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October 18, 2012
Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim

Jim is the Serial Killer


Jim is the one man boat going down.

Jim is undercover as a … (you’re going to have to ask me).  Jim is not the real name, it is the cover.

Jim has infringed upon my rights EGREGIOUSLY, unconscionably, incomprehensibly so.  He has tapped into my personal communications for a VERY LONG TIME in order to protect himself from being exposed for the murdering PIG that he is.

Now is the time to EXPOSE the TRUTH and JIM for who he really is.

Game on, Jim.

Jim, you are going down.


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They showed me in the above session, on July 26, 2012, that my email would be hacked.  Yesterday, on October 17, 2012, they told me a “specific” email was being used to manipulate a situation.  This was a personal email of mine.  This morning, I went to view that email because there was some information in there I needed, and that email along with all corresponding emails associated with that email were DELETED.  This is NOT the first time this has happened to me.  He has hacked into my yahoo email account, and my former gmail account.  They told me that HE LIED TO JUDGE ROZAK TO SECURE A TAP on my SCRIBD account to see a PRIVATE upload that I sent to the Boston FBI in January 2010 and march 2010, regarding fugitive, and America’s 2nd Most Wanted (at that time, second ONLY to Osama Bin Laden), James Whitey Bulger.  Someone go ask Judge Rozak and see if that happened.  They specifically showed me on July 26, 2012 that he was “breaking into” my email account.  Yesterday morning, they told me precisely which email he would be manipulating.  And he, indeed, did that yesterday, October 17, 2012.

Notice the 3 red flag stripes I drew on 07.26.12 p4 when I asked to provide me with information about who this “spy” is they were telling me about when they told me: “Your garden is SPOOKED”.  My garden is this project I have been working on; finding the remains of the missing, Lisa Stebic, Stacy Peterson, and John Spira, and all that has happened surrounding their disappearances, and exposing the truth.  On October 17, 2012, the day the specific email they informed me would be tapped into was indeed tapped into, I had a new visitor to my Blogster site and right here at the “Missing” blog.  They looked at a LOT of pages between yesterday and today.  Interestingly, on “Missing” they view everything about Lisa Stebic and all the “Topix posters”.  When I googled the organization their IP came up as, I saw that this is precisely what spirit indicated about the “spy” as you can clearly see for yourself:

He has tapped every type of communication I’ve used over the past several years.  He has PLAGIARIZED my work on these missing persons’ cases by putting the same information out on the internet under bogus identities (these are all the different identities, names and images, I have seen with this lunatic.  He does this on purpose to confuse psychics so they will never see the truth but he greatly underestimated my intelligence).  He then uses this plagiarized information of mine to contact authorities under these bogus identities he has created on the internet and gets investigators to start working them while at the same time he uses the information to point the finger at me and accuses me of plagiarizing my own work, that which he has put out on the internet under false names and identities after stealing it from me through illegal wiretaps.  He has been working this way for a very long time; it is time to get this animal off the streets and put him behind bars where he belongs, with the rest of the animals.  He is keeping investigators busy with false information, getting them to run around in circles so they will NEVER find the truth.  If they get close to the truth, he plants evidence to frame others for his murders and crimes.  He has dirty contacts everywhere and can even have DNA manipulated through them.  There are MANY, MANY dirty individuals associated with various aspects of law enforcement that assist in all these coverups.  The entire “board” of this corrupt group of individuals is comprised of UNDERCOVERS.  I am a threat because I am exposing them – I know who they are.

There are four (4) missing persons’ remains located at a residence where he lived while undercover and I KNOW WHERE THAT IS.  Stacy Peterson is one of those persons.

HE HAS A BOOK THAT IS DUE OUT IN JULY.  This book may simply be a cover for an identity he has created online (a Facebook identity) though I am not 100% certain, but pretty certain.  They will take out his identity through a wash, a staged death backed up through manipulated medical procedures as a coverup.  I will provide all the details privately.  He will become a FUGITIVE himself and I WILL FIND HIM.

He is TONY,

Lisa Stebic knew him as “John Morgan“.


Saturday, October 20th 2012 at 8:03am by whereabouts

10.20.12 8:58 AM

I just logged into my (I don’t check it all that often) and I discovered ANOTHER personal email was DELETED.  This email was to the same person as the prior email that was deleted.  Fortunately for me, I must have caught them mid-stream because the email had not been purged.  I found it in the “delete” folder.  I made changes accordingly to prevent any such thing from happening in the future and established parameters so that no further information will be lost as was with my email dated 10.15.12 and all it’s associated correspondence.

LE, this CLEARLY shows how he is FREAKING OUT because I have exposed him.  He’s undercover and now he IS STUCK UNDERCOVER because I have exposed his real name.

He was with the Will County Sheriff in 2008 but he moved locations in 2008.  The residence at the time was in LOCKPORT, Illinois.  He is now undercover where he holds a 7-point star badge.  But he’s a 6-point star badge!  That’s the “5”.  LOCKPORT.

His “children” are his cover and these two will be “Wiped off the Face of the Earth”.  This is symbolic, this means their “internet identities” and their use of the internet to manipulate my personal information and image as they have done for years will be TERMINATED.  These two are a MESS.  They are as sloppy as one can imagine and lack any real intelligence.  Yeah, you two losers, I am calling you STUPID MONKEYS.  I was right on August 4, 2008, when I called you a stupid monkey for the first time.  That ticked you off, didn’t it?  Your ego drives your actions, and nothing could be more foolish.

These “two” are two “Sergeants”.  They are the two “7-frames” banging into each other that I have seen for so many years.  They have been cruising the internet doing the dirty work for the “old man” who is the “pig in sunglasses”.  He is the  “old Brass handle” with “2-stripes” (Chicago PD–“checkered pattern”).  ***UPDATE: 11.04.12 – I just discovered that Joliet PD has the “checkered pattern” on it’s uniform hat as well, and that their badge is a 7 point star. “Joliet” is the “big J” that’s taken away.  I think he’s Joliet PD, two stripes, and not Chicago PD.  I’m pretty sure but not positive, and I now need to go back and start from the beginning and read everything over with this new realization in mind.  One clear understanding opens the door to fully understanding what has happened and what is going on, and I believe this is it for me, but I need to be certain.  It will take me a considerable amount of time to get through the thousands of pages I have contained in the 16 Journals I have.  I will update accordingly as soon as I know precisely what they have been trying to tell me.)*** He is tied to the “Joe Pistone” person (this is symbolic, that is, he is the undercover as a “full sandwich”.  Sandwiches are “made”, Full made is a “boss” and not a soldier).  They erase what they need to purge from the internet record in order to protect their crooked  investigations.  This includes postings on Topix and elsewhere as they’ve been leaving their monkey pooh all across the internet over the years and are furiously trying to clean up after themselves so they won’t get caught, for what they’ve done to me is ILLEGAL and criminal.  Oh, but they have missed so much.  Their tracks, like cookie crumbs, will point directly at them (Jim comes out of the “cookie jar” while climbing the ladder). Of course, I know where those cookie crumbs are.  They’re too sloppy to handle this kind of work, old man.  You should have picked more competent  people  to  manage  this. Truly, you’ve let the chimps run the zoo and their monkey crap is everywhere.

You see, these “two” (He is her boss, she is on his staff) have gone to GREAT lengths to point the finger at me.  They’ve painted me out to be a lunatic, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Since my personal communications clearly indicate the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they are trying to paint me out to be in order to cover up for their own wrong doings and protect their own jobs (because soon both of these losers will be fired, and it will make the news), they had to get rid of those communications because they are between me and a very respectable individual.  Can’t have that.  Can’t have the deranged mental woman (as they’ve continuously painted me out to be, even lying to the judge in order to get what they want in order to try to frame me for things revolving around my home, my business, and my vehicle), can’t have the deranged mental woman looking competent and very wise indeed,that would destroy their already feeble position. Their  bloated theory  is so full of little holes, it’s like a chunk of Swiss cheese.  Oh, you laughed at that “Swiss cheese” comment before when you illegally tapped my communication to the Boston FBI regarding James Whitely Bulger but you won’t be laughing about it when all is said and done, you’ll be covering your face by embarrassment and with shame.

This guy, the serial killer, is an animal and he will stop at NOTHING to protect his lunacy. This guy not only has pretended to be psychic (and any other imaginable character in order to puff up his own pathetic false position) but he’s pretended to be a “psychiatrist” and this is directly related to me.  “We’ve” already discovered the evidence on that.  There’s no denying it nor is there any way to cover it up now.  I knew it years ago through my communications with spirit, and that information was also included in my communication to the Boston FBI in March 2010 that were hacked into and read by them.  We found the hard tangible evidence of that twisted fake connection to the “psychiatrist”, specifically as it was shown to me.  We found it a few months ago and put it into our file.  Yes, we have our own investigation going on, stupid children.

Oh, children of Tony: The “board” is PISSED.  You “two ” have the board hovering over you.  You two are more than stupid; X marks the spot means HE has an X on his back – Jack, ya dip-shit.  It means they’ve taken out a contract on Jack/Tony (the father).  He’s bringing on too much HEAT because of you two morons.  They are pissed.  They are watching you both, too.

This specific event, you breaking into my email and all the other illegal and nefarious wire tapping of me is your undoing.  Your tapping me is a “death wish”.  You’re out of here, all three of you.  I don’t hate anything but your level of ignorance is the closest thing I come close to hating.  I’ll say it loud, clear, and proud, “You two, Tony’s children, truly are “STUPID MONKEYS“.  I have never come across two individuals paired up, two partners, as stupid as you two.  You’re fired.  You’re cut off, and they’ve cut you out of the book because you’re nothing but a sloppy, dysfunctional mess.  Your bogus church window is about to be shattered and they’re shattering your existence right along with it.  It’s coming.

I can’t believe you two actually had the audacity to think you can take me on when intellectually you don’t have a chance because you’re lead by gossip, innuendo, and driven by all that ear-thinking nonsense that stupid monkeys like you buy into.  Where, I, on the other hand, have a solid, clear, rational thinking mind.  I am an individual who strives to find truth in everything.  I don’t buy into malarkey and BS; I think for myself and because of that, I can see right through you two idiots.  If you ever want to know about me, losers, ask me; don’t listen to the BS from the mouths of ignorance.  If you’re going to base you entire investigation on the gossip of some nitwit cheating-on-her-husband blond who knows someone who knows me while your ignorance of the truth leads you to believe you know me because of what nitwit has relayed through idle gossip, the end result of such stupidity is precisely what is about to happen to you.

When you’re about to walk into court with the blaze of news media cameras upon you, harassing you, not giving you an inch while you shield your face so the world can’t see it, remember one thing: I’ll be watching.  Oh, and I will be smiling, stupid.  I will be smiling.


As an FYI, more than 10 years ago, on June 29, 2002, I was told I was going to meet this person who turned out to be my “friend”, the person whose email correspondences with me was deleted from my account.

On June 29, 2002, they told me how I would come to meet this new friend of mine, and how it was associated with these two other people, this couple, and this would happen in October.  She is Aries, and they said at that time, in 2002, that she had a “point or a lesson” for me.  This was in my future.  The information I’ve received since working on this project, has dubbed her the “Rose” and she is “Aries” as symbolized by the Aries “Ram”.  These two have the “staged” marriage.  They are not really married.   He is “Elvis” and he is her boss.  She is on his “staff”.  She will be removed.  The last post in the journal I provided a copy to Plainfield Police Chief Don Bennett on November 16, 2008, indicated that the “staff” would be removed from it’s position. I had that vision the morning of the same day I met with Chief Bennett at the Plainfield Police Department. I stood right next to him while he copied the entire journal. I  asked  him to please read the whole thing first before he passed it on to the lead investigator.  Chief Bennett was open to anything, and he wanted nothing more than to solve the case in the disappearance of missing mother of two from Plainfield, Illinois, Lisa Stebic.

I later ran into Don Bennett at a political function a few weeks after our initial meeting and we talked very briefly.  He said I would be contacted by [investigator’s name].  I was never contacted by that person, nor anyone for that matter.  As that last page in the journal that was provided to Chief Bennett on November 16, 2008 indicates; we will have a “meeting of the minds.”  This “book” which is this guy’s “storybook” comes into play here.  Then there’s the lie detector test that leads to some serious affliction over there.  Then, there’s a HUGE shake up over there and she is removed from her position.  Here’s the session I am referring to:

And here is an image of that specific session, 11.16.08:

In addition, I also pointed out, as I indicated in my post here on 10.14.12: (about this person: ), I said that:

This is also tied to something that happened last night with my new great friend and the message I received this morning when waking to hearing the song I posted here:

I didn’t understand the message at first, but I do now and I will explain that in another post.

When I posted the above on Sunday, October 14th 2012 at 7:16am, I had not yet experienced the deleted emails for that did not happen until 10.17.12 but I knew on 10.14.12 something was up and my posts above proves that.

The woman I mention above, the Sergeant, she is this Aries woman that spirit told me about more than 10 years ago.  I’ve been hearing about her for a long time, long before I ever became involved in any of this missing persons stuff, and because of my attention to every detail through time-date stamped documentation, I can back everything up.  You see, Ms. Aries, I’m the one with the lesson to give to you, not the other way around.  Before all is said and done, you will not be able to find a hole suitable enough to hide within to shirk from facing the truth about yourself.  Your insane level of jealousy leads you to do some horrible things.  This is your karma. I’ve not once throughout this entire ordeal, wished any ill-will upon you.  I’ve not thought of you in the negative at all.  I’ve not projected any such ill thoughts upon you.  I had learned a VERY LONG time ago that what you put out there always comes back to you ten-fold,  good  or  bad.  I’ve nothing but damn good coming back to me and I’ve earned it because I’ve taken every pound of crap you’ve slung my way and never once dished it back out,  I have integrity and I stand firm in what I know to be right and true.  Everything you have coming your way in the near future, you’ve earned, all by yourself.  This is your karma.  I hope you learn from it and take the time to fix your head and make things right and realize how many terrible and unconscionable things you have done unto others because of your own inferiority complexes and your plain old catty female pure bread envy.

I did a reading this morning, after I discovered that my email had been compromised yet again, and this reading shows their efforts to “plagiarize” my work while simultaneously attempting to destroy my relations with my friend.  Further, it shows that I have mastered my skills and through my ability to communicate what I know to be true, clearly and effectively, they have no chance of any long term effect on me and my relationships and friendships which they have REPEATEDLY interfered with in the past by attempting to paint me out to be a vile, mean, ornery, vindictive, woman full of RAGE, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Here’s a picture of that reading:

Not only will I be fully vindicated, and cleared of everything they have tried to frame me for through egregious attacks upon my character and my person, but I will also receive significant restitution for what they have done to me over the years.  When it all becomes public knowledge, and it will become a public spectacle, people will be astounded and floored to learn of the horrific way I was treated and the way my civil rights and liberties were trampled upon – they way they destroyed personal relations I had with family and friends through their manipulation and deceit.  This current futile effort of theirs is simply another of a long line of egregious behavior directed at me in an effort to stifle what I know to be true, but this time, as I stated, their efforts are futile.  In their ruthless efforts to hurt me and bring me down to a level of nonexistence, they’ve helped to make me stronger than they could ever dream of becoming themselves. I am now  a  force  to  be reckoned with.  No, Amanda (Jim), that is certainly not you; there is nothing about you to be reckoned with.  Maybe when you are behind bars you can attempt to pull that off with the other inmates as you try to fight to keep them off your behind but in the real world, you’re a worthless, low-life, piece of filthy garbage.  You are not only a maggot; you are the spawn of Satan.  And, your little two-bit band followers are the epitome of ignorance.  Ignorance is pervasive.  Ignorance defeats one’s intelligence.  Sad for them because they lacked intelligence to begin with.

Again, I win.

I win.


copyright ©Laura L. Burke

On November 17, 2008, I met with Don Bennett, Chief of Police, Plainfield Police Department, Plainfield, Illinois, to provide him with a complete copy of my Journal. At the time, it was the only journal I had. I now have four (4) journals, as the information began to pour in after that day.

That night, the night of November 17, 2008, after I met with Don Bennett and provided him with a copy of my journal, I had this dream:

The vision post deserves an honorary mention here and the text spelled out for you all to see clearly. I’ve waited until I felt the time was right to disclose this one, and that time is now. There is always a rhyme and reason for what I do that which appears to be madness to those who are “not in the know”. That “not in the know” has multiple meanings, too; one of them being pure bread ignorance coupled with vindictiveness and down right cruelty, steaming out of a bubbling stew of envy.

Lisa Stebic 11.18.08 1 pg

Lisa Stebic 11.18.08 image

Tuesday, November 18, 2009 Text:

Last night’s dream:

Two women, each one accused me of stealing these “rocks” from them, from their gardens. They knew each other too. They were trying to pin this “theft” on me and force me to apologize but they couldn’t come up with the evidence to do that.

I know what this means. This has to do w/ me giving Don Bennett a copy of my journal. They will “contradict” the information I provide, and accuse me of “stealing” this info but their claims are baseless and unfounded and therefore it will be impossible for them to come up with any evidence to prove their false claims.

It’s interesting to note that these two women were “civilians”. One was nasty, the other was not. They were close in age but the 1st one, the older one, was the nicer one and the 2nd one, or the younger one was the nasty one. The older one was Blonde or dyed blonde and the younger one was dark hair and a little thinner in size.

*note* 1.15.09 I wonder if this is Lisa D. & Tammy (tooclose)?

*note* 2.13.09 I am now certain this is Lisa D. (end)

*note* 10.28.12 On 10.07.08 p3 spirit showed two women emerge from a tunnel that was a “worm”, and to them it was almost like a “game”.  A “worm” is a computer virus.  This came in on a specific woman I did a session on.  PPD has a copy of that unblocked. Below is a clip of that vision from page 3:

As always, LE, if you would like to contact me for any reason, please see the about page for details.


Lisa Stebic, Plainfield PD: August 4, 2008 5 pages

July 19, 2009

Lisa Stebic
August 4, 2008 5 pages
Journal 1

Lisa Stebic 08.04.08 5pgs .pdf of complete vision.

View this document on Scribd

copyright ©2009 Laura L. Burke

This post needs some explaining to make things more clear to the average reader, or to anyone who cannot understand the symbolism in the visions, they are most important in understanding the real message.  Most importantly, THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES.  Everything has meaning.

On the first page of the vision, I refer to a term I have used for many years, “Stupid Monkeys.  This is one of many terms I have adopted that makes a description in one to two words, or via an acronym.  Not only does this make communications faster and more precise with no room for misinterpretation, it also prompts others to THINK, something I always promote with the manner of my speech and writing.  Too much wordiness leads to soggy brain matter on the receiving end because they’ve nothing to “figure out” on their own – nothing to learn from or nothing to encourage them to learn how to think about things.  Anyone who follows what others say via hearsay and gossip, is someone I would call a Stupid Monkey for they are afflicted with what I call FTSE Syndrome.  FTSE stands for Forked Tongue Stuck in Ear.  Figure it out.

Below is a screen shot of my use of the term Stupid Monkey in regards to Plainfield Police Department’s method and manner of thinking with respect to their investigation into the disappearance of Missing Mother of Two, from Plainfield, Illinois, Lisa Stebic.

Stupid Monkey clip screen shot

Pay close attention to all of my readings about Lisa Stebic and just who spirit is telling me that is involved in some nefarious way.  You’ll have to read through everything to understand what I mean here.  Think, that’s the point.

Now, notice this Monkey image that was posted on Topix, where so much of the gang stalking of me and their slandering of my name has taken place (among other places on the net including the blogosphere) in their hot pursuit to stifle what I have to say about Lisa Stebic and my continuous efforts (2 1/2 years running now) to find her remains:

The Monkey screenshot 10.16.08
The Monkey screenshot 10.16.08

Also, take note of this poster, The Monkey:

Monkey aka Russell same thread
Screenshot of above link – The Monkey & aka Russell are same person

If you notice, The Monkey is also “aka Russell.  aka Russell was someone that came through on John Spira while meditating on Lisa Stebic.  You can view all about that here:

Okay, now here we have the introduction of the Batman insignia.

Batman Insignia Symbolism
Batman Insignia Symbolism
Batman Insignia Symbolism
Batman Insignia Symbolism

This symbol is used many, many times throughout all of these sessions the past year.  Now Batman has a secret identity.  Batman’s operation is covert and underground.  These are all symbolisms and their meanings are directly related to the person they are trying to tell me about.  When this symbolism appears, it is identifying one or more of these traits applied to whatever person they may be referring to.   That it was backlit, to me, tells me that this person is operating behind the scenes.

Upside down Fisher Price School Bus
Upside down Fisher Price School Bus

The next bit of symbolism is the upside down fisher price school bus, which was followed by a regular school bus but still upside down.  When something is displayed upside down, it means their line of thinking is screwed up, and they are not thinking correctly, they are upside down.  This is important.  That it was a school bus and, at first, a pre-school toy school bus, tells me that they are very premature in their investigative techniques because their learning abilities are upside down and they simply can’t see the light of day because they are either playing games or are toying around because of their distorted line of thinking.  Remember, a school bus carries many students together, at once, at the same time – they all ride together on their way to school.  That this was followed by a real school bus tells me that they’ve (or someone has) advanced some but they are still on their way to school – upside down. **UPDATE** 07.20.09 8:21 AM **While reading this about the different school bus that appeared “after” the first one, it dawned on me that these are two “different” objects, and I’m thinking this means two different people.  So, first it was a person who was represented by the toy upside down school bus, and then the second person is represented by a real upside down school bus.  That’s it; they were describing two people.** Further, and more importantly, they do not drive their own car, they are being driven to and fro by someone else.  This is VERY important and this tells me that they are limited because of whoever it is that is influencing their perspective as they are afflicted with FTSE Syndrome (see definition at top of post) and do not think for themselves nor can they be objective enough to see through the distortion deliberately being created by others.

fist with ring

Now the next symbolism is of a hand balled into a fist extended forward displaying a “ring”, a “fraternity” ring.  This tells me  that they are bonded to each other and, regardless of the situation, that bond will not be broken.  They are protecting their own.  Now, remember the pre-school toy educational symbol that preceded this, which tells me that those who are investigating are influenced by someone inside who is working behind the scenes (backlit Batman insignia) who has it wrong, for whatever reason, whether deliberate or not.

Black Cat
Black Cat


I ask about PPD (Plainfield Police Department) as it relates to Lisa Stebic and the investigation into her disappearance.  I am shown a black cat. The black cat is symbolic to someone that cannot be trusted, sneaky, sly, manipulative, DELIBERATE.



I then am shown an empty


This means NO TIME.

Sleeping Bloodhound
Sleeping Bloodhound

This is


followed by a

big, friendly, sleeping dog all droopy who is a Bloodhound.  Lackadasical and lazy is this bloodhound (investigator).  The only thing they are on the trail of is the drool on their own pillow.

What all of this tells me is that the individual who is responsible for the investigation into the disappearance of Lisa Stebic has no time for their job in investigating because they are lax and lazy, and further they are being manipulated by an untrustworthy person (black cat)  who is a behind the scenes individual.

sail-boat-3 This is then followed by a sail boat with a sail that is on wrong, sideways, causing the boat to go in circles.  To me, this symbolism is quite obvious and tells that this person doesn’t have their thinking cap on correctly and their efforts are going nowhere but in circles, meaning they are repeating and repeating what does not work and they end up in the same place every time which is nowhere.  Albert Einstein supposedly defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

There is more to the vision and more symbolism in this particular session as posted in the .pdf file above, however, I cannot explain each and every one in detail for then this post would be miles long.  I believe I have provided enough explanation of the symbolism used in spirit communication to provide you with enough insight to help you in deciphering this information for yourself. If anyone has ANY questions, see the About page on how to contact me.

***UPDATE*** August 8, 2012:  For more details on this session got to: .  This is a continuation of this post.

***UPDATE*** July 25, 2009 6:48 PM

The following statement was made by “Freespirit8” on Topix, as is viewed in the screenshot below (click to view full screen):

bennett statement according to freespirit8

Chief Bennett is too nice to tell you, but you have quite a reputation over there at the PPD. (click link which provides access directly to freespirit8’s statement about those within the Plainfield Police Department discussing matters of Police Business regarding a potential murder investigation with “civilians“.)

clipped from my Email to Detective Siegel on July 21, 2008:

“Someone from the inside is leaking information and has been since the beginning. I’ve discussed this aspect of it with several people as information seemed to come out before it made the news. I am told this is what happened on the Voy forum and there was a play-by-play of what would transpire prior to it transpiring (possibly that disclosure was on purpose and LE’s intention?). There are too many things that come out during discussions that should not be known outside of the investigation or outside of the PPD.”

***UPDATE*** July 27, 2009 10:30 AM

Freespirit8 has been flat out BUSTED here:

and here:

Shame on all of you.

***UPDATE*** August 1, 2009 9:05 AM

The bullying and gangstalking on Topix continues.  The intention is to prevent the truth from being known.  The question of the millenium is “Why?”

***UPDATE*** August 3, 2009 3:38 PM

I just came across this statement made by “tooclosetohome” on Topix:

“As most of you know, I have not posted here in a long time, because I choose not to take part in the back and forth garbage and dealing with all the trolls who choose to ruin these forums. With that being said, it has been brought to my attention that a certain poster who is continuously posting under different names and causing trouble on these forums has been slamming myself and others on her personal blogs. She even goes as far as to accuse some of us of being involved in Lisa Stebics murder. She goes as far as to post real names in these blog posts along with our topix names. This person knows who she is, and I am certain she is lurking here, because she has nothing better to do but cause chaos on the internet because no one can tolerate her in “real life” In these blogs, she asks why the Plainfield Police are ignoring her… OMG are you freaking kidding me? Maybe its because they know you are full of sh*t!! I am not even going to go any further with the psychobabble that you have posted on your blog, because its quite meaningless and boring actually, and I wouldnt want to subject intelligent posters to this type of garbage… I am asking you to remove my name along with the names of others that you have slandered and defamed on your blog, or we will seek legal action. I have already spoken with authorities and they DO listen to me by the way … they dont ignore what I have said to them and what I have shown them. They are well aware of you, your games and know what you are all about. They recommend that I follow through with filing a report, but I have decided to give you a chance to remove it from your blog before doing so. You claim that YOU have been harassed on the internet, and here you are spreading lies and blatently accusing innocent people of being involved in a MURDER? You are a sick individual, and I will no longer allow you to use my name to make your false claims. I am not the one who slithers my way into the lives of families with missing loved ones… you are. Then they realize what kind of person you are and they cant get far enough away from you. I am not the one who tells lies about being responsible for finding missing people… you are. You need help… and you refuse to get it. No one can help you until you realize that you have an illness. I have wasted enough time here… kindly remove MY name along with the names of the other innocent people that you have wrongly accused of horrific things from your blogs.”

As an FYI, “Tooclosetohome” is a screenname, not a real name.  I have not posted anyone’s known identity.  Period.  I do not “create” or “makeup” anything, I am merely the messenger.  Furthermore, I have NEVER stated “tooclosetohome” was involved in a murder.  Never, ever.  That is flat out false, untrue.  It’s a lie and you can simply read and see for yourself.  -Laura/whereabouts

copyright ©2009 Laura L. Burke

“The likelihood of one individual being right increases in direct proportion to the intensity to which others are trying to prove him wrong.”
– – Harry Segall


The Following is only a portion of a post I made in 2009 about TooClosetoHome on Topix.  To read the entire post, you’ll have to go to the link, here: .  If you go to the Topix link, you’ll see that every post of “TooClosetoHome” that I posted on my “” blog has been REMOVED.  Ask yourself HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that they can have their own posts removed at will?  On May 1, 2009, spirit told me that “John” is behind all that, and that “Topix knows” see 05.01.09-05.08.09 10pgs Lisa Stebic Stacy Peterson  and this is part of them trying to frame someone.  Notice on Page 1 of 05.01.09, they show that this guy (as represented by the “Hamburger”  and I will explain that in a new post on “John Jr.”) will be in the “press”.  They have since told me that this guy will be in the press regarding “Chester Stranczyk” and “Bobby”.  I don’t know whether that is “Bobby” Chester’s son, or if it is a different Bobby.  I know for certain, when it does happen, and whatever it is makes the news and is in “the press”, we’ll know who it is they were referring to, and there will be NO DOUBT what the message is.  This event hasn’t happened yet so when it does, we’ll know for absolute CERTAIN just who this John Jr. is though I’m thinking I know, even though I am not 100% positive.  However, a post on all the information I’ve received on this individual will be made in a new post very, very soon.

With respect to all the “Topix posts” being removed at will, I’m certain this is another of his “illegal wiretaps” on me in his effort to control the outcome of the investigation because if the truth came out about how he “knew” Lisa Stebic intimately, everything would blow up.  Oh, my, what truth would that be?  John, John Jr., you know what that truth is.  The good law enforcement who I speak with, they know what that truth is too.  You do realize, John, and anyone else who understands what I am saying here, that on January 9, 2009 (page 2), spirit said that Don Bennet would be “let go“, and his being let go was because of the “connector“.  The “connector” is “Elvis” and he is “Fox. Find Me!”  This means he was associated with both the Riley Fox investigation AND the Lisa Stebic investigation.  **Correction: “Fox. Find Me!” means that he was/is associated with both cases, not necessarily involved in the investigations of both cases.**  Further, spirit indicated on December 17, 2008, page 3, (YEARS before it happened), , there would be a CHANGE IN BRASS at Plainfield Police Department and that “John Jr.” the “fireboy” would be “Chief!”  Read the whole session and remain objective and you will begin to see what spirit has been telling me all these years, and REMEMBER, I posted this information LONG BEFORE any of it happened.  John Jr., the fireman, became interim Chief at Plainfield PD in February 2011 John Konopek tapped as PPD’s Interim Chief, and full Chief  in October 2011.  I knew on December 17, 2008 that this would take place in the future.  There is NO DENYING that fact.  Read page 1 of the 12.17.08 session because the “Duck Bill” has SIGNIFICANT meaning, and again, it’s referencing events that will take place in the FUTURE.  I will detail all of this in new posts to come.

It must be understood that the real criminal has the ability to clone the computer “cookies” of any individual.  He can spoof Emails and IPs with the tap of his fingers on the keyboard, and he does this to plant his internet evidence and uses the identities of others as he does this.  Jim is John is Joe is Tony.  Is John Jr. Tony?  Or has Tony cloned John Jr.’s IP and computer cookies and planted evidence to make it appear that it is John Jr who is responsible?  Or, has Tony adopted a false identity of  “John Jr.” to confuse psychics so they will never know the real truth?  Tony S_____ is his REAL name, the rest are simply cover names.  Tony is the person I had a dream about who was “Next in-line to be “Acting Boss”.  I couldn’t remember the name when I woke up and I didn’t recognize the first name at all but I recognized the last name associated with the investigation of Lisa Stebic.  Here is that session from January 27, 2009 (page 2):  .  In the dream, I called the “Fire Department” looking for the boss.  They told me the “boss was not in but to call the Police Department because they had the list of the order of “Acting Bosses”.  That list is, as I wrote it on January 27, 2009 at 2:30 AM when I woke from having that dream, the order of  those in line to be “Acting Boss”.  The person whose name I couldn’t remember, when I first woke, who was “next-in-line”, was “Tony S.”   This is Tony S: .  On March 17, 2011, they told me that I had to “Blow the Whistle on Tony.”  They were insistent on this.  I’ve worked non-stop since then trying to piece everything together so there was absolutely no doubt and I was certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what they were telling me.  I had to make certain which is why it took me until August 22, 2012 to actually “Blow the Whistle on Tony”.  I am still working to do that in my efforts to explain past and present symbols detailing what is happening and what will happen in the future, as well as proving I can see the future by detailing what has happened and show how my prior postings prove I saw those happenings years before they happened.

Blowing the Whistle on Tony isn’t the end of this; it is merely the beginning.  There is so much going on here that includes mass drug dealing, money laundering on a grand scale, counterfeit currency, and dealing in stolen military grade weapons including a big shipment of C-4 that is to take place in the near future.  I can speak openly about this for I know that to speak openly is how one protects themselves.  To keep it secret such as what Kathleen Savio did, and Lisa Stebic did, and Stacy Peterson did, is to sign your own death warrant with you seal of silence.  Speaking openly is what saves lives.  Secrets are taken to the grave.

So, there you have it.  It is not just about murders, a serial killer, and crooked cops; it’s about massive corruption on a very serious level that jeopardizes the safety of all Americans.  There is no denying the information that has been presented to me PRIOR to any of these events taking place as I have repeatedly pointed out.   There is NO DENYING that these criminals in disguise as law enforcement officers have gone to extraordinary lengths to paint me out to be a NUT CASE (my writing and intelligence CLEARLY INDICATE OTHERWISE), in order to frame me for wrong doings that which I have NOT committed in order to get me out of the way so they can continue in their illegal pursuits and pull the wool over the eyes of all good people.  This is their game of  “Monopoly” in it’s most significant form.  I will not sit idly by and let that happen without my own extraordinary efforts to the contrary.  This band of crooked law enforcement individuals, and others they are associated with, are SERIAL CRIMINALS and they must be brought to justice for the better of all good people, especially those who have found their way to the grave because of them, including Lisa Stebic, Stacy Peterson, John Spira, and Christie Cales.  Yes, Christie Cales, I believe, is the 4th person located on his property.  What are you waiting for, LE, lets end this madness and bring these four missing persons home and get these bad boys off the streets.

Back to the Topix post at hand:

Tooclosetohome VILE Topix Garbage

As an FYI, the over-the-top sarcasticness coming out of me directed at this woman, tooclosetohome, who is a Topix poster, stems from two years of her lambasting me, slandering me, telling vulgar lies about me and rounding up her posse to gang stalk me across the internet, all to protect her inflated ego and her boat loads of lies.  I’ll get to the full story of how that all came to be at the appropriate time, and I will post it here, with documentation, of course, as those who know me, know that I document everything.  I am very thorough, very detailed oriented, and I shred everything apart to find the truth.  It’s what I live by.  Just know, that my wild and outlandish thrashing at this woman is well founded and is just a part of giving back only a smidgen of what she has thrown my way for more than two years.  Karma is a bitch.

Notice the “Judges” this vicious, resentful, warmongering pit-bull gets?  She is such a FREEking pot stirrer, pot kettle black, witch.  This one is the most vindictive, vile, crud infested, relentless in her pursuits to damage and crush others merely because of her own own inferiority complex and her exaggerated-to-the-extreme way-over-inflated ego.  Things are moving along in the forum, finally, without incident, and then this wicked witch plops in with her disease infested attitude to taint the pot.  Karma’s a bitch, you wicked witch. You’ll get exactly what you deserve – exactly what you attempt to dish out.

“as obvious as a rhino in camo!”

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Foxylady wrote:
<quoted text>
What’s with lola? I couldn’t find any posts by her. Could it be that they’ve all be removed. There are a lot of “missing” posts on this thread.
I know Brodsky is DP’s lead attorney, then Abood, but I can’t remember the name of the last attorney that was added to the “team” some time back.
BTW, it’s kinda nice not having OA venting here anymore, huh?

If its so nice not to have OA here, then why are you bringing up her name? Sounds to me like you are trying to provoke her into making a post to defend herself… and start this whole bunch of back and forth crap again. Obviously OA decided that SHE was going to be the bigger person and end the bickering. Guess you cant handle life without chaos huh? You complain when she IS posting, then when shes not, you make your little jabs to provoke some more BS. Why not just let it go?

Here’s the link again to the remainder of the post:


Lisa Stebic: 01.12.09 2 pages

Things are getting good.  They will get a whole lot better.  Soon.

…dun dun dun dun…(JAWS music)…dun dun dun dun…

Lisa Stebic
Journail 2
January 12, 2009 4:39 AM 2 pages

Lisa Stebic 01.12.09 2 pgs

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View this document on Scribd

copyright ©Laura L. Burke

The following is real.  It could have a rather insignificant meaning and it could be very significant.  Time will tell.

FYI: The avatar used to be the red electric guitar exactly the same as the one I drew in the journal posting above on January 12, 2009.  Somehow, this has something to do with John Spira.  I have the image of AKA Russell’s red guitar Avatar and a screen shot of that image associated with the post below saved on a different computer (will have to get that and place here), in the meantime:

aka russell topix 06.20.09

aka Russell

Mar 10, 2008  #61

quite wrote:  One thing is sure … LLynn … alias WC alias Will County alias Whereabouts

and so on … is really giving all of her time to search for Lisa and Stacy ;-)

Please let us follow the tips on the editor site … Report Abuse and inform theTopix admin

again about the name LLynn being the same person as WC/Whereabouts who was just banned

for some days. A person like this .. threatening all the time is not even worth to answer to ;-)

and trying to look like Don Z with the avatar?


“Those who have something to hide,

will trash another in order to keep their secret secret.”

LLynn, WC, Will County, whereabouts, and so on  (all me- Laura).


This image was posted on Topix for AKA Russel (Rusty)

but has since been removed.  He is friends with Freespirit8

and she has a couple other photos of him posted on her

myspace page, per someone who posted that in the Topix forum.

I have those images stored along with the myspace page I retrieved them from

as well as the posts directing viewers to that myspace page that has been

conveniently removed from Topix (per usual).

LE, all you have to do is ask.

Rusty w Red Guitar when young

Below is a group of photos posted by aka russell as “The Monkey”,

another of his several known Topix “IDs.

Monkey pics Plainfield forum Topix


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