who sit in the Captain’s chair sharing that position. He “ship’s Captain” is also the “Team Captain”; and it is Jack Honig’s ship.

As shown in latter 2008, she is the one left “holding the bag”. Their relationship is an impermanent one and they will separate. She is the “link” where we find the “well” that Lisa was put in. They are the “checkmark that’s an X”. And this is when they first tell me that she is Illinois State Police—ISP.

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11.15.08. She is the “black widow” and the “swirling disco ball” with the “lights, camera, action!” which is a film creation—the “Titanic” (multi-symbolic). They are the “Bride and Groom” and this is associated with their “identities being revealed” as symbolized by the skeleton teeth “rocking back and forth” (symbolic and detailed in Chapter 7) and another set of skeleton teeth—the identities of “two” people—think “skeletons in the closet”. They show him “moving” with “cheap hangers”—that is symbolic to Rockdale, IL. And, remember, as detailed earlier in this chapter, that move is associated with the Captain’s position closing that happened at the time I was moving in November 2008.

These two—the man and the woman—were also the two doing the “home renovating” as provided to me throughout 2008 and 2009, see 11.29.08 page 3 [link to 11.29.08 session]. She is the “missing Link” (multi-symbolic) one of the two who holds the position at the second level on the four-line-E as shown on 11.29.08 page 3; and this is the “Captain’s” position they share. And there’s that Plainfield PD puppet thing, associated with Link and “precision”.  They are the “lovers” with the baby; and he has the mariner’s “tattoo” on his arm, I think forearm.

It’s “his hand” that is in it—he is directly associated with Lisa Stebic’s death. The topic on 11.29.08 page 3 is regarding the Yorkville, Illinois location tied to a death of a woman—the skeleton whose head was banged to the ground—the “woman in the box” that is soon to be discovered.

On page 4 it shows that these “two” are the “bride and groom”.

09.26.12 & 09.27.12 p1On 09.26.12, I woke to seeing a real estate sign with “2008” as the “name rider”—the agent’s name. I know from many previous sessions that he moved from “Lockport, Illinois” but he is also associated with “Tinley Park,” Illinois.

On 09.27.12 p1, I woke to spirit telling me that “Boo”—the “ghost”—was the “Jewish Star”. The ghost represents a “spy”. An undercover agent is a “spy” for whomever they are working for.

I asked about the real estate sign and what they were trying to tell me the day before. They show me the “inside ring corner” (that is multi-symbolic) that makes an “X”. The inside ring corner is the “Sergeant” who is the one who steals my information (and others) and that is a “steel frame” that makes up the “4-line E” that is a “coroner’s ring” which is a “circle of death.” “X” is symbolic to the location of the remains of Lisa Stebic and Stacy Peterson. And they said that means “Will County”. This guy takes a “trip” and then he is “Fox on the run.”

Initially, it was so difficult to understand it all because he was a “Sergeant” then a “Staff Sergeant” then a “Captain” and then the “Chief”. It was a head banging conundrum until I began to realize that they were providing me with the timing of when specific events happened and will happen in the future based on this guy’s forward progression in the law enforcement environment as he is under cover.

09.27.12 p2The person’s move in 2008 is associated with “Tommy” … I just realized something right at this immediate moment: this guy didn’t move from Will County to a different law enforcement agency. He moved from another law enforcement agency to Will County in 2008 and this is associated with “Tommy” moving … Whoah—I just realized something else. I know precisely what they are telling me and what that means. I cannot detail that here at this time; however, what I can say is that this “move” is related to the “Captain” whose position was closed at the time I was moving in November 2008 as detailed above on the 10.31.08 session [link to 10.31.08 session] and this guy—the Captain whose position was closed—is “Sheriff” and “thief” as indicated on 09.27.12 page 2. It is also directly connected to “link” as shown on 12.22.08 page 2 [link to 12.21.08-12.22.08 session] and detailed above.

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This is also directly associated with a dream I woke to on 08.13.08 and documented in the journal I provided to Don Bennett in November 2008. Now I understand this dream completely and now I know who that person in the dream is in the real world—the one who was the “Lead Guy” at the time of that dream who was after me because I had the “codes” to the game—the guy who was the white haired man that resembled “Gary Busse”. *Note:* In the journal, I wrote he looked like Nick Nolte; but that should be “Gary Busse”. As a kid, I confused one for the other and old habits die hard.


The guy in this image is “Jeff”. This is another “cover” for Tony in Tony’s grand scheme of things. Jeff’s job is to protect the “snow slopes” and the “railroad tracks” that are covered in “snow” as shown below on 01.07.10. These railroad tracks are of the “Sante Fe” Railroad—the line used by “Amtrak”—and this was specifically referencing the portion of the tracks that run through the Chevron Plant in Lockport, Illinois. This location had been the focus of my search for Lisa Stebic since May of 2007; and it was my focus on John Spira since December 16, 2008.

11.06.09 p7 00111.06.09 page 7. Jeff’s job is to crush the man and the woman—the lovers with the staged marriage. However, Jeff work’s for the “Captain” who gets “pushed out”. The man and the woman—the lovers with the staged marriage—are the cover for the Captain who is pushed out.

*Note:* A “pirate” is a “thief”. The “thief”, as detailed above, is associated with “sheriff”. The “hat” on the “old man” who is the “ship’s Captain” is symbolic to an “online identity”. Think this person wears many “hats”. The pirate is the Captain is the old man is the sheriff thief they are cutting ties to—the man and the woman who are the cover for Tony. Tony is the “spy” for Illinois State Police and Tony is associated with the Captain that moved from “Lockport” to “Will County” in 2008.

Jeff is associated with “Brazil” and it is his job to “cut ties to the old man” who is the ship’s Captain. Jeff’s job is to cut the “two” in Rockdale out—Tony and his bride “Link”—who are tied to Jack Honig. Everything is in jeopardy because of me. They are freaking out; and this is when the “spy” is handed over with the skeleton attached to it.

This Titanic ship of corruption is going down.

01.07.10 p3“Jeff” is also “aka Russell”—one of the fictitious names created; and a poster on who was a part of the “orphanannie clan” as detailed in Chapter 6. “aka Russell,” as provided to me by “John Spira’s spirit,” is responsible for John Spira’s disappearance and he is tied to the location where John Spira’s remains will be discovered as indicated in Chapter 1.  This guy has the “dark walrus style” mustache. I do not know if this is a created online identity or if this is his real look. He is “law enforcement” as detailed on page 01.07.10 page 3.  He is the “brother”—one of the “two” of the brother and sister team who are lovers with the fake marriage and are pointing the finger at me.

01.07.10 p1newThe “rising sun” is the rising “Son,” meaning he is the “son” of the “boss”—the guy at the top. The rising son is the mustache guy as you can see in the image. The “heartbeat sound and motion” is symbolic to the name “John Oglesby”. The “crumple up piece of paper” is symbolic to something created on paper that was crumpled up—his idea was crushed and this was his “John Oglesby” idea that was on “paper”—in print somewhere.

John Oglesby is associated with “June 26th” see [link to Who is this? post]. John Oglesby is also associated with a “mob boss” who is “taken out” and his name was or will be washed through the Underground Railroad—that name being Jack Honig as disclosed in Chapter 1 and above.

01.07.10 p2This guy is associated with the “Riley Fox” case. He is symbolized as “Fox. Find Me!” “Find Me!” is Lisa Stebic. This tells me that he is associated with both cases. He is “under cover” and he is “Aries”—his birthday is from March 21st-April 19th. He is “ISP” undercover as a “7pt star”—“Tony” undercover as “John Jr.”—who is “j”.  “j” is the one who killed Lisa Stebic. He is “the monkey”—a poster—and he is climbing up the middle finger of the “5-palm”. The middle finger is the “Statue of Liberty”—Jack—who is “Italy” and who is “Santa”. This mustache guy is his son. It could be a symbolic “son”—a bogus online identity, for example—or he is his real son. “j” is “j Connolly” which symbolically represents the “son of the FBI agent mob-boss-handler who is/was dirty, and went to prison or he will be going to prison.”

09.04.10 p409.04.10 page 4 shows the “mustache” to be on top the “staff”.  He is the “Staff Sergeant”. He is a “7”. The “staff” is a “7” who is a “4” (a partial oath taker, not fully sworn in). Two 4’s make “8”. Two baseballs—one on top the other make an “8”. “8” is the ship’s Captain and that is symbolic to the “baseball coach”—Gordie Gillespie. These two are the “two” who concocted the “staged” “orphanannie” debacle as detailed in Chapter 6.  They are either twins or they have adopted online identities of twins. They are both “Aries” and they are “fruits of the Loom”. Loom is “Jack” and he is the “father”.

As will be discussed in Chapter 7, the “father” who is “Jack” is an imaginary super hero-type person.

Jack is the “5pt Star”—a 5 point star badge—Will County. He is an “inspector” and he is the type set “g” that is a big fat sloppy ghost sitting at a typewriter. This is “type set g” guy is just another one of his bogus identities—Jack Honig—created to steer the direction of the case the way he wants it to go.  Jack is the “Pope Man” and the “rising sun/son” comes out of his crown and is his crown. “Tony” is the “rising son.” Jack is the “old man” they are cutting all ties to—those ties being his cover—his front teeth who are his children.

Jack is the one Tony answers too; yet Jack is Tony who is John Jr.  Jack’s name is a “cover”. “Jack Honig” is the cover name and this name is associated with “Joliet Police”—a “traffic cop” who is also a “pimp”.

It is all quite confusing initially; and that is precisely what the master manipulator intends it to be and a part of why the whole charade was put into play to begin with. A case cannot be solved if everyone is running in circles without direction; and they do so until their minds are spent and the case goes cold as intended it to be by the master manipulator—the puppet master.

The plethora of names and fictitious identities are all a part of their bogus network of fictitious identities to support Jack’s bogus Titanic ship of corruption—the design of which was the false information—the multitude of traps I laid out for him—that he stole from me through illegal wire taps of my phones and computers, including my emails and my blogs.

They have created an entire underwater world that is used to support the Titanic—that is “Jack’s” “big ship” of corruption created upon the false theory their investigation is based upon. Their entire ship is made up of the information supplied to investigators by their bogus network of individuals which “Jack” created in order to manipulate the perception of those who are part of the investigations—those who do not think for themselves but rather “think with their ears” and “believe” what they hear rather than to independently search for the truth.

And their bogus network is extensive. Each of these false identities has their own “Twitter”, “Facebook”, and other people networking accounts and blogs that they use to manipulate perception. They patch their posts and various accounts with photos of real people (many plagiarized and stolen from others around the world) to make it appear as if they are a real person doing the typical online social networking.

Many of their bogus identities are of individuals from overseas as this makes it incredibly difficult for U.S. online users to know the truth and also makes it easy for them to use “masked IP” addresses which typically come from places like “Malaysia”, “Indonesia”, “Germany” etc. I have, however, been able to track down some of their multiple identities that are using the same person’s photos; and when I am asked to do so, I will provide the proof of this to law enforcement.

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Jack’s ship is supported by the “Y-Force” people who peek through a “window” at me; see 10.07.08 pages 4 and 5. They are in a “classroom” and are trying to see what I do so they can learn how to do it because they don’t know what they are doing, and they have to cheat in order to advance in their investigative field.

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01.11.09 page 5: The Y-Force people—the hoard of bogus online identities—are underwater supporting the ship to keep the ship afloat. If you look at page 8 of this session, it shows that “their cover is blown”. The “cover” on this ship is planks of wood that are “tree trunks”. The “tree trunks” are symbolic. And this is “Jack’s” ship—Jack Honig.

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The last page of the journal I provided to Plainfield PD Chief of Police Don Bennett, on November 16, 2008, tells of a “meeting of the minds” and the “old one room PPD School” is now an “inviting” “storybook”. Page 2 shows the “Y-force” people (“Link” is one of the force from my June 29, 2002 reading) being subjected to a “lie detector” test and this is associated with an “old school” being covered in “snow”—the entire “old school” was covered with and surrounded by “snow”.

Snow is symbolic to “affliction” but it is also symbolic to “cocaine;” and this is my work that what was stolen from me through their illegal wiretaps of my phone and my computer. This leads to a huge shakeup that will occur over at Plainfield PD (and elsewhere) and someone will actually begin to look at my journal and make a decision. It is at this point when someone decides “it’s time” and the “staff” is removed from their position. “Link” is the staff that is removed—and is one of the “two” front teeth that are removed in an effort to cut ties to the old man—the ship’s Captain who is the Team CaptainJack Honig.

My ability to cut through their “crap” (symbolized by the term naked gossip) and “BS” is what is exposing the truth for what it is—lies and digital manipulation as a cover up for one of their own.  I have the ability to zero in on a false internet identity no matter how elaborate the created identity is or the how many created identities there are.

I will always find you, Tony; you can never escape my ability to see what is on the other side of the computer and my ability to see your dirty manipulations for what they are. I represent the one thing in life that scares the hell out of you—the truth.

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On 11.30.08 page 4, they show that the woman in this position gets “fired” and she is “pregnant”. They show that the man and the woman doing home renovating.

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As shown to me on 01.30.09 page 3 and on 03.01.10 page 7, when their “baby” is “4” this whole charade is blown wide open. And that event is associated with “June” and “Jim”.


12.25.09 p112.25.09 page 1, shows the “man and the woman” who are joined together in marriage because of “you”—and that is me. The “printing press” that is “Selig” (a “publicist”) is me and what I had published on this MISSING blog in the past exposing Tony S. This is followed by the symbol of his ultra-light plane that is falling. This is followed by a moving arrow and this means they will be moving yet again. “They” are the small peak and the large peak at the bottom of the page. “Peaks” are “pyramids” and these are symbolic to “cops” that are “kings”—think Egyptian Pharaohs who build pyramids to honor their legacy—what they created during their reign as King.

12.25.09 p2Page 2 shows the guy at the top of the lighthouse with “copter blades”—the lighthouse is the ISP “spy” undercover as a suburban cop—and he needs to be rescued. There are four “stooges” below that are providing a “cover” for him to escape freely.  The “cover” is the “X”—the location of the remains of Lisa Stebic.

12.25.09 p3Page 3 shows that the “cover” is “Link”—she is his new cover—the cover name the four stooges created as a way to rescue him from my prior MISSING posts where I EXPOSED “TONY S[link to Blowing the Whistle on Tony]. He is the Jewish star that is an ISP badge who is under cover—he is the “spy” and that is the “ghost” who making a complete fool of himself by grandstanding for himself as shown at the bottom of the page.

This guy—Tony as John Morgan—KILLED LISA STEBIC; and as clearly shown to me in the 12.25.09 SESSION—which is long before the cover name “Link” was created in late 2012 to early 2013—Tony is being protected and provided with a new cover that is “Link”.

He is a COP undercover as an “industrial worker” as symbolized by the “cheap work boot” described above and she is undercover as the “cheap” “flip flop” as detailed above on session 04.16.12 where I was provided again with her last name of “Link”. The “lovers” that were shown to me on 12.13.08 page 9 [link to 12.12.08-12.15.08 session] [link to 01.06.09 session]

I was provided with a new cover made for Tony—told to me on 10.31.08 and provided to Plainfield Chief of Police on 11.16.08—nearly FIVE YEARS before that cover was created. That cannot be denied.

These “two”—the man and the woman who are lovers with the fake marriage—have blood all over their hands.  They are directly associated with the location of the remains of John Spira, Stacy Peterson, and Lisa Stebic.

And I expose their true identities yet again in Chapter 10.

BRAINTREE Ch. 4 – The Cell Phone: Illegal Wiretaps

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