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**UPDATED** August 3, 2012

October 8, 2009, page 2 of 5
Image of a Mob person that came to me. This is connected to all the other posts.

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See this:  http://www.fbi.gov/news/videos/2-million-reward-for-fugitive-whitey-bulger/

**UPDATED** Sunday, July 9, 2012:

As you can see from the vision above on 10.08.09, the name associated with the image of the man I saw, a mobster, was “John Oglesby”.  Spirit is multifaceted and visions can and do have multiple meanings simultaneously.  The Whitey Bulger association is more symbolic than actual but it is still actual as I will detail further throughout the rest of this post.

Following is a clipped portion from Journal 1, 08.08.08 and the full page was posted on this blog in July 2009 and is still here.

The image of the man I saw on 10.08.09 was, in part, the following man:


John Stephen Oglesby

John Stephen Oglesby

DOB: 10/08/1945
Gender: Male
Race: White
Warrant Issued:
Confirmed with:
Date Arrested: December 10, 2008
County Arrested: Waukegan, Illinois
Other Information:
Based on information provided by the Fugitive Unit, a Waukegan police department officer arrested John Stephen Oglesby at a business in Waukegan, Illinois, on a warrant issued by the San Antonio Police Department on Nov. 12, 2003, for failing to comply with sex offender registration requirements. Oglesby was sentenced to two years in prison after being convicted in 1998 in Bexar County of indecency with a child by exposure. The victim was a nine-year-old girl.

Information current as of December 22, 2008.

I first saw this John Oglesby guy, exactly as the mugshot photo of him above, during my session of January 2, 2009, posted here:

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I discovered the mugshot photograph of John Stephen Oglesby on January 4, 2009 (screenshot of the email sent to my associate upon the discovery of John Stephen Oglesby arrest page)

and I was in awe because THAT was the person I saw who was this “McDonald’s bandit” guy and he was Scowlface, not Scarface but “Scowlface”.  Remember, spirit is symbolic.  These are clues and pieces to the puzzle.  Some are small clues and some are big clues.  This “Scowlface” individual is “Johnny boy” and this is my “Al Capone” connection from 11.08.08p2.  This is the 1930’s connection (more on that to follow).  Throughout this post and those that follow over the next few weeks and months, I will detail, explain and connect all of these symbolisms spirit has shown to me over the past 5.5 years and how I came to the understanding that I now have.

On January 5, 2009, I did a session on John Stephen Oglesby.  I posted it here in August 2009.  01.05.09 session as follows:

View this document on Scribd

Page two (2) on the above session shows a “dirty” “prison shower”.  A shower is used to “wash” a person.  A sink is used to “wash your hands” but a shower is used to “wash a body”.  That is the message here with the “dirty prison shower”.  This is an identity wash.

Symbolically, as it relates to the specific individual/s, it could mean the name of the killer is the same or it could mean any number of things.  The other clues received through previous and additional visions will reveal the true meaning in time.  I see many things BEFORE they actually happen which makes it difficult to understand, though I am getting much, much better at understanding the symbolism.  This is like learning to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics without the assistance of a teacher.

——–John Stephen Oglesby Continued:



Texas Sex Offender Detail Record: John Stephen Oglesby

John Stephen Oglesby
4415 Rio D Oro ,Apt #19
San Antonio    TX 78233

Age: 66  Birthdate: 1945-10-08  Gender: M
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.  Weight: 155
Race/Ethnicity:WhiteAlias(es): Oglesby,John Stephen (Primary) ; Oglesby,Jack; Oglesby,John; Oglesby,John S;
Hair Color: Brown  Eye Color:BlueOffense:36990013 indecency w/a child exposes

Offense and Court Details
Statute: §21.11 (A)(2)
Supervision/Registration Details
Start Date: 1998-08-04
Supervising Agency: PD SAN ANTONIO
Victim/Target Information
Gender: F
Age Rage: Minor(s) under 12 years old

The following Official Record of John Stephen Oglesby is being republished by Offendex.com under the Freedom of Information Act , Public Records Acts and many other Federal and State Laws.

————- *UPDATE* 07.08.12 1:31 PM CST:  WOW!  I just noticed this.  John Stephen Oglesby, the guy I saw in a vision on 10.08.09, has a date of birth as 10.08.1946!  “TIMING”!


I discovered another John Oglesby from Texas and an article from a “Blogspot” post but I have been unable to find any other supporting documentation of this person anywhere on the internet as of 08.03.12 09:39 AM:


Thursday, July 21, 2011

DeWitt County Chief Deputy Sheriff Suspended for Mistaken ID and False Arrest of a Man on Drug Charges

Cuero, Texas

DeWitt County Chief Deputy Sheriff John Oglesby has been suspended for two weeks without pay for his role in the misidentification and false arrest of a Victoria man late last month.

The victim in this case is Steven Rene Rodriguez, who was arrested by mistake on drug charges June 26. The charges were dropped July 14.

Oglesby, who has been chief deputy in DeWitt County since April 2008, offered his resignation to Sheriff Jode Zavesky.

“I refused his resignation. He was the case manager, and he took full responsibility,” Zavesky said Thursday.

A veteran of more than 25 years in law enforcement, Oglesby was the former chief deputy in Matagorda County and was a former officer in the Houston Police Department.


What is most interesting about the above blogspot article is the date associated with the arrest: June 26thJune 26th is a VERY significant date for me.  See  https://whereabouts67.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/important-dates-to-come/ for post on June 26th. I believe the message here is clear and I will detail this in the coming weeks.

I found a google image of the “Chief Deputy Sherrif” “John Oglesby” from “Texas” (“texastar”):

( … and this guy looks like a photo shopped image of an individual I recognize and someone I used to know rather well).  Below is a screenshot I took:

Below is a screenshot of the man Steven Rene Rodriguez who was falsly arrested according to the blogspot article above:

——–end John Oglesby public records.

On January 4, 2009, I completed the following session:

View this document on Scribd

The above session was posted here on “Missing” on June 10, 2009: https://whereabouts67.wordpress.com/2009/06/10/stacy-peterson-01-04-09-9-pages/

First, I want to point out that the session was mainly about “Stacy Peterson”.  Below is page 4 of that session:

View this document on Scribd

At the bottom of that page, they show me a “book closing” that was this creature flying but this creature has a man’s face – “round face” “rounded cheeks – fuller” glasses – big pudgy nose – black thicker, a little longer mustache – glasses, like “Mr Potato Head” (glasses and mustache).

Mr. Potato head has a face that is changeable, you can put on glasses, a mustache, different lips, ears, hats, etc.  Mr. Potato Head of yesteryear is the “Photoshop” for faces of today.  With Photoshop, you can make anybody look like anybody else – different eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, hair, ears, whatever.  Take a look at that “John Oglesby” picture above, the one from “Texas”, the guy in the red shirt and the white cowboy hat.  Now look at the description of Mr. Potato Head on page 4 above.  Now go to the original session posted just above page 4 image, then scroll down to page 4.  See how I have something blocked out?  Look again at the new page 4 posted above.  You see how I removed the paper blocking out the words.  Do you see what those words say?  They say, pointing to the Mr. Potato head reference next to it: “This is John Stephen Oglesby from San Antonio, Texas.”  Remember, this session was about “Stacy Peterson”.  Now, look at the new post for page 4 again, look at the words “Smoking Gun”.    See that is followed by them showing me a glass jar on it’s side.  I’ll post more about this jar later.  This “jar” symbol is the “smoking gun” related to Stacy Peterson.  Look to the left of “Smoking Gun” on page 4, the handwriting in blue date-stamped 11.24.10 which says: “That’s what they were telling me – John Oglesby is a disguise – this is the fish undercover.”  So, in short, “John Oglesby” is the smoking gun.  They told me that when I see the image of John Oglesby that looks like the guy they showed me in the session, who is the Texas Sheriff guy above, know THAT is a smoking gun!

More on additional pages from the 01.04.09 session to come as this is a work in progress.

Now, getting back to the James “Whitey” Bulger reference as it relates to this particular John Oglesby person who is “Scowlface” (symbolic to Al “Scarface” Capone and the “1930s“).  On November 9, 2008 (Journal 1, 11.09.08p4) originally posted here on June 13, 2009 https://whereabouts67.wordpress.com/2009/06/13/lisa-stebic-11-09-08-6-pages/Page 4:

View this document on Scribd

On the 11.09.08 page 4, I asked “Who is Moby Dick?” (a huge fish–a whale to be caught).  Spirit tells me it is this “John” guy, “John Jr.” and he is symbolically represented by the words “I love You”, “Johnny Boy”, and lower case “j”.  On this page, they give me his symbol “j” along with “Connolly”.  As you can see in the notes next to the name “Connolly” above, dated 11.10.08, I googled the name and found a “John Connolly” who was an FBI agent on trial for murder.  I immediately dismissed this and wondered what they were trying to tell me.  On 11.12.09, a full year later, I was watching an FBI “Most Wanted” program and the story was about “James Whitey Bulger”.  I saw the previews and I immediately knew this was somehow connected to my work on these cases.  Then they showed a picture of Bulger and I instinctively remembered the one I drew on 10.08.09 and I “knew” there was a connection.  I watched the program and I nearly fell off the couch when I heard that the FBI Agent who was assigned to Bulger’s case, his “handler” was “John Connolly!”  My guy is a “handler” too!  My “Moby Dick” is “j Connolly”.  Oh, boy I sure was excited after all that time, I finally was given some information on who the heck it was.  I still didn’t fully grasp it at that time but I ‘knew”, I knew it was all connected somehow and that is what they were telling me.

This post continues here: https://whereabouts67.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/dust-bowl-storms-and-the-timing-factor-7/

A link to exit directly to the main page: Missing – Lisa Stebic – Stacy Peterson – John Spira – Home Page

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