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Lisa Stebic Found ***Update***

December 31, 2012

Lisa Stebic Nancy Grace

***Update*** 01.27.14: The month and day dates listed in this post are correct; the years are not, however, as I misinterpreted the information. I will update accordingly soon.


Nancy Grace apparently ran an episode on Lisa Stebic, missing mother of two from Plainfield, Illinois, on Friday evening, December 28, 2012.  Lisa Stebic RewardOn Saturday, I had the most visits EVER to my MISSING blog and all the visits were from search engine searches on “Lisa Stebic”.   That is how I learned that Nancy Grace aired a show about Lisa, and, obviously, that generated interest that led to all the search engine traffic.   I’d been planning to update this post on Lisa Stebic regarding the remains found in May 2009, since I initially made the post; and since the search for Lisa Stebic is now in full-force, now is the time to do that.

Skeletal Remains Found - Channahon, IL, Des Plaines River, 05.20.09

Skeletal Remains Found – Channahon, IL, Des Plaines River, 05.20.09

Human Remains found in Channahon

A Note to the reader:

All the information herewith, the visions posted below, were provided to the Plainfield Police Department on November 16, 2008, when I brought my Journal 1 to the then Chief of Police, Don Bennett.  I stood right next to Chief Bennett while he photocopied a complete record of my Journal 1, up to that date of 11.16.08.  For the period from 11.17.08 through 09.04.09, every vision during that period was posted on this blog, along with the prior visions that were provided to Chief Bennett, and all of this was posted online prior to September 15, 2009.  There can be NO DENYING that this precise information was presented in advance not only to the police department who headed up the investigation of Lisa Stebic; but also to the world via this blog, and I did so prior to these specific events actually taking place in real life, as described in explicit detail below.

Man in blue uniform w/ diamond patch

Man in blue uniform w/ diamond patch

The above link is to a post I made back in June 2008, about DOW Chemical and a few of the various times I received information as it related to that specific location.  The first time I received information relating to DOW Chemical was on March 31, 2008 (see image above).  DOW Chemical is located along the banks of the Des Plaines River in Channahon, 2 nautical miles south of what we, in this neck of the woods, call “The Boat”, which is the River Boat Gambling Casino, Hollywood Casino in Joliet, Illinois.

Lisa Stebic: Drew's "going down"

Lisa Stebic: Drew’s “going down”

On November 7, 2008, Lisa Stebic was all giddy with excitement and told me that Drew Peterson is “going down“.  Notice the date of this session, November “7“, 2008.  “7” is a symbolic reference and is a reoccurring theme throughout these sessions the past 5.5 years.

7 man seven On November 2, 2008, Lisa Stebic indicated to me that there was someone, a “7”, that means a person with a 7 point Star Badge, a cop, associated with Drew Peterson and with Lisa Stebic who is associated with the handwriting of “Joyce” who is really “Joan” and this 7 man seven” (officer) is associated with a female; a very sexy, glamorous, beauty pageant contestant type of woman, a “glamor beauty”.   As you can see by what they showed me in the clip above, there is “writing” of “Joyce” having to do with “Joan”and a “7”, 7 man Seven.  What this tells me is that this woman “Joyce” is a bogus identity.   Whenever I see one person’s name while simultaneously hearing another person’s name, they are telling me that this person is “pretending” to be this other person.  In this case, they are “writing” under a false identity and it is directly associated with Drew Peterson and a sexy female.  It must be known, that I see most things in the future, BEFORE they actually happen, and as real life events unfold, the information provided to me will allow me to see the truth; and not what the master manipulator intends for everyone to believe, which is a ginormous web of lies designed to protect his criminal activities.   This “7 man” utilizes hundreds of bogus online identities to manipulate many things, including many ongoing cases.  He is “7 man Seven“.  That is, he is a “7 man” (a cop who holds a 7 point star badge) and something with a “seven that is associated with Drew Peterson.

As so often the case, I am provided with information that is to take place in the future, and they give me clues so that when the future event happens, I’ll understand the message at the appropriate time.  In this particular case, November 2, 2008, they were telling me of an event to happen associated with “seven“, Drew Peterson, and this “7 man“.

May 7, 2009: Drew Peterson arrested

May 7, 2009: Drew Peterson arrested

Drew Peterson was arrested on May 7, 2009 for the murder of Kathleen Savio.  There were human skeletal remains that were discovered on the banks of the Des Plaines River in Channahon, Illinois, next to DOW Chemical and across from Moose Island; and those remains were found on May 20, 2009, the day before Drew Peterson was to be arraigned on charges of first degree murder for his 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio.  Drew was scheduled to appear before Judge Stephen White on those charges on May 21, 2009; and this period of time was precisely the time when Drew Peterson was “going down“.

They further tell me in the 11.02.08 session, that there is this “one man boat” associated with this “Take me down to the boat on the river“, something that Lisa Stebic had been telling me a lot at the time associated with where her remains were.  One must understand, in the spirit world, everything is symbolic, so a boat that symbolizes a person indicates their psychological frame of mind; this is their own being, their state of mind.  When a person is on the water, they are not on land therefore they are not grounded; but, rather, they are out to sea in their manner of thought, they are “out there“.  In this session, they provide me more information about this “one man boat” and give me a description of a peace dove.  This description is symbolic and in the future they would provide me with more details so I would understand the message when the time was right.  I did not receive those further details until 2010, and I will explain all that in another post at a later date.  This peace dove was clinging to a “barge” that was multistory and had many people on it, and with that I get the “Take me down to the boat on the river“.  Lisa was telling me “The Boat” the Argosy Hollywood Casino, formerly The Empress Casino.

Did Lisa spend time with this man going to the River Boat Casino when she was alive?  Or, did this man place her body in this location after taking her to his own boat on the river, and then killing her?  Or, as is so often the case with spirit, is it a multifaceted meaning and it means both?  Did she spent time with him gambling at the boat, and then at some point he killed her, took her out on his boat, and placed her remains where they were found, and did so strategically, for a specific reason?  Time is the key to answering these questions; and spirit always provides me with additional information as time goes on giving me what I need to see the truth and then answer those questions.  As I will show you, through the information presented to me through my visions, he planted those remains there along the banks of the Des Plaines River in Channahon by DOW Chemical.  This 7 man is a narcissist and a psychopath, and he thinks he is smarter than everyone and that no other has the ability to comprehend his level of intelligence.  He is perceived by his fellow officers and others in law enforcement as “Jesus” but he’s really the devil.  He lied to Judge Rozak about me, and he lied to a Grand Jury as well.

Additionally, and as a clear note to the reader, previously, I had deliberately left misleading information on this blog and my other blog on Blogster, also via  Email and through phone conversations and text messages, in order to trap the killer; because I know that he steals my communications and uses it to  plant a dirty internet trail of bogus information while simultaneously sending tips to law enforcement agencies under false identities, most that he has created online, many of them as “psychics” (and I will provide proof of this),  all of which points the finger at me.  This is how he works.  He makes former Illinois Governor, Rob Blogojevich, look like a Saint.  He’s also been holding my poor financial decisions of the past over my head, many made while suffering from severe duress, that which he deliberately thrust upon me in all his dirty dealings, attempting to pin dirty financial things on me.  This is all a part of his effort to prevent me from solving the mysteries behind the disappearances of Lisa Stebic, Stacy Peterson, and John Spira.  He has gone to great lengths to sabotage all my hard work and my efforts, to tarnish my reputation, to prevent anyone from considering what I have to say by painting me out to be some psychotic nut who is looney tunes in the mind.  NONE OF THIS IS TRUE.  This is how he manipulates the thinking of others.  This is how he controls individual  perception collectively, or on a mass scale thereby controlling the outcome and the direction of any given investigation.  He is a MASTER MANIPULATOR.  He knows that I see the truth and he must prevent my ability to express that truth to law enforcement because the truth will expose him for the criminal that he is.  In the end, his efforts are futile; and he will fail.  I am one step ahead of his dirty dealings, and because of that and my efforts, the truth will prevail and he will be put where he belongs, behind bars.  On March 15th, 2013, he will appear before a judge; and the gavel goes down on him.

Know now, this article states everything exactly as it has been shown to me.  There is nothing written here that is meant to mislead the killer.  I’ve already left the bait that I know he used; and it is now too late for him to backtrack and take back what he did to point the finger at me in an effort to frame me for acts I did not commit.  Now is the time to expose the truth and use the information contained in that bait, that which he took and ran with, to prove this is precisely what he has been doing to me for YEARS.

Left handed Detective, backward one on the water

Left handed Detective, backward one on the water

On October 20, 2008, after my realization about a dream I had previously, on March 31, 2008, that they were telling me something about DOW Chemical, I asked spirit what they were trying to tell me about DOW Chemical?  As an answer to my question, they provided me with the symbol for “1” and showed me what this guy looked like (see image to the right), though I only saw his body and not his face, at that time.  Through the clues provided in this vision, they indicated what police department he was associated with at that particular time, October 20, 2008.  They showed that he is “aajejll” which means “1“, he is also the “7 man” who is the backward one on the water, meaning he has a boat on the river.  He is teamed up with a woman, who is a “4” that is associated with an “oath of office” (she is not fully sworn in; but only partially sworn in).  She is on his “staff“.   At this time, in October 2008, this left handed detective who was a little heavier set, was with the WILL COUNTY SHERIFF’S POLICE; but then moved, in 2008, and became a cop “on the side” with a department that holds a 7 point star badge.  This would be one of the suburban village police departments.  However, as I will show, he is undercover where he holds a 6 point star badge (see page 5 in the link where on 08.04.08 I ask: “who should I focus on?”).  A 6 point star badge is held by an officer of the Illinois State Police.

Tony, Captain - John Oglesby

Tony, Captain – John Oglesby

His real name is Tony and as one can clearly see in the vision above, he was a “captain” at that time.  I don’t know if he was a police captain, a fire department captain (this guy is also a fireman); or if he was a Captain at that time in a criminal organization.  On 02.14.09, Lisa Stebic indicated she had an affair with the “Cappo” and that he was nick named “Elvis“.  This guy is the one who has been pointing the finger at me all these years, planting bogus information about me trying to frame me while using said planted evidence to get the real investigators, who are trying to find the truth, to run around in circles looking for everything that isn’t real, all that Tony had planted to fit Tony’s bogus theory.  This is how Tony creates a mess in order to keep everything off of him while simultaneously framing others in the process.  This is old school Cook County mob type of illegal judicial maneuvering.  More will be detailed about this man and woman later in this article; until then, I will let you know this: He utilized the name and identity of “John Oglesby” and further created an elaborate cover up and washed that identity through a dirty prison shower.  He is a corrupt law enforcement officer; and as dirty a cop as they come.  She is the key to solving the mystery and locating the remains of the others and, again, I will detail all of this later in this article.  He is a “7” on the side and under cover as “John Jr.”  Lisa Stebic knew him as JOHN MORGAN.  He has multiple undercover identities, holding more than one law enforcement badge at more than one police department;  and I will detail all of that below.

Cover up, Judicial Bribery, Drew Peterson

Cover up, Judicial Bribery, Drew Peterson

This is another clip from my session on 10.20.08 where I specifically asked spirit “what are you trying to tell me about DOW Chemical and the detective?  Look at the name in the image to the left.  This is what they showed me about this detective who is symbolically represented as “aajejll” (the backward one on the water).  They told me of  “Judicial Bribery” regarding a cover up associated with Drew Peterson.   Remember, this is all about DOW Chemical.  They showed me this MORE THAN SIX MONTHS PRIOR TO DREW PETERSON BEING ARRESTED.  Look at the “hand” making a deal with this detective who is the backward one on the water, as is shown in the image above (a copy of which was provided to Plainfield PD on 11.16.08).  The hand making the deal was “White“.  Judge Stephen White set Drew’s unprecedented $20,000,000 bond the day after the body was found by DOW Chemical.  The above image shows the answer to my question about this dirty detective and what he had to do with DOW Chemical, the place where the human remains were found the day before Drew Peterson appeared before Judge White, who ultimately ordered a $20,000,000 bail for Peterson and kept him in jail until his trial that ended late last year.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Judge White took part in a cover up.  As time goes on, more details will emerge that will paint a very clear image of the truth and precisely what was done to manipulate that situation.  As you will see in the images later in this article, they showed me that Lisa Stebic‘s body, the remains found by DOW Chemical, were strategically placed there to keep Drew Peterson in jail, so he would not get out on bail.  Again, Drew Peterson’s bond was set an an unprecedented $20,000,000.

Remember, this 7 man” and the death associated with DOW Chemical is also associated with Drew Peterson and a7 and LISA STEBIC; and they informed me of this manipulation taking place six months prior to the discovery of the body that was found exactly where they indicated it would be found, and six months before Drew Peterson was arrested.  Another very important thing to point out regarding the vision above and what they told me:  they said WHEN YOU HEAR THAT DREW PETERSON WHISTLED KNOW IT IS A BLUE (COP) COVER UP TO PROTECT THE LIGHTHOUSE (the Lighthouse is “7“, the “7 man“).

They later told me that this 7 man would manipulate information on the computer, through a chat room, or a board, or some sort of online environment like that, using a false identity to get the Illinois State Police to go search for Stacy Peterson based on Drew Peterson whistling.  He is a master at computer forensics and he utilizes his skills to significantly manipulate the cases as I will provide specific details about later in this article.

Death at DOW w/ 7-man

Death at DOW w/ 7-man

On November 8, 2008, the first thing Lisa Stebic tells me is that there will be a death (cross) associated with the “7 man” and DOW Chemical.  Lisa Stebic, on several different occasions through these psychic sessions, provided specific details about the body located by DOW Chemical along the banks of the Des Plaines River; she told me how that body got there; who the killer was; and whose body it was.  Most importantly, one must remember that I provided a copy of all of this information to the Plainfield Police Department on November 16, 2008; and that was six months prior to the body that was found in the PRECISE location as indicated within the copy of my Journal 1 that was provided to Plainfield PD.

Woman in a Watery Grave

Woman in a Watery Grave

Lisa Stebic further goes on to elaborate that there will be a “watery grave” associated with this specific death.  Not only did Lisa Stebic detail that in the future there would be a a body discovered along the banks of the Des Plaines River by DOW Chemical company at the time Drew Petersongoes down“, something that came to pass and did, indeed, happen (remember, I had these visions 6 MONTHS before the event happened); but Lisa further provided specific details as to who the murderer was and how those remains got to that location.  Lisa Stebic said this “7 mantook her down to the the boat on the river.

DOW Chemical Des Plaines River

DOW Chemical Des Plaines River

Lisa Stebic reinforces that there will be remains found by DOW Chemical, and she shows the association to the Argosy Empress Casino on November 10, 2008 , where she provided me with additional information on this  “7-man” individual, and directed me to the Des Plaines River by showing me another facility that is 1 site south of the Empress Casino on the West Bank of the River, and letting me know it was by DOW Chemical.  Do I sound like I am repeating myself over and over again?  Yes, that is exactly what I am doing; and I will continue to repeat myself over and over again until someone in authority makes the decision to look at the TRUTH, and will stop allowing their thoughts to be directed to a predetermined place by the criminal himself, the extreme narcissist who is a serial killer, who is also for hire.

Yes, Tony is a hit man.  He will make a hit as paid to; but if the case becomes too prominent and well known, or there is fear of his actions being exposed, he will then plant evidence, including and especially an internet trail, that points directly to the person who ordered the hit as the actual killer.  This is his backup plan; one he strategically puts in place prior to making the hit.  It’s the perfect cover up.  Who would admit they ordered a hit on someone, and that the hit man was framing them for the actual murder they paid the hit man to commit?  This is precisely what Tony does, among other extremely corrupt and criminal actions.

Body found by DOW Chemical across from Moose Island

Body found by DOW Chemical across from Moose Island

There is no denying that this body was found PRECISELY where I was told it would be found, 6 months PRIOR to it being found.  That CANNOT be denied.  What also cannot be denied was that spirit also told me me that this body belonged to a WOMAN, not a man, and this woman is LISA STEBIC.  Below I will will provide more images as they were shown to me, prior to them happening, that there was a cover up of the identity of this woman found along the Des Plaines River by DOW Chemical and that someone “lied” about her identity.

Skeletal remains pulled from Des Plaines River

I will continue to update this Lisa Stebic Found post, and I will continue to show how the body found along the banks of the Des Plaines River in May 2009 is that of Lisa Stebic . There was a COVER-UP, a manipulation of DNA, identifying the remains as a male, Scott Dudko, when those remains are that of Lisa Stebic.

human-skeletonWhen those remains were found, a female forensic anthropologist indicated that those were the remains of a FEMALE  – there was a PELVIS .  If you go back and read the list of bones associated with the remains that were shipped to their resting place in Indiana (on a shelf) until identification was made, not only was the “Humerus” bone not listed, a bone my friend Janet Alexander-Goldblatt, part of a Stacy Peterson search team, found in the water and held in her hand only a few feet from where the remains were found; but the pelvis also was NOT listed as one of the individual bones of the skeleton that were sent.  There was a pelvis attached to those remains.  The “Femur” bones could not have made it there WITHOUT a PELVIS to attach them to the upper torso.  There was still petrified skin on those bones holding what was left the skeleton together.  My friend, Janet Alexander-Goldblatt, former Chief Deputy Coroner of Will County during the Riley Fox autopsy and the Kathleen Savio autopsy, was the individual who found one of the Humerus bones belonging to the skeleton AFTER the Illinois State Police conducted their evidence search at the site for two days, and she found this bone only a few feet from where the original skeletal remains were found.  Janet informed me at the time those remains were found, that the forensic anthropologist stated that those remains were that of a FEMALE based on the PELVIS.

Smoking Gun

LIE – Smoking Gun

I will detail how my prior posted visions CLEARLY showed me this FEMALE body would be found and that someone would LIE about the identity as a cover-up to protect the real killer.  Do not be fooled.  Do not be misled.  Do not blindly believe the information presented for doing so will only steer your thoughts away from looking at the truth.  One must always remain objective in order for the truth to be heard.  News media are notorious for taking misinformation and running with it without being thorough enough in their own investigations to make certain that what they are indeed presenting is actually the TRUTH.   This is ILLINOIS, the most CORRUPT State in the Nation.  Four Illinois Governors in four decades have been imprisoned for corruption.  “Pay-to-play” is the status quo in Illinois and it is not just in politics; that “pay-to-play” corruption trickles down to law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and the judiciary.

Dyke and Karen Rhoads

Dyke and Karen Rhoads

A perfect example of the type of law enforcement, prosecutor, and judiciary corruption that takes places in Illinois is the case of Dyke and Karen Rhoads of Paris, Illinois, who were murdered in their home and then the home set on fire to cover up the crime.  Two men, Randy Steidl and Herb Whitlock were wrongfully convicted based on FALSE witness testimony wherein prosecutors PAID these witnesses to testify.  These two innocent men received the DEATH PENALTY as a sentence and both sat on death row for nearly 20 years before they were finally exonerated.  This case was handled by the Illinois State Police, and remarkably, one of the ISP officers associated with that case, was also associated with the Kathleen Savio investigation and the Stacy Peterson investigation.  That particular individual has since retired from the Illinois State Police, and now has a new, completely different role, with another law enforcement agency in the same area.  The murder case of Dyke and Karen Rhoads is a perfect example of how corrupt this state is, law enforcement included.

Lieutenant Mike Callahan

Lieutenant Mike Callahan

Lieutenant Michael Callahan was an ISP investigator who was demoted for pursuing the case and attempting to work on proving that Randy Steidl and Herb Whitlock were innocent.  According to Karen Rhoads’ sister and brother-in-law who she shared this information with, Karen, by accident, witnessed her boss engaged in highly illegal activity that took place in the parking lot of the owner’s place of business (Karen’s boss) just before her murder.  Her boss was a major financial campaign contributor to then Governor of Illinois, George Ryan, who now sits in a federal penitentiary convicted of corruption.  Lieutenant Mike Callahan, as he writes in his book “Too Politically Sensitive” was ordered by his superiors to drop the case because, according to Top Brass at the Illinois State police, the case was “too politically sensitive”.  Callahan refused under the premise, since when is murder too politically sensitive?  Callahan was demoted for not dropping it.  He sued the Illinois State Police, won a settlement, and now works to raise awareness about how politically and legally corrupt we are here in Illinois.

Gordon "Randy" Steidl

Gordon “Randy” Steidl

Randy Steidl sued and won a settlement, and Herb Whitlock is currently battling his case in court where he will win a substantial settlement.  To date, not a single official associated with this legal disaster has had to answer for what they did.  Randy Steidl started the “Witness to Innocence Project” and currently travels across the country working to have the death penalty abolished.

At the same time Michael Callahan was attempting to gather enough information to have the case reopened in the efforts to free two innocent men from Death Row, a Northern Illinois University Professor assigned the Rhoads murder case to his students and told them, re-investigate this, things don’t add up.

Paris "on the side"

Paris “on the side”

The only reason that I am even aware of the Dyke and Karen Rhoads murder is because I was presented with information through my psychic sessions that told me the cases are connected.  In searching for a link to “Paris, IL” as it was first presented to me on January 4, 2010 (image above), I learned about all that took place regarding the false testimony in the Rhoads’ murders;

View this document on Scribd
but not until this past summer did I learn of the deeper connection to the individual at ISP who was associated with that case who also was associated with the Kathleen Savio and the Stacy Peterson investigations prior to that person retiring from ISP.  That was a major WOW upon the discovery of that specific fact.

One must always remain objective for if not, you will blind yourself and be incapable of seeing the truth for what it is.   LISA STEBIC’S remains WERE FOUND and there was a COVER UP.  I will continue to detail precise information provided to me that reinforces what I am saying here and that Lisa Stebic was found.  This article, until further notice, will be in a constant state of update with new additions.  Please refer back to it daily for new updates.

Stacy Peterson location of remains

Stacy Peterson location of remains

The remains found along the banks of the Des Plaines River on May 20, 2009 is THE SMOKING GUN that will lead to finding the remains of Stacy Peterson, John Spira, and one other missing person.  I have been provided with very specific details on where the remains of Stacy Peterson and John Spira are, and those details are based on the location of Lisa Stebic.  Upon the true identity of Lisa Stebic being confirmed, not only will we find Stacy Peterson, John Spira, and one other missing person; but other prominent, high profile, cases will be reopened and reexamined.  Innocent people have been framed for murders and acts they did not commit; and that is a grave injustice, and it must be corrected and made right.  All of this happening will lead to finding the remains of, and the truth in, the identities of many more of the missing.  2013 is when the TRUTH will be REVEALED.

Scowlface - McDonald's Bandit, Thief - Johnny Boy

Scowlface – McDonald’s Bandit, Thief – Johnny Boy

This “7 man” is “Scowlface and he is an Al Capone-like individual but he’s a COP!  He is “John”, “John Jr.” and he is “Johnny Boy“.  However, he is UNDERCOVER and that is one of his undercover identities and not his REAL identity.  I’ve already detailed all of this information, the specifics regarding this person, the killer, in prior posts here on the MISSING blog; and as I continue to update this specific article, I will link all those previous articles, describing this person, to the appropriate words in this “Lisa Stebic Found Update” article to help the reader fully understand the information that has been presented to me.

As an FYI, if you are truly interested in learning the truth, and want to know what I have been shown the past 5.5 years, you’ll have to spend time reading each and every link I provide, for that is the only way to understand the information.


Anyone who believes what they hear, thinks with their ears, and that is a very scary thing.

“When one thinks with their ears, it’s impossible to see straight or to know what is for in the process of using your ears to think, one loses contact with the mind and independent thought, resulting in the inability to think wisely thereby discarding the ability to recognize fact from fiction.  Rather, “ear thinkers,” like religious faith believers, blindly believe what they are told, then pass it along becoming simple minded information repeaters based solely on what flows through their ears.  Unfortunately for me, they are BAD information repeaters; and they have contributed significantly to the obstacles I’ve had to scale as these negative false impressions have made their way to authority figures investigating these cases.”

Laura Burke, March 26, 2010

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