Lisa Stebic, Draig Peterbic 11.12.08 7 pages

Lisa Stebic
Journal 1
Novermber 12, 2008 7 pages

The session below included an online poster on that has harrassed and stalked me across the internet since Lisa Stebic first went missing and I began posting in the Lisa Stebic forums.  They went out of their way, in a very big way, to stifle any information I might have through my visions as well as to attempt to destroy my reputation not only in internet land but with LE officials as well.  This poster is not alone in their slanderous and defamatory quest against me, they have “associates”.  If you follow along closely, you will see who those associates are.  I do hope you are taking notes, LE.

In the end, the truth always comes out and that truth is beginning to unfold as you read.

Lisa Stebic 11.12.08 7pgs

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copyright ©Laura L. Burke

For more information on “Draig Peterbic”, “Ollie”, “Avalon EWO” and others, see the link and excerpt from article below:

Avalon EWO – Moron trying to frame me for their owns acts of Trolling

Added : Tuesday, May 26th 2009 by whereabouts

The moron who posted the comment below has deliberately falsely accused me of being a “troll” for a VERY long time.  They KNOW I am not but are attempting to make it appear to the idiots who believe them that I am (goes to show you how stupid some people are).  They have deliberately slandered my name to cover up for their own sick and demented trolling ways.  This one is a CRIMINAL TROLL.  They’ve formerly posted as “Ollie” on Topix as well as elsewhere and then also, among many other pseudo names, as “Draig Peterbic” where they were banned from TOXIC for threatening me to become another canal casulty just like the body that was recovered from the Des Plaines river in Channahon the other day, if I don’t shut up. (end clip)

***UPDATE*** 08.05.09 7:50 pm

Lotta Bulla is Avalon EWO and Lotta Bulla has also, multiple times, referenced my demise at the canal.  This is Draig Peterbic.

Lotta Bulla x10:

“Oh my. Hi Laura, wow it has gotten so quiet around here. LOL Posts are just blown away, blogs shutting down with no new info..Hmmmmm?

So now lets get this straight: LB is not about/or is about…..

1.Not about Pseudo Identities? Puleeeeez,,You are all about identities.- 10 points,
2. You are not about Vengence and getting even? Oh Laura ARE ALL ABOUT VEGENCE AND GETTING EVEN.- 20 points on the Truth- o-meter.
3.You say you are about Truth and Integrity- NEVAH girlfriend! Liar, liar, pants on fire. Barf!!!-30 points.
4. You say we have no idea what it is like to be you:(Thank god for that)! ROFLMAO, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,( Oh yes we do my sweet CHAMELEON)-40 points!
Laura Burp (hick) you are so done,,,,there is not one amongst us who is a
wannabe. Girlfriend you are one sick pup,..but you are finished, done, toast. You have attacked people, threatened people, used thier Post names, etc, etc, etc,. Your Cease and Desist appeal is laughable. Bring on your continued ranting of Law Suits etc,..We can hardly wait.
Love and kisses, Joan. Your meltdown is complete, Your time has come
camel toe, along with your proxy names and locations. LOL HA!”

As always, LE, for more indepth information, see the about page for details on how to contact me.

A link to exit directly to the main page: Missing – Lisa Stebic – Stacy Peterson – John Spira – Home Page

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