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Blowing the Whistle on Tony updated 09.21.12

August 22, 2012

**UPDATE, January 3, 2013: Since writing what is below, I have since discovered that Jr. and all the other individuals I’ve seen, are all the same person. All the other descriptions are merely a part of his insane manner in manipulating information utilizing online personalities and identities.  He is a master computer hacker/forensics expert and he uses his skills to manipulate information to protect his dirty deeds.  I will begin to provide specific details where the evidence of his insane trolling activities can be found.  He is teamed up with a woman, they both have blood on their hands.  Details will be provide on the Lisa Stebic Found post on the home page of MISSING.**

**Friday, September 21, 2012, 09:32 AM, NOTE:  Tony S. Jr., Dream on September 5, 2011 told me that Tony S. Jr. is 41 years old and lives in “Eagle Ridge” subdivision in “Tinley Park, Illinois” (this can be a cover too).  I cannot find that name in the tax records but that doesn’t mean a thing.  Sr – The “old man” who is the “pig in sunglasses” is the SERIAL KILLER (he too is LE, undercover).  He is  “CheckMark that’s an X” and this property, his property, is where the remains of four victims are.  He will be terminated for “porn”.  Do NOT let this animal out of your site, LE; he hates woman because of his mother who molested him.  He is beginning to “devolve” and will start doing the most absurd things in order to manipulate and control the cases but he no longer is in control of himself.  He is twisting and turning in his sleep due to the severe distress that is beginning to consume him.  Those around him are starting to doubt him and look down on him, and being the sociopath and psychopath that he is, he can’t handle this.  His narcissistic view of himself in all it’s grandiose glory and false sense of honor is being threatened by those who are starting to look down on him and this will send him into a tail spin, and if you watch him 24/7, you will catch him red-handed.  The property where the four victims’ remains are stored (sometimes he uses them for purposes of manipulating those cases) is in Illinois.  There is other activity at this property (details later).  I can locate them.  This property is a “family farm” (a “little farm”) and there is a rental house on the property.  The property is in a “Family Trust”.  The “fish undercover” lives here (or did at a specific time).  Tony (not sure if it is Junior or Senior) has a BOOK DUE OUT IN JULY.  I can provide publisher information as has been shown to me by spirit.  Sr. plans to “frame” Jr. for the serial killings by framing him with DNA evidence on the murder victim of “Brenda Boyd”.  Junior is “Joe Swift” (under cover as “John Jr.”) and he did not commit this murder but he has been protecting the real serial killer who is a “JACK the Ripper” type.  If Jack travels to and from New York on a regular basis (and he is coming home soon), it is more likely than not that Jack is also the Long Island Serial Killer.  Jack and Jill went up a Hill…  Jack’s identity will be WASHED through a FAKE death, illegally.  I have ALL the details on that and how it will happen (if it has not already taken place).  I’ve received an enormous amount of information over the past 5.5 years in bits and pieces, like pieces to a huge jigsaw puzzle that I have been painstakingly putting together.  I have a WEALTH of information on these specific criminal individuals and where the location of the remains of four missing persons are, at this guy’s (criminal in disguise as LE) property – an investment property.  He has manipulated many cases and framed more than one innocent person for his murders.  The time to disclose everything is now.  More to follow VERY SOON.  I’m going to nail this monster with or WITHOUT LE help.  Are you with me?**

The following clipped image was originally posted on “Missing” on June 14, 2009, here:


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posted August 26, 2012 07:45 PM  

During the course of the work I’ve been doing on this project of mine, uncovering the secrets surrounding the disappearances of three missing persons (Lisa Stebic, Stacy Peterson, and John Spira), I had the following vision of a man on January 11, 2009:

Until this year, I did not know who this person was or why I had that vision but I trusted that the information would all come together when the timing was right, when it was meant to be known. Timing is important and timing is everything in such cases.
I moved to a new home in November 2011.  In January 2012, I met “Steve”.  The same Steve that I saw in a vision on 01.11.09.  At first I didn’t recognize him because he no longer has a mustache, but one day his child was over at my house showing me pictures.  In one of the pictures, Steve had a mustache and I recognized him as the guy I had a vision about in January 2009.  I later asked him when was the last time he sported a mustache? (And the mustache was exactly as I drew it, as were his glasses, age, and hair – EXACTLY).  He replied “January 2009”.  OK, so, now I understand that spirit is using our association with each other as a timing reference so I would understand more about the session of that day when the time was right.  The date I had the vision of Steve was the same date I had the vision of “The Dust Bowl Storms”.  If you are interested, you can view that session and it’s related information here: .  While on the phone with Steve at the end of February 2012, I had a flash vision of something happening to him.  I told him about it right away.  He blew me off.  I then did a session about it on March 2, 2012, and sent him an Email with a copy of page 1 of the session. There were multiple pages in that session but only page one related to him, the remainder of it related to my project.  At the time, I knew it was a timing issue and that this thing that was going to happen to him in the future would correlate to whatever regarding my project at that particular time and that when it happened, I would know.  Well, it happened.  Friday, August 24, 2012, I woke to a knock on my front door about 3:00 AM.  I opened the door and Steve was standing there and he said, “You were right.”  At first I didn’t know what he was talking about.  I just woke up and I was still a bit dazed.  “I’m right about what?” I asked.  He simply responded, “You were right.” Still befuddled, I started to say, “What am I …” then I remembered what I told him would happen.  So, it happened, and it happened exactly as I said it would too, exactly as spirit showed me.  Just today, while working on my project and looking for something, I came across the session I did on 01.11.09 and I realized just WHAT they were telling me.  And, yes, this is EXACTLY when it happened just as spirit indicated it would.  In order to completely understand this, you’d have to see the post I linked to above about “the Dust Bowl Storms and the Timing factor”.  Here’s the link again: .In this session, they tell me that their “cover is blown” and that it would happen at the time of “the Dust Bowl Storms” that were off in the distance and this would be associated with this “Steve” guy I had a vision of but didn’t yet know in January 2009.  We are (central United States) currently experiencing a level of a drought close to that of the dust bowl type storms of the 1930s.  On August 22, 2012, I just “blew their cover” as posted here:’s much more about this but I simply wanted to give you guys an example of how spirit communicates and show how long it sometimes takes to understand that level of communication, and understand it on a level where you can actually use it productively and effectively as a chief tool.

If you’re interested in more posts on “A Lesson in Understanding Spirit Communication” you can view several posts about that here: .  There are 7 posts total in this category.

Truth & Integrity in all things. The Truth is the answer to everything.


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posted August 06, 2012 05:00 PM

This is a personal reading by-the-way; it’s my personal reading about a troll right here on the LL forum.

I’ve been tracking a serial troll for many years. If you are interested in what I’ve been doing you can start with this:

I came to this forum because I was tracking that same troll and followed them here. As an FYI, this is a long post but BEWARE: the troll I have been tracking is not just a cyberpath (sociopath on the internet) but they are a narcissistic killer and the internet is their stomping ground. Be CAREFUL about providing your Email to a troll. This particular troll has advanced hacking skills and through an Email, they know your IP, then they can hack into your computer and gather whatever info they need. I’m not afraid for them to know who I am because I’ve already been through all of that with them. They know who I am and it is no secret. They can’t touch me and they know that. But you need to be careful about who you interact with on the internet. I am concerned with everyone’s well being. This is why I have given up more than 5.5 years of my life to put an end to this notorious internet activity. This guy is an internet predator. His victims can be anyone, man, women or children. He’s SICK! He has the support of a female. They are a “tag team”. She plays the wiser, more fluent speaking person, and he plays the ignorant, foul mouth nasty one. He is she and she is he. They make nice with their intended victim, then they gang up on them and attack them – they are “bullies” and this is the “bull” that has gang stalked me across the internet for years through his thousands of fake screen names.

Interestingly, Rosalind, on his/her new blog, made a post specifically about me! I am honored that I am so interesting. Here’s the post: ead-the-biggest-rubbish-ever-regarding-psychics/ and this is the text of the post:
Posted July 26, 2012
Today I read the biggest rubbish ever regarding psychics

Someone told me today that she is a psychic and that she can read people through words they leave on… THE INTERNET. Wow! Amazing! Truly amazing! Then the entire world can be a psychic. Can you imagine such wonderful thing? I cannot believe the immense stupidity than lies in some people. I’m speechless.

Seriously? I see that “I’m a psychic” thing is becoming a trend in order to fool naive people. Pay attention on what I am going to say: Psychics don’t read online people whom they never seen. Internet is cunning and should never be trusted especially if someone is telling you: come, I’m going to make a reading for you ONLINE. Nope. Save your money for real psychics if you are interested in such things. Without a material source the spirit cannot act. Must have a balance. Thats why the elements of nature exists, thats why heaven and hell exists and thats why there are two worlds: the material one and the spiritual one.

I am aware that I cannot have great expections in people to be like me. Honest and true but at least they should have common sense and stop making fool of themselves. Its pathetic.

Anyone who was posting here on that specific day and read what Rosalind said to me knows that is precisely what he/she stated to me on LL. Here is a run down of that nonsense:

Rosalind: posted July 26, 2012 05:04 AM:
Without a doubt Internet is The Devil. You cant be serious. Aura cannot be seen through the internet. Or why do you think I cannot do psychic readings on this forum? There must be a material source. You are no divine creature who is omnipresent. Seriously!

whereabouts: posted July 26, 2012 05:28 AM:
I disagree, Rosalind. I have no problem reading people online. In fact, that is one of my greatest talents in spirit. I can see inside a person through communications on the computer. I can easily detect a fake, a true being, whatever. Simply because you can’t experience something for yourself doesn’t mean that others can’t. Quite the contrary. I’m certain there are readers who have no problems seeing a person’s aura through a photo and it is incredibly audacious for you to readily assume because you don’t get it nobody else does.

Rigidity in any situation, especially when working with spirit, creates an enormous barrier between you and what you are trying to see and completely blocks you from being able to see anything but the wall.

You will get ticked off at what I juts said, no doubt, but that’s just your bully ego jumping in to defend the part of you that is afraid to look in the mirror.

You can’t do readings online (and maybe offline) because you are too jaded and rigid. I’m certain you are a good person and I’m sure you’ve made progress in your personal life and are working at things, or have worked on things, but the energy you project out, especially what you just said in the post above, is ugly and dark. Take a look inside and clean house before dumping your crap out on the rest of us, please.

I wish you well.

Rosalind: posted July 26, 2012 05:32 AM:

Yeah? Then please do a psychic reading on me . I am super curious.

Let me tell you something, darling. A psychic isnt someone who can read a person through communications on the computer. You say purely rubbish. People can lie, people can create fake personalities. You are not a psychic and you have no gift. Give me a break. Everything you said its a nonsense.

whereabouts: posted July 26, 2012 05:54 AM:
lol, Rosalind.

Rosalind: posted July 26, 2012 05:54 AM:
Lol what? Prove that you are a psychic that can read online. Or I will take you as a liar. You already proved me that you are wrong about the dream I have and your interpreation and the tarot interpreattion you are doing. So, please, read me. Cant wait to see what you have to say about me. How do I look? Am I brunette? Blonde? Light eyes? Dark? How many languages I can speak?

whereabouts: posted July 26, 2012 05:59 AM:
I don’t have to prove anything to your darkness. You are nasty and even my dog can detect that through the computer.

lol. Sometimes, I laugh at the funny things I say. True, but funny!

Rosalind: posted July 26, 2012 06:01 AM:
You are pathetic. Seriously. Stop it. You are a disgrace.

whereabouts: posted July 26, 2012 06:02 AM:
If you don’t like what I say, then don’t read what I say.

Rosalind: posted July 26, 2012 06:05 AM:
You don’t even have arguments to defend yourself. Highly ilogical.

whereabouts: posted July 26, 2012 06:10 AM:
I have nothing to defend nor am I interested in ******* away my time and getting sucked into your black hole and catering to your wounded bullying ego by engaging in some pitiful argument with you. Grow up.

I will not engage in some stupid playground fight with you and will not respond to you again. Say what you will, whatever you want about me. It should be obvious to you, but I’ll spell it out for you in case you don’t get it: I don’t care what you think.

Rosalind: posted July 26, 2012 06:13 AM:
You grow up and stop lying. I already proved what I am capable of. I DO have the gift and I was always honest on this forum. You have proven NOTHING. Therefore you have no right to talk. Bring proves and then we talk. Otherwise everything you say is dust in the wind.

I eventually copied and pasted a post by “Chamainc” where she read the person’s photograph and told of the auras she saw in it which expressly debunked Rosalind BS claims as the “expert” he/she is.

Now, today, 08.06.12, I’ve been researching my troll and low and behold, I came across something VERY interesting indeed.

Look at the image “andstuff” posted here: on July 26, 2012.

Then look at the image on the photobucket page of “Amandareconwith” here:¤t=Someoneiswrong.j pg

Ok, so they used the same picture, nbd, right? But, there’s more.

amandareconwith, is also “crankycrankerson”. See crankycrankerson’s photobucket page here:

CrankyCrankerson also has a facebook page:

Crankycrankerson I remember from and the missing person cases I’ve been working on the past 5.5 years.

Here is CrankyAmanda on Topix:

and here:

CrankyAmanda has IP’s in Illinois (Hanover park, and Streamwood), where all three of the missing person cases are that I’ve been working on – Stacy Peterson, Lisa Stebic, and John Spira.

I’ve taken screenshot’s of all of the above mentioned posts and images because as always happens (many times in the past) once I expose the troll for who they really are, all their topix posts and other information DISAPPEARS.

amadareconwith is known on webslueths in the forums on all the missing person and they have posted there that they are crankcrankerson:

this is Amandareconwith’s signature on all posts: “__________________
Photos from various cases (click on right-column names on the main photobucket page…they are in alphabetical order)

“LIKE” CCA: Crankycrankerson Case Archives on facebook, and please share the link:…479258?sk=wall

Amandareconwith also claims to be a “Defective Detective” on webslueths.

Amandareconwith has been exposed on various other sites and blogs for being a “troll” who deliberately stirs up trouble and goes after people thereby creating controversy and fights. They’ve been exposed for someone who attacks victims families! You can view some of that here: html This site is difficult to understand but they post the information they obtained through IP’s, photobucket images etc., and how they came to discover that this person was a serial troll. This is the troll I’ve been tracking for more than 5 years, the one I followed to

This troll loves to get people fighting, just like “andstuff” and “Rosalind” did “EmpressMendez here: (read the whole thread).

My experience has told me the troll is usually one person but sometimes there’s a “tag team” and there can be two. A troll will find a site they want to troll in and register a ton of screen names and keep them until they need them. Sometimes they’ll wait for years before using them to make it look like they’ve been around. Since they have IP masking software and have the ability to block their cookies with masking software, they can be whoever they want to be and be from whatever country they want to be from. I’ve seen many fake persona as if they are a foreigner and don’t speak English very well but that is easily debunked by the words they choose to use in English. English is a unique and difficult language to master. Other languages do not have the same “idioms” in their language to represent their counterpart English phrases so the translation comes out all funky. It is difficult to speak English fluently without years and years and years of practice. This is easily detected when someone is pretending to be from that of another country and another language and attempting to communicate in English on the computer. For example, someone not fluent in English wouldn’t use “wouldn’t”. They don’t use “conjunctions”. These are clues that are easily detected with a troll who is an American but pretending to be a foreigner. They have a favorite of playing the European role. I think they love to spell things differently like favour instead of favor, realise instead of realize, etc.

This specific troll cannot stand that I have the ability to see what’s behind the other side of the screen and they say the exact things that Rosalind has said here, that it is impossible to do that. It is not impossible, in fact, I’ve spent the past 5.5 years tracking this person only by being able to see what’s on the other side of the screen through my intuitive and psychic abilities.

A note to the troll:

I’m on to you. You know I know who you are and I will always find you because I AM psychic and I CAN see you through the computer, and I AM EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD AT WHAT I DO. You’ve done everything in your power to destroy my reputation and “tarnish” my name so nobody in an authority position will look at me twice. Not this time, buddy. I got you now because I’m so good at what I do, and I know your real name. Not your undercover name. Not the other undercover name. Not your bagillion screen names but your REAL NAME. And I’m not the only one who knows. Your criminal actions are nearing the end of their life. Your pointing the finger at me all these years and misleading investigators has resulted in NOTHING because there never was anything there, just your attempts to distort the truth, something you know how to do very well. All this “rubbish” as you pretend to say was simply YOU trying to redirect the focus and keep it off you.

I know where the “missing” are too, buddy. It’s over. I’ve got your number and you cannot get away with it for much longer because they’ve got your number too.

Oh, wait, you two are just the online children of the real bad guy aren’t you? Your “PC family” and your “church”. Yeah, I know about that too.

You see when spirit provides me with information, they give me the screen names and the identities that you will use in the FUTURE so when I come across them, I know who I am dealing with. Got your new names too. You can’t run. I’ll always find you.

There’s no escaping the truth anymore, TONY, you’ve been given up by someone you trusted. You know you can’t hide from “them”.  It’s over, Tony.  They’re setting you up to take the fall.  Give yourself up and spill it before they take you out.

Truth & Integrity in all things. The Truth is the answer to everything.

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First, I wasnt talking about you on my blog. Second, I am not a troll. Third: Kill yourself, woman! You are the most pathetic person I ever known.

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