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“Jeff” (undercover identity)

February 9, 2013

The Rising Son

I originally posted this image on October 17, 2012.  I am currently working on collaborating all sessions where I’ve received information on this particular person.  I first started receiving information on this “Jeff” person in October 2009.  At the time, I had no idea who this person was.  As is typically the case, spirit provides me information that is to take place in the future.  It takes a very long time to understand the messages spirit sends when dealing with such complex situations as is with these cases.  Though with persistence, diligence, perseverance, and always remaining objective so the truth will present itself, time reveals the unknowns and things begin to unfold quickly as they are beginning to  now.  Detailing all the information I’ve received on this particular individual over the years will be as important as blowing the whistle on “Tony”.  I mentioned this person to a law enforcement official many years ago because I received his name associated with a particular event regarding a particular case I was working on.  I didn’t know who the person was or what they did specifically, I just received the name.  The name was not “Jeff” as that came later.  Initially, I thought Jeff was another person but somewhere around the third quarter of last year, 2012, as more details were provided to me and I began piecing all the information together, I realized that “Jeff” is a disguised name of the person whose name I received many years prior.  At that point, I began to research this person and was blown away by all the information I discovered that was exactly as spirit had provided.  I even found a photograph of him online, and sure enough, it’s the guy I drew above.  The picture is now becoming VERY clear to me where previously it had been so hazy and unclear, and terribly confusing.  Now, it is nearly crystal clear.  This is a very big deal, revealing the information I’ve received on this particular individual over the past, nearly six years.  As an FYI, I’ve discovered that many, if not most, of the names I received as undercover names are “online identities”.  Not all of them are, but it appears that most of them are.

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