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“Elvis” and Lisa Stebic

August 9, 2012

“Elvis” is a name associated with a person who has been pointing the finger at me, two fingers, a man and a woman, two who become one.  I will detail throughout this post just who this person is based on what spirit has presented to me.  Remember, late in his career, Elvis grew to be FAT.

I’ll start with the first post when I got the name “Elvis” associated with who this person was on 02.14.09 page 5:

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I asked how many at a specific location were involved.  The answer I received was : “two“.  They previously showed me a woman, who was part of this “four lined E” symbol that looks like this:

The other person they told me was “Elvis“.

Elvis” is “Fox. Find Me!

“Fox” is “Riley Fox” a murdered 3 year old from Wilmington, Illinois that is within Will County.  “Find Me!” is a symbolism for Lisa Stebic.  This tells me that this individual was associated with both the Riley Fox case AND the Lisa Stebic case.  He is the “Lead Guy” and the one from my dream of 08.13.08 where I had the “codes” to the game and he was after me because of that.  See the following for the posting of that vision:

This guy is also associated with “Fiddyment and Fiddyment Creek” and more on that can be found on this post:

As explained in the “Dust Bowl Storms” post above associated with “Fiddyment” and this guy, I have the “codes” to the “game” and the game is “Monopoly“.  Monopoly is a Board game.  The codes are “The Ten Commandments“.  They think they have the codes, but they don’t.  The ones they have aren’t real.   He is also beginning to sound like a broken record about me, or he already has.  Either way, the truth will come out.  I will be vindicated.  We will find these missing persons because I now know where they are, and he’s the key, as is she, but mainly him because he’s the dirty one.  She just believes him, or did.  She’s beginning to wonder.

In the following, page 5 of a session I did on 09.07.10, it shows how “Elvis” is “Fox. Find me!

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This portion of the session shows someone hooking a “record” (more on explaining this symbolism to follow in another post at a later date).  That is followed by the “Chief” lines and someone’s lips moving and their “mouth” “talking”.  Elvis, they show, is trying to break the code that’s attached to the top of the “tip” of the “umbrella” so they can “get in”.  This umbrella is protecting me and shielding me.  I do not know about this umbrella as far as having any communications or earthly knowledge of what this is.  I just know whatever it is, it is protecting me and shielding me from harm.  Elvis wants in, he wants the “codes” for himself.  This is a greedy law enforcement individual who uses the insights and experience of someone like myself, “stealing” this information from me, using it for his own material benefit helping him not only to move up in his respected investigative field (the rising star) but to also benefit from it in the material world.  He, too, wants a book and a movie deal.

Below is another reference of “Elvis” and who he is, taken from page 7 of my session on 08.06.10:

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As an FYI, as seen in the image above, “New Age” is associated with my work, this project, work that I’ve been studying and researching for the past 5.5 years.  I consider my work in the spirit realm to be a science and I refer to this work as a “New Age Science”.  In the future, once I complete this project and my work here, and prove my accuracy and ability to see behind the scenes and beneath the surface and above the surface at the same time, I hope to work on proving how this realm of subconscious understanding is truly a science and not superstition and gypsies, tramps, and thieves type thinking as is so often associated with psychic work.  In solving the cases I’ve been working on for so long, I will prove how this ability allows anyone with such skills and training to be quite capable of seeing the truth of any anonymous poster on the internet associated with their real life actions and activities and how this ability can be used as an effective tool in Law Enforcement; whether it be for detecting criminal trolling activity, terrorist spy activity against our nation, serial rapists, murderers, child pornography and sex crimes, human slavery, and a vast area of criminal activity associated with the internet.  Once I have completed this work and find the remains of those missing, I will PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that this type of application to law enforcement is highly effective and is very real indeed.

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