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Orphanannie and Plainfield PD

February 11, 2014


Lisa Stebic, John Spira, Stacy Peterson

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“Orphanannie” and Plainfield PD

Many times, I am provided the names of their false identities long before they ever use them along with symbolism that relate to the manner in which they are using them and why; and once I come across those identities, I know exactly who they are, what they are doing, and why. I am that good.

When one spends their entire life the way I have searching for truth in all things—why things exist and are the way they are, always trying to uncover the unknowns and understand cause and effect completely—recognizing falsities becomes like blinking. I can recognize a false identity with little effort by the “sense of knowing” I possess.

“Knowing” something and “believing” in something are two entirely different things. Belief is not based on fact. Based on my “sense of knowing,” I then use my analytical talents and detailed oriented researching skills to find the evidence to prove what I already know. I first must prove it to myself so I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am interpreting the information clearly, doing so by remaining completely objective until the truth becomes flagrant. Once I prove it to myself, proving it to others is a snap.  And that is precisely what I have done for the past nearly seven years.

There can be no denying that I provided this very detailed information in advance—years in advance of the events actually happening.  The woman’s name—Tony’s most recent cover—was not made available to me in public searches until 2013. I was first provided her name in 2008—a full five years before the information was available or, in this case, before it was “created” as their “cover”. That information cannot be denied for I published those sessions in 2009 for the whole world to view in plain sight.

As I already stated previously, I am very much looking forward to the day when I am asked by law enforcement to show my work.  Based on the information I am providing in this e-book—the precise location of the remains of John Spira once they are discovered—when what I have stated does indeed happen, law enforcement will be forced to hear what I have to say whether they like it or not. One cannot deny the absolute truth when it is exposed and detailed in plain view for the entire world to see as I am doing right now with this post.

These two—the man and the woman—have been furiously trying to clean up after themselves on the internet but because they are sloppy, and I am not, they have missed much.

Additionally, I back up what I find with screen-shot images of the pages of BS they have created so even if they later remove those internet posts, accounts, etc, I still have a backup copy.  That these posts, pages, blogs, and identities were removed from “internetland” is further proof of their attempt to cover-up what they have done. Why else would anyone go to such lengths to remove their internet trail?

For example, on December 15, 2009, I wrote a letter to the then Plainfield, Illinois Chief of Police, Bill Doster, regarding an online “Topix” poster named “orphanannie” who clearly stated in a post on Topix that they had a copy of a confidential letter I sent to Detective Carianne Siegel.

In their ludicrous forum post, “orphanannie” accused me of illegal computer activities because of information I included in that confidential letter—information that I obtained through tax record searches available to the “public;” and this pebble-brained “orphanannie” had the audacity to say they were investigating me for it.

While the intent of “orphanannie’s” post was to point the finger at me and falsely accuse me of computer hacking and manipulation in a feeble effort to scare me into oblivion, that idiot exposed the now made obvious fact that they had a copy—as they claimed to be “holding in their hand”—of a private and “confidential” correspondence I sent to a police detective on an open investigation regarding a missing person who was presumed murdered—a letter I sent nearly a year prior.

Why didn’t anyone over at Plainfield PD want to know HOW this random online Topix poster from “Texas” was able to get a copy of a confidential police investigation correspondence? Based on the specific information “orphanannie” shared in their post about the contents of that correspondence to Plainfield PD, they definitely read it—they knew its confidential contents.

How in the world did this “orphanannie” character obtain this documentation?

Unless this “orphanannie” character illegally hacked one of our emails—mine or Detective Carianne Siegel’s—a copy of that correspondence could only have come directly from the official Plainfield Police binders containing case information on the open missing persons/murder investigation or it came directly from Detective Carianne Siegel.

Fact: it could not have happened any other way yet nobody over at Plainfield PD cared a blink about that. And that floors me.

Because I knew how much digital manipulation was taking place around Lisa Stebic’s case, I copied the entire Plainfield Village Board to make certain the letter I sent was not swept under the rug or covered up; and I also forwarded it to the Chicago FBI as well as some others to ensure there was not a cover up—to make certain that in the future when it was necessary to point to that letter, such as right now, there would be a well “officially” documented trail of that letter and the entire “orphanannie” charade regarding the original confidential case correspondence to Detective Carianne Siegel—open case documentation that was somehow distributed to this random online forum poster who claimed to be investigating me and how I obtained the public information I provided in that correspondence as they stated on a public forum.

The illogical yet arrogant “orphanannie” on who somehow is associated with Plainfield PD and/or Detective Carianne Siegel openly disclosed the insidious fact—by posting about it on a public forum—that they had access to confidential murder investigation records on an open case.

Nice stealth operation, moron.

That letter to Chief of Police Bill Doster also detailed “orphanannie” and clan’s constant and continuous efforts to assassinate my character with egregious slandering of my name under the guise of these bogus online identities such as “orphanannie”, “aka Russell”, “the monkey”, “ollie”, “quite” and many more—a felony—and all being done to prevent me from succeeding in uncovering the truth behind the disappearance of Lisa Stebic and finding Lisa’s remains.

Why would someone want to prevent me from finding missing mother of two Lisa Stebic?

They sneered at me and mocked me publishing derogatory remarks, statements and claims about me on and elsewhere providing links on to my personal blog and using my full name—crucifying me and deliberately destroying my name and reputation by assassinating my character in their efforts to paint me out to be a vile nut case in order to protect the real killer who had manipulated all of them into engaging in these immoral and illegal activities—illegal phone and computer tapping—justifying it to themselves as being okay because they are doing it to a bad person.

That bad person they erroneously have stalked and harassed over the years is a very good, pure intentioned, individual who has given up her life to take down an extraordinarily corrupt and evil man.

That very good person is me.

Immediately following that letter, the “orphanannie” post I linked to in the letter was removed from

Poof! It disappeared.

Ask yourself how that is possible? Then ask yourself why?

Not only was that post removed but “orphanannie” disappeared from altogether. Why? What were they afraid of? How did this poster who claimed to be in “Texas” even know that I sent a letter to Plainfield PD pointing to their post making them want to disappear because of it?

In fact, not only did “orphanannie” disappear but their whole “clan” of posters also disappeared from posting in the Plainfield, IL and Bolingbrook, IL forums after I sent that letter.

I am not certain what Bill Doster was told but “orphanannie” morphed into “huevos rancheros” and the others in the clan each adopted a new online identity for use on less one poster who continued to use the same name which is how I was able to track them down as they began posting elsewhere on under their new identities.

And, of course, I have proof of that.

Every single person who reads this should be asking themselves “Why?” Why did they assassinate my character? Why was there a cover up? Why did they all change their names and hide? Why aren’t the investigators in the Lisa Stebic case interested in knowing why a group of online posters were making vehement efforts to prevent an individual from her work in finding the missing mother from Plainfield, Illinois—the missing person’s case they are supposed to be investigating? How did an unknown poster obtain official police investigation documents?

Why would the Plainfield Police detectives investigating the Lisa Stebic disappearance not want to know the answers to those questions?

Could it be because they have TUNNEL VISION and are wrongly fixated on Lisa’s husband as the murderer when in fact the real killer is right there with them but they are too blinded by their own ignorance to see it?

YES, that is exactly what has happened. They’ve let this guy—the killer—skate free and clear because of their pig-headed ignorance (pun intended).

The thing that irks me the most is that they get paid to do what they do. I am flabbergasted by their level of incompetence. In fact, their line of thinking is ludicrous. And to top it off, they are all so arrogant. They couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag yet alone locate a missing murdered victim. Though they get paid as if they know what they are doing.

And that ticks me off.

Spirit told me that “orphanannie” is the one who has been pointing the finger at me all these years.  In fact, of the sessions posted on this blog prior to September 4th 2009, two of those sessions showed “orphanannie” painting me out to be a “Quack” (“Quack” is also a dual meaning) in an effort to “duck Bill”—and that would be former Plainfield Police Chief Bill Doster. The same character was also shown as “Donald Duck” and that was their effort to duck Don Bennett’s inquiries.

View this document on Scribd

[Link to 12.17.08 session] The first “duck Bill” symbol came in on 12.17.08 page 1 long before Bill Doster was associated with Plainfield PD.

View this document on Scribd

[Link to 06.08.09 session] The second time was on 06.08.09 page 5 and again before Bill Doster was at Plainfield PD. References to “duck Bill” also came after the “orphanannie” charade happened.

My exposing this here and now will lead to his demise.

I didn’t understand the meaning of that “duck Bill” symbol in those two particular sessions until sometime after I sent that letter. And as sprit kept trying to tell me, once the real life events begin to unfold the message will become undoubtedly clear. The meaning of the “duck Bill” message became flagrant once the real life event took place; and that is when I finally recognized its full meaning for what it was.

Chapter 7 – Rose and the Record Keeper: Plainfield PD Case Files

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