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To the FBI and ISP: Stacy Peterson is on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

November 11, 2012

To the FBI:  Thank you for visiting here at “Missing” and also at “whereabouts” on  Please continue to read.  The following is for you.

I haven’t been following any news for a few months.  I just learned today that they, the FBI and Illinois State Police – Lockport, were searching for Stacy Peterson in Hammel Woods last week.  We searched that place a LONG time ago.  I used to go out searching practically everyday before I realized what spirit was telling me about where Stacy’s remains are and who did it.

To ISP:  Beginning on November 11, 2008, I kept getting “Ground control to Major Tom“.  I knew precisely what the message was and I knew who this person was they were telling me about but I couldn’t understand how he had anything to do with either Lisa Stebic or Stacy Peterson.  However, as is always the case, I see what is going to happen in the FUTURE and now that person is involved in Stacy Peterson’s case.  There is NO DENYING THAT FACT.   Tom, I AM NOT NUTS!  You know that. You know me personally and you know that I am a very good person.  Don’t listen to that idiot, and don’t listen to a kid whose perspective is distorted because that’s what’s been drilled into him by that idiot.  “d” didn’t like me because I yelled at the kid too much but I yelled because of the excessive disrespect.  You would NEVER allow “d” to treat “D” that way and that is WHY it has never happened.  I was not so fortunate to have that kind of backing, the exact opposite.  YOU KNOW THAT.  Look what happened to the kid after being away from me.  I was the reason he never got in trouble because I paid close attention to him.  Look at how far that kid has come since December; since I moved back in with him.  I’m the reason his head is clearing and straightening out after all that MESS; my influence is why he’s getting his act together.  The anger, the rage, and the fury didn’t come from me.  Remember how I constantly complained about how my sweet child had turned into an angry jerk when he was only 9 years old at baseball because of what he learned from you-know-who?    FYI: YOU HAVE TONY S_____ WITHIN YOUR DISTRICT.  Take him down.  She will confess on 12.21.12.  Make it happen.

Stacy Peterson is NOT in the Forest Preserves.  She is NOT on property that has public access.  She is on private property.  Drew did NOT do this alone.  He had help, not only with Stacy but also with Kathleen.

Anything less than the TRUTH is an INJUSTICE.

If you want to find her, ask me where she is.

Laura Burke

**UPDATE, 1:26 PM, 11.11.12**  I just realized, that the day I got the “Ground Control to Major Tom” so excessively it was insane, was November 11th, and that is today.  ha!  Spirit never ceases to amaze me!

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