A Covert Search for the Remains of John Spira


Lisa Stebic, John Spira, Stacy Peterson

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Deliberate Distortion: Covert Search for the Remains of John Spira

Overcoming Manipulation and Control

In May 2013, I was in contact with a law enforcement officer and I provided that individual, in writing, from an exterior location not connected to my home or email, with my predicted precise location of the remains of John Spira as detailed in Chapter 1.

I attempted to search for John myself but because of the specific location it was impossible for me to do without a boat.

At the time of my writing that letter, I thought John’s remains may already be there; however, I am beginning to understand the information presented to me more clearly and though I am not completely certain, I now think his remains won’t be found until either the “spring” or in September, possibly September 23rd or September 24th. I have both the “spring” and September 23rd and 24th associated with timing and John Spira. I simply can’t afford the time needed to figure it out precisely before posting this. Should I nail the precise date before John’s remains are discovered, then I will update this post with that information.

Hopefully, John’s remains will be discovered in 2014. I am more than ready to be done with this project of mine. I have close to seven years of my life invested in this—dedicating nearly every available moment to the project—doing so without compensation for my work; and it is now time for me to move on to the next phase of my life.

Because of the manner in which spirit communicates, understanding the message entirely takes a considerable amount of time. As life events unfold the message becomes clear—the closer you get to the real life events the more you are able to understand the message and recognize the symbols for what they are.

The symbolism’s were very difficult for me to grasp in the beginning. I am a brutally honest individual and very straight forward in my approach to communicating with others, so understanding the underlying or hidden meanings provided by spirit in these sessions—those that were not open and direct—were foreign to me and extremely difficult for me to comprehend.  I am much more able to understand the messages now simply due to the experience I’ve gained throughout my time spent on this project the past nearly seven years.

Nothing worth having is easy to achieve, and growth and understanding are a long process. There were so many times I felt like banging my head against the wall because the messages were so confusing.  Spirit tried to tell me that when the messages are confusing don’t spend time on them, move on and when the time is right you will understand; but even that message took me a considerable amount of time to understand.

I get it now and I am ready to end this manipulating madness conducted by certain law enforcement officers and expose the truth for precisely what it is—corruption and patronage setting the stage for future illegal law enforcement and judicial maneuvering with its pay-to-play and the associated deception.

With the new understanding I have about information that was provided to me in the past, specifically what was provided to me on September 24, 2009 and what was provided to me very recently by another person, I believe the confidential information I provided to the law enforcement officer in May 2013 on the location of the remains of John Spira was somehow obtained by “Tony”; and he and his female partner are either now out searching in the dark for the remains of John Spira, they were searching at some point between the end of May 2013 and now, or they will be searching in the dark at some future point in time to get to them first, and do whatever they intend to do with those remains, in their effort to maintain the charade that I am nuts.

And, of course, the polar opposite of that is true.

Any individual who plans and attempts to locate and then move yet undiscovered human remains in a twisted effort to discredit another clearly indicates that person is justifiably out of their mind.

Based on the information provided to me by spirit, this madman, Tony, somehow read a copy of the email I sent to that law enforcement individual in May 2013, providing that person with the location of John Spira’s remains, pinpointing to the spot at the Lafarge quarry in Rockdale/Joliet, Illinois detailed in Chapter 1.  And in Tony’s desperate attempt to cling to his seven year long charade that I am “Loony Tunes” (a multi-faceted symbol), Tony and his female partner have cloned the Alsip, Illinois IP and digital identity of my sister-in-law creating two new identities—one being the beauty pageant queen who will be the “woman in the box” that is associated with the Yorkville, Illinois location as detailed in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3. And the other being made up of the digital identity of the law enforcement individual I contacted.

11.25.09 p10

The “Alsip” symbol was first introduced to me on 11.25.09 page 10 though the first time it came in as “Alsop.” This is symbolic to a “typo” as she is the “sloppy 4-hand.” And she is the “Alsip Beauty Queen” as was described to me over and over again by spirit in the too-numerous-to-mention times it was provided to me. As can be seen on this page, there will be an extraordinary level of change taking place. This is “gold” change—the most sought after commodity. This gold change is because of the “naked gossip”.

Naked gossip is a term I used in a letter I wrote to Plainfield Police Chief Bill Doster on December 15, 2009 (detailed in Chapter 8) regarding an online poster in the Topix.net forum and my search for Lisa Stebic. On page 11.25.09 page 10, it shows “naked gossip” associated with “slip” “Alsop” and the “Chief” lines. The “slip” symbolizes the covert operative detailed in Chapter 10—the batman who was riding a “car frame” that slipped and fell but easily pulled himself back up and became “Chief” see 06.09.09 page 2 [link to 06.09.09 session]. Spirit is providing me with symbolisms that not only indicate what happens with whom; but they are also providing the symbols in a way to show timing—what happens when and where.

[link to Blowing the Whistle on Tony] The covert operative is Tony—the “animal”—and he was pointing the finger at me regarding my car—that’s the car frame he was riding high on. Through the symbolism’s, they were telling me what would happen in the future associated with specific events. They were telling me that when I sent the letter to Chief Doster on December 15, 2009, the covert operative slipped and fell off the car frame and was hanging there briefly; but he recovered and easily pulled himself back up. As he was pulling himself back up that is the timing for when he became Chief. Anyone inside the investigation can easily pull the file too see who this person is. Tony is the covert operative who is under cover as John Jr., and he is directly associated with New York and with the Topix.net online character of “orphanannie”. The “orphanannie” character is discussed in-depth in Chapter 6.

Back to 11.25.09 page 11: the guy who slips is associated with “Alsop” and the “Chief” (symbolized by the Chief lines) and this is regarding two “hats”—meaning an online identity—the Beauty Queen Bride and her Knight from “Alsip” followed by the “two” “hats” with an elephant’s foot that is “tied up” in “ropes”. I will explain the remainder of this session at another time, the point right now is that they are telling me on this page that the “two” “Alsip” identities—the Beauty Queen and her husband—that were created, will be created or are currently in use right now are BOGUS and meant to ‘COVER UP” for “orphanannie” (symbolized by the “thumb” and “naked gossip”). Tony’s children—the man and the woman with the fake marriage—are his cover as detailed in the chapters to follow.

10.02.10 p2On 10.02.10 page 2, the beauty pageant queen identity from Alsip, Illinois came in with a new symbol—the “Harbor Queen”. As is always the case, real life physical world confirmation of the symbol’s true meaning presents itself much later.

On Friday afternoon, January 17, 2014, I was leaving my brother’s and sister-in-law’s home in Alsip, Illinois, when the train adjacent to their home was just leaving the industrial hub that is next to their home. It was moving at a snail’s pace twenty feet in front of me; and I could see it quite clearly. Written in large letters on the side of the train engine was “Harbor”.

That is pure physical world confirmation.

In addition to that, another person, who is unaware of my work on MISSING, provided me with two messages they received from a spirit on January 21st and 22nd, 2013—yesterday and the day prior (as I write this). Both of those messages pertained to the Alsip, Illinois Beauty Queen bogus identity. I know this because this person told me on January 22nd, “This morning, I saw the woman who came in last night. She was beautiful.” This person told me she looked like a specific actress from the past though her hair was blond and was styled in a 1930’s pin-curl look. I am not a big television and movie person so I didn’t recognize the name and I said I would look up her photo online. They responded that she played the “wife” of so-and-so in a specific old movie I would know. I almost fell off my chair—oh, my gosh. The name of the Alsip Beauty Queen’s husband was the name of the law enforcement individual I was in contact with!

There is no greater confirmation than that. I was provided a message containing the specific name of the physical world law enforcement individual who I was in direct contact with whom is associated with this specific life event that is currently unfolding as shown to me on 09.24.09 and detailed next in Chapter 3, communicated to me by spirit as the identity of the character they’ve been telling me about since 2008—the blond Beauty Queen—from Alsip, Illinois—and delivered to me through another person whom is completely without knowledge of the situation and my work on MISSING, who was not only in Alsip when they received the message for me; but they were at the precise location of the Harbor Queen’s digital birth when they received that message meant for me simultaneously giving me the digital identity of her online husband—that being the investigator I was in contact with.

That is beyond extraordinary; it’s a miracle.

I have yet to tell the message deliverer about all of this; though I now know why Arch Angel Gabrielle has been their guardian all these years—a spirit message I received and shared with this person during the summer of 2010. Gabrielle was the Arch Angel who delivered the message of the coming of Jesus to Mary Magdalene. As you will discover should you continue reading my e-book, “Jesus” symbolizes a very specific person related to all of this and it is a symbolism I had provided to the law enforcement individual I was in contact with in May 2013.

Because of detailed dreams I’ve had and messages from spirit about this specific scenario of the Alsip Beauty Queen and her fiancé/husband and their wedding, I knew exactly what was going on behind the scenes and the manipulation and dirty tactics that were taking place. I had known for a long time already—I knew in advance—and now that I was up upon it, I was trying to determine specifically how I would overcome the manipulation and dirty dealings of this madman who was trying to frame me for crimes I did not commit, through these absurdly staged electronic events planted by him, in order to protect himself.

Based on prior messages I received about the “Alsip Beauty Queen/Harbor Queen,” the January 24th message to me from that spirit delivered through another person was explicitly clear to me—that being, the computer “identity” of the law enforcement individual I had been in contact with privately regarding the location of the remains of John Spira had been digitally cloned and is being used in conjunction with the digital identity of my sister-in-law as the “Beauty Queen”—the “Harbor Queen” from Alsip, Illinois and her digital husband. They are the “two” who are the “bride and groom—the “wedding” taking place in my own backyard as detailed in Chapter 3.

I am a huge threat to his crooked plans and he is now grasping at anything possible to set up a digital trail of manipulation making it appear that I am creating a digital mess; him doing so in order to maintain the charade that I am a deranged lunatic so he can continue to point the finger at me to keep the pressure off him.

However, what he doesn’t realize is that I deliberately contacted that law enforcement individual a second time from my home computer knowing the maniac was watching—knowing he was going to take that information and do what he has been doing to me for the past nearly seven years; and that is to plant digital evidence in order to point the finger at me and frame me to get me out of his way. I deliberately laid out a “steal trap” for him to step right into.

Game on, Tony.

* This is an important note regarding the information I receive:  My intentions are pure; therefore, spirit will only provide me with information that can be used for the good. When spirit shows me what is going on behind the scenes with undercover agents, they are only showing me that because those undercover agents are bad eggs. Otherwise, spirit would not provide me with that information—they are corrupt undercover agents/officers and that needs to be clearly understood by me so I can do my job accordingly.

Spirit is all-knowing and pure. Never is the information provided intended for ill-purposes; the exact opposite is true. Spirit knows how committed to the truth I am. Because of the mind set I have of looking for truth in all things; I have clear perception and that allows me to see the truth for what it is.  The ability to see the truth provides me with a wide open view untainted by projection or bias.  I can clearly see the manipulation and deception going on behind the scenes—the corruption and its associated untruths—conducted by some unscrupulously deceptive individuals in the guise of law enforcement.

Because I am able to see the corruption so clearly, it becomes my job to expose it, specifically to “blow the whistle on Tony;” and that is precisely what I’ve been trying to do all along.

I completely blow Tony’s cover—the covert operative—yet again, in this e-book I’ve written as detailed in the chapters to follow. *

BRAINTREE Ch. 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman

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