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The goal of this blog is to utilize psychic skills to find the remains of Lisa Stebic, Stacy Peterson, and John Spira, and to uncover the mysteries surrounding their disappearances.  ALL productive input is welcomed and greatly encouraged.

There is no room here for skeptics, so don’t bother. As the old saying goes, “Trust those less that trust least.”  “Popular Mechanics” type skeptics will have their posts promptly removed and posting privileges banned.  There is no room for closed mindedness here.  As soon as one shuts anything out, they’ve immediately limited their ability to see, understand, and know the truth.  I want no part of that ignorance, so, please, keep it to yourself in your own realm of publishing if you feel such a need to attempt to discredit me and what I do.

I welcome suggestions and constructive criticism.  Nobody is expert enough to not have room to learn, grow, and to improve.  I always strive to learn and improve so all genuine thoughts, intuition, gut feelings, dreams, whatever you feel is “real” or “meaningful”, in anyway, is what I hope you will bring forward in a genuine effort to help solve these mysteries.

I am very good at what I do; I can see right through BS and bogus “psychic” messages.  In such cases, posts will be promptly removed and posting privileges banned permanently.  I have no time for garbage, untruths, and especially no time for saboteurs.  No FREEks allowed.

I do not tolerate incompetence well, and, actually, I don’t tolerate it at all.  Weak mindedness is a choice, not a symptom of some disease. You choose to think and you choose not to think.  I choose to think independently and I choose to not tolerate those who don’t.

Aside from the specifics I have pointed out above (no skeptics, no saboteurs, no FREEks – trolls and pretend personages), there are no limitations here.  This is an “anything goes” blog whose sole existence is to uncover the Truth, whatever that truth may be.

All material on this site not covered by other copyright and not explicitly marked as public domain is copyright ©2009-2012 Laura L. Burke

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