Riley Fox, Brenda Boyd, Lisa Stebic

On December 4, 2007, I came across an article online in the Herald News explaining that the four (4) murder cases listed in the article were cold cases and a part of a grant received to work on cold cases. I decided to do some sessions on these murder victims to see what I could pick up.

The first victim listed was “Kaylor C. Spells” a 16 year old from Lockport, IL, who was murdered on August 26, 2007. I did a short session on her and it showed me that a high school aged individual associated with auto mechanics somehow was the murderer. It showed me that she was in a wooded area and he was closing in on her. It also showed me a todler and I wondered if she was pregnant or a mother. If anyone is interested in reading my notes on this session, please let me know and I will post it for your review. I later learned that this teenager’s murderer was another male teenager and that, in fact, she was a mother of a todler.

I then went to the next case listed, Brenda K. Shaw/Brenda Boyd who was murdered on December 13, 2006 when she was 49 years old. This session ended with showing me a face. I very vividly saw this face and wrote the description of what I saw in my journal. The very next day, I saw a photo of Kevin Fox in the paper. That photo of Kevin Fox was the man I saw the day before in my vision on Brenda Boyd (I tried to locate that exact photo but so far have not been able to find it. In that particular photo, he was in a suit, and well groomed.). Additionally, in the session on Brenda Boyd, I saw a little girl playing with a little boy who was about 6 and the little girl was holding a trophy that I thought was a “ballerina” trophy. The little girl was younger than the boy. I believe this little girl and little boy are Riley Fox and her older brother who was 6 years old when 3 year old, Riley, was murdered.

It is interesting to note, that Lisa Stebic came thorugh while on Riley Fox and Brenda Boyd.

With all that is currently unfolding now with the Riley Fox murder being investigated by the FBI, I felt it was important to post my visions related to Riley Fox’s murder. They are as follows:

The first one may be a little bit difficult to read because the handwriting is so terrible in it. I was sitting on the floor when I did this and the journal was on the floor in front of me, and it was difficult to write while meditating in that position. If you would like clarification on anything, please see the about page on how to contact me.

copyright ©Laura L. Burke

Brenda Boyd- Riley Fox

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Riley Fox Brenda Boyd 1 8pgs

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Riley Fox Brenda Boyd 2 10 pgs

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Riley Fox Brenda Boyd 3 11pgs

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