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SANDY, and a Dirty Pair of Cops.

October 30, 2012

I’ve been wondering about “Sandy” and timing.  Yes, “Sandy” was introduced in my visions about what was happening with the Lisa Stebic investigation and why a certain individual “Cheddie24” (from had contacted me via Email (at that time, October 7, 2008).  You can view that documentation below, specifically page 3-4 (though pages 1 and 2 are significant as well).  As is so often the case, when certain events unfold in life, the meanings of the visions become flagrantly clear as they have become right now.  “SANDY” is the storm, and that is NOW.  I see things in the future, many years in the future, and that is because they are using life events to make a message to me undoubtedly clear so when it happens, it is so ridiculously clear to me, there isn’t a shadow of a doubt, and that is my blatantly obvious clue to open my mouth and tell the world what I see.  These things they show me that will happen in the future are things I must know in order to succeed and solve the mystery behind the disappearance of missing mother of two, Lisa Stebic from Plainfield, Illinois.  And, I WILL solve this case.

I will be back to update this post with a complete explanation.  I am so ticked off right now, I need some time to cool off before putting pen to paper or my fingers to a keyboard.  My letter to Chief Doster of the Plainfield Police Department on December 15, 2009, is NOTHING compared to what I am about to put in writing.


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This ILLEGAL tapping of me to use what I know and my manner of investigation to learn for oneself and STEAL all my hard work from me ENDS NOW!

I will be back to provide EXPLICIT details as to what is taking place currently as well as detail precisely what has happened all along leading up to this very moment.  Further, I will provide EXPLICIT details on WHERE the evidence of such activity can be found.

She has been tapping me on the “QT” for a VERY LONG TIME, tracking my movements on the computer trying to figure out how I know what I know and how I investigate what I investigate so she can use it for her own advantage.  But SHE IS SLOPPY and she has left TRACE EVIDENCE and HER FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER THE PLACE!

We WILL have a meeting of the minds and she WILL be FIRED!  I will be in control at that point and then we will finally SOLVE THIS CASE and put an end to this ANIMAL’s MURDEROUS actions.  For God Sake, he keeps MURDERING people and you continue to allow the monkeys to run the zoo and therefor permit more killings to take place.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!!!!!

More later.


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