Rose and the Record Keeper: Plainfield PD Case Files


Lisa Stebic, John Spira, Stacy Peterson

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Rose and the Record Keeper:

Plainfield PD Case Files

* An important note regarding the following: “Rose” is symbolic. One of the involved individuals, since the beginning, has been shown to me by spirit as the flower “rose.” Rose could be this person’s real name or it could be someone who has the real Rose’s computer cookies and IP cloned to make it appear that it is “Rose.” Or the “rose” symbolizes someone’s lover or a female love interest. Or the real “Rose” could have been a part of a character charade—an online profile that was used—at some point and then another individual took over that false identity. Or any combination of these is true; and the “rose” symbol has a multifaceted meaning. There are a number of possibilities. Remember, symbols can and do mean multiple things and/or represent more than one person at the same time. *

 * A note to Law Enforcement: Those involved in the investigation of Lisa Stebic are the ones who will know the truth about who the “rose” symbolizes as stated above and below. I cannot know for absolute certain without dedicating a significant amount of time to the task of figuring it out; or if those who do know simply tell me. And as soon as those who do know who the “rose” symbolizes and tell me who this “rose” person is so I know for certain; then I can definitively say—beyond a shadow of a doubt—where Stacy Peterson’s remains can be found. I know symbolically where Stacy’s remains are based on what I have been shown by spirit but you have to work with me so it doesn’t take me another seven years to prove it to myself before I am certain I am safe disclosing and publishing that information. If you want to find Stacy Peterson now, work with me—that is, work with me after you get rid of those two ISP cotton heads you have undercover.*

01.06.10 p601.06.10. Page 6 of this session is important. The “3-ring binder” firing shots inside the “ring corner” is symbolic to a police binder wherein they place the documentation and case records gathered during open investigations. The 3-ring binder symbolically represents the individual who performs this task. This person is on the inside of the ring corner—that is, this person is inside the “Staff Sergeant’s” sphere—they are on his staff. When this 3-ring binder person is cornered and questioned, they will open fire; and there will be a whole lot of firing going on at this particular police station.

I discussed the “orphanannie” debacle in Chapter 6 – “Orphanannie” and Plainfield PD and how that person inevitably is associated with Plainfield PD—having direct access to official police documentation on the open missing person’s case of Lisa Stebic—specifically, regarding an email I sent to Detective Carianne Siegel on July 20, 2008. As shown on 01.06.10 page 6, this 3-ring binder person who is the record keeper is inside the Staff Sergeant’s ringer corner that is a “steel”—meaning steal—“frame.” This 3-ring binder person and the Staff Sergeant are the two.

On 12.16.08 spirit tells me that “Janet” is the writing I was seeing that was “different”—meaning a different Janet than what I was thinking. This is followed by a “different” John’s writing (12.16.08 page 2). This session is extremely important and I explain it completely in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths. This is part of the “triple play” as mentioned at the end of this chapter.

09.26.09 p1This 09.26.09 session clearly shows me who these two are; they are the “two fingers on the same hand” at Plainfield PD who are pointing the finger at me. “Jan” is the “key.

I know from many prior sessions, that “Janet” is “Jan.” When I first received the name “Jan”  on 02.22.09 page 2—“Joe and “Janet”—I did not grasp the symbolic meaning of spirit using the name “Janet;” so I misinterpreted what they were telling me thinking “Janet” was the name of the involved woman. When I misinterpret a name given to me, spirit will continue to use the name I adopted when they are providing me clues about that person so I know who they are referring to. This has happened multiple times; and at some point the true name will be made clear to me as was the case with Jan on 03.30.09 page 6  where they let me know that Janet was Jan. The symbolic use of names in order to tell a story by spirit is explained in detail in Chapter 10 – Head Spinning Internet Mess: The Covert Operative’s Cover is Blown. Spirit was quite clear; the “woman” of the two lovers—the 4 and 5 hands—the two with a severe amount of blood on their hands on 12.13.08 page 9 —and shown to me since 2008—is Jan.

The combination of Tarot cards shown to me on 09.26.09—the 5 of Swords and Judgment together—means “a wrong goes unpunished.” Based on the symbol of the banner flag and the individual that symbol specifically represents (see 05.04.09 page 4 and see 05.13.09 page 1 and page 2 [link to 05.13.09 session]), that unpunished wrong is regarding the details contained in the letter I wrote to former Plainfield Chief of Police Bill Doster on December 15, 2009 exposing “orphanannie” on as detailed in Chapter 6 – “Orphanannie” and Plainfield PD; something that appears to have been swept under the rug and covered up for—until now.

04.04.12 As can be seen on 04.04.12, the two are “7 and 8 together as one” with “8” being on the inside of “7”. The Snowman is discussed in Chapter 9 – The Narrator Snowman: The Spy. The “7” represents a 7-pt Star Badge. As detailed in Chapter 9, The Snowman is a Staff Sergeant, a “7,” a “page” (meaning the younger one). He is symbolized by “the Sun”—meaning the “Son”—he is associated with the initials “jm,” and he is half of the “heart” that’s the apple—the Fruit of the Loom (the son of Loom who is “8” and is Tony’s father). The heart is the two that make up the Cobra that’s also made up of two snakes—he is the one who is “goofy,” and he is an upside down cop. The “copter” blades symbolize that this Snowman person is a cop—a Staff Sergeant with a blue uniform. He is also symbolized as “Jesus.” The Jesus character is detailed in Chapter 8 – Jesus: The Fall Guy. If he hasn’t been fired already; he will be fired at some time in the not too distant future.

8” is the “octopus” who is the monster who is the index finger with a 5pt star/badge that’s over the top of the Snowman—his fatherJack—the “old man”—who is a Will County Inspector, teamed up with the “black widow”—they are the two 4’s—and “8” is also the “ship’s Captain” who is the “team Captain.

Two people occupy this “Captain’s” chair/position—I can’t tell one apart from the other when I see them together—John and Joan (Joan is Jill is Jan is rose who grandstands for the Captain when he is not in his chair). “8” is also the “staff” who is the “4”. A “4-hand” is a partial oath taker where a “5-hand” takes a full oath when sworn in. Two 4’s—4 + 4—make 8.

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11.14.08 page 1Jaws is coming up beneath the backward 1 on the water. The backward 1 on the water is the Snowman, 7-man-Seven, Moby Dick, John Jr., lower case ‘j” who is LEFT-handed and is a cop fallen down. He was “Draig Peterbic” on (another orphanannie-clan cast member) and the uncle Sam-hand pointing the finger at me who also was “Quite” on (yet another of the orphanannie-clan cast of characters). The Snowman is the fireman.

11.14.08 page 2 – “Jaws” is the Captain. Jaws is “ollie” from (one of the “orphanannie” clan of characters and detailed in Chapter 6 – “Orphanannie” and Plainfield PD) who was repeatedly assassinating my character and slandering my name online. Jabber Jaws is the online blabber mouth—the internet troll—who can’t shut up. Jaws is the vicious C-hand that’s a snarling dog—think “Cujo”—tearing people apart as described on 09.23.09 page 2 and detailed below.

Remember the undercover agent plays more than one roll; so this individual will have more than one identity and will be symbolized by more than one symbol. Also, you must always keep in mind the master manipulator’s manner of deceit through online bogus identities; and his deceit by tricking others into believing he is someone he is not—such as, portraying himself to be an undercover FBI agent when he is merely a lowly truck driver who is a serial killer, for example. And the identifying symbols provided by spirit will reflect that distortion and manipulation.

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 The “Cujo” symbol first came in on 10.25.08 and also came in through a dream I had at the same time. A dog is a trusted friend. Cujo is the character in a Stephen King Book of fiction—that of a big dog gone bad because of rabies. When a rabid dog bites another, the victim will suffer from a deadly virus, leading to death if not treated. Cujo becomes irrational, uncontrollable, and deadly. Spirit speaks in symbols. This session is telling me that this Cujo is someone’s “hand writing.” In the spirit world of communication, a dog biting someone and tearing at their clothing is symbolic to vicious gossip. If you’ve ever had a dream of a dog tearing at your clothes and trying to bite you, your spirit guides are telling you that someone you trust is gossiping about you behind your back. The symbols and the persons present in the dream will provide the dreamer with a clear understanding of the one who is or those who are doing that. Spirit is omnipresent and the information provided is always correct and absolute; only the interpretation of the meaning gets skewed by flawed human thinking.

Also, dogs—while trusted human friends—are pack animals. The alpha leader sets the tone for the disposition of the pack. If the leader is anxious, the pack will be anxious. They are gregarious to a fault and will become a destructive pack of destroyers when the alpha of the group is tainted and unpleasant. Gossip infects humans in the exact same way as a pack of wild dogs with a tainted leader. This is where my term “ear thinkers” and “those who think with their ears” originated. A person I call a “stupid monkey” is someone who is incapable of thinking for themselves—one that is incapable of disregarding the false perceptions they come in contact with through idle gossip and meaningless innuendo who cannot maintain an objective frame-of-mind in pursuit of the truth. Rather than to dismiss idle gossip, innuendo, and hearsay in order to remain objective; a stupid monkey eagerly and wantonly believes what they hear then adopts that hearsay bologna as their own manner of thought—they are an ear thinker—and they falsely believe in untruths; acting upon those false beliefs while in reality, they have zero knowledge of the truth.

09.23.09 p209.23.09 p2. Notice the “vicious dog” like Cujo. This is the same vicious dog as described to me on 10.25.08 (above). The “ram” that is a “black widow” is the “Joan/Jill” person (bogus online identities) and this person is the “staff” as detailed above—the one who will be removed from their position. This is the “7” that’s a “4” that is taken out of the scene for not following orders and tooting her own horn.

09.23.09 p309.23.09 page 3. These are the two at Plainfield PD who’ve been pointing the finger at me all these years. Based on the symbolism, they told me that this person was also “Cheddie” from It shows that these two are the “King Cobra” and this is associated with a “tent.” The details on the King Cobra are outlined toward the end of this chapter.

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 02.11.09 page 4. This is the “Joan” character. Joan is a “shark.” “Orphanannie” is also a shark. Cheddie, too, is a shark. And Jabber Jaws and his “queen” are both sharks. Joan, they show, is the “record keeper” for the “Chief.” As you can see on page 5, spirit says she works for Plainfield PD and she is directly associated with “court.” The “court” image is a multifaceted symbol—a dual-meaning symbolism of a side bar in court that also represents the business of a bar/lounge on the side, and a “castle.” The castle is also a dual-meaning symbolism representing a man’s home and PPD headquarters at the same time—the office and the home of the animated creations.

As detailed in Chapter 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman, the bogus psychic “Steven” was the one who kept saying “new castle.

Is “rose” the record keeper in disguise as both the bogus psychic and orphanannie? Or is “rose” the record keeper—a “7” who is one of the two 4’s of John and Joan that make “8”—and the bogus psychic is the “7-man-Seven” as described on 11.02.08 page 3 and detailed here: Lisa Stebic Found Update? Or is this, as described on 11.02.08 pages 3 and 4; 7-man-Seven as the sexy woman’s shoe and he is a “one man boat”—symbolizing his never ending array of online identities to manipulate cases he is a part of utilizing the digital ID’s of others he has cloned to accomplish his deviant schemes? Or maybe there are multiple individuals concocting the same types of bogus online profiles and cover identities that are used in their schemes and fictitious scenarios to deliberately create chaos—the Titanic ship of corruption—and that is why it is so difficult to figure it out.

Lisa Stebic 07.06.09 pg 1 of 2 07.06.09 page 1. The “bench” position gets the boot by the “snow” boot that was a “Tundra boot.” SHE gets the boot.” I do not know what the “Tundra” boot means. At present, we are experiencing artic temperatures in Chicagoland. That “Tundra” boot may relate to timing once I post this though I am not even close to certain about that; and it is basically a guess at this point. *Note* As of this update in July 2014, we’ve moved well beyond the Chicagoland “Polar Vortex” that blanketed the region in sub-zero temperatures this past winter. I have no idea what that “Tundra” symbol means though I know in time, as always with spirit communication; I will come to known its meaning.

The “rose” person is “Aries” but so is “Joe Swift” who is the “bug man” and he is symbolized as “Bugsy Siegel”—and that is “Tony” the “Captain” (the “Team Captain” who is the “Ship’s Captain”) as detailed in the Lisa Stebic Found ***Update*** post on MISSING. Based on what spirit has said; rose and Joe Swift are both “Aries.” One of the staged marriages (I believe there is more than one) is between a brother and a sister; and since I’ve been shown two names together where I can’t tell one apart from the other—like twins—I wonder if the brother and the sister are twins?

Because of the multifaceted meanings provided by spirit symbolism, combined with the complexities of the manipulation taken place in the Lisa Stebic case; the twins can be both real and fictitiously created simultaneously. It can indicate one person creating this madness in his “storybook,” or it can be real, or it can be part real and part made up. It can also indicate more than one set of twins; and, again, those multiple sets of twins and/or brother-and-sister identities can be real and/or false. Any combination of real and false is possible.

One must remain objective to all possibilities and not rule anything out or ignore any detail no matter how small and insignificant or how absurd it may appear to be. The only way to see the absolute truth is to consistently remain objective.

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 As it shows on 02.11.09 pages 4 and 5, she—Joan—is associated with Plainfield PD and the court bench; and she is the “record keeper” for the Chief. The case in question is associated with Plainfield PD, and as discussed in Chapter 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman and above; she is the the staff member that is removed from her position.  She is the one—the bench seat—who gets the boot by the Tundra boot. The court bench is symbolic to the position she holds—whether that is an actual position held, or as a cover for an online identity, or it’s a position held by an undercover agent/officer in the real world.

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 02.18.09. Asking about Joan; on page 1 they show the inside ring corner, the long line of position chairs, and “York.” Joan’s role is associated with someone in the trunk of a car while it is traveling off road. I am near certain this is the “Haggard kidnapped scenario”—that is, “Jack” is kidnapped but it is not real; it is a staged event meant to wash Jack’s identity once again, and it’s a part of what is symbolized as the “triple play”—detailed in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths and mentioned at the end of this chapter in the *notes* section. Jack is the Joliet shark who is the 3rd Marine Division guy and a Sergeant. Page 2 indicates Joan is associated with a council in the position of a “C.

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 Lisa Stebic told me on March 28, 2008, to find her and her murderer I must “connect the C’s”—that is how they knew about the property where her body was dumped.

Also on 02.18.09 page 2, the second “duck Bill” symbol came in—one of the symbol repeats I failed to point out previously. That duck Bill symbol is associated with “orphanannie” and the letter I wrote to Plainfield PD Chief of Police Bill Doster on December 15, 2009 and as detailed in Chapter 6 – “Orphanannie” and Plainfield PD. The “I’m leaving on a jet plane” symbol is about Joan, and as they show at the bottom of that page; this leaving on a jet plane is a cop (blue) cover up (flowing material—a cover). Page 3 shows her association with the Captain. Page 4 shows the association to “Kingsbury” (multi-symbolic; but here it means the King’s jury) and “trial”—the Grand Jury Trial. At the bottom of the page is the bench seat. Page 5 says the bench seat is a satellite position—and she is leaving on a jet plane.

I am not going to detail the symbolic meanings for everything told to me in the 02.18.09 session; however, because of what I was told in that session and in later sessions; I am asking myself if the grand jury was stacked by dirty under covers and then that person/s and their identity/identities were washed through the Underground Railroad by the ruse they left the area in some way whether through a staged death or, in this case—a staged departure as this particular person flew away to somewhere distant where they are unreachable.

01.20.10 p401.20.10 p4.  In 2010, I was told that this Joan person was a soldier in Afghanistan and was associated with the medical examiner; and later I was told she would be “court marshaled” (multi-symbolic). Keep in mind the digital manipulations of the master manipulator. Also keep in mind that Jesus sits at the head of the table of those being served—this is the “King’s Jury”—the Grand Jury—and Jesus is an involved person who is a 7-cop.

03.29.10 p8




03.29.10 p8 shows “Window wipers” and Jesus is behind it. Jesus was symbolically shown as a “Shepard” (multi-symbolic) holding a “staff.” The window wipers, as shown to me on multiple occasions, are the efforts of a pair of Sergeants working in tandem to clean up and wipe their traces away.

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 On 02.19.09, I woke to hearing “my soldier reporter.” Spirit speaks in symbols. On page 2, in response to asking who the my-soldier-reporter person is; they show her to be a platinum blond beauty. This is “pinkfreaky mind mess. The pink is multi-symbolic though, for right now, it means a female. Originally, I misinterpreted the freaky mind mess to be the effects of drugs. I later came to know that it means distortion—deliberate distortion—created persons/identities and positions in order to manipulate and confuse the truth—to create information chaos which renders any investigation desolate and brutally cold like the Tundra—a place so vast; it is easy to get overwhelmed and become lost.

On 02.19.09 page 4, they show that the pink soldier reporter is Jan—and she is the single burning candle (multi-symbolic). Then they show three positions—a big star over two individuals who are together as one yet separate—the two are the Lighthouse and the single burning candle. The Lighthouse is the “7” and the backward 1 on the water who is the fireman—detailed on 12.13.08 page 3. The single burning candle is his female partner and/or mate/lover. They are at the same level which indicates they are about the same age and/or share a common place or station in life. The star is directly over them, at the top—meaning this person is either their boss or their father, or both, whether real or in a pseudo form of some fashion. The 5pt star badge who is the Will County Inspector is Tony the father—the master manipulator who appears to be the distinguished gentleman yet he is a supreme egotist who is the Captain of the Titanic ship of corruption. “Jack and Rose” are the star characters of the Titanic.

02.19.09 page 6 makes it clear—Jan is part of a “ring” and is one of three toothbrushes. Toothbrushes symbolize the tool or the mechanism that is used to keep the teeth clean. Teeth symbolize an identity. “Jack” is the one all the toothbrushes are trying to prop up to support Jack’s shirt sleeve to keep Jack up—to keep his arm of the operation up; otherwise, this huge ship of corruption—the Titanic—will sink and take the rest of the body that is the entire dirty operation down with it. “Visquine” that is also “visqueen” is the chain “Link” fence. The fence is the location associated with the Lafarge quarry on the banks of the Des Plaines River in Rockdale, Illinois. “Visqueen” is also the “Vice Queen” that was shown to me while doing a session on Brenda Boyd—a murdered prostitute—on 02.08.09; and this is the same single striped officer as detailed in Chapter 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman on the 04.16.12 segment. The following is copied from Chapter 3:

They show me a person who represents “Rockdale, Illinois.” I ask “South to Rockdale?” They answer by showing me the “Sun.” Notice the note I made next to that on 01.28.09: “Those clothes I found across from the locks.” As I detailed previously in Chapter 1 – Location of the Remains of John Spira, those clothes were found at the location of Lafarge in Rockdale, Illinois—the quarry where John Spira indicates he will be found on the shore under logs and tree branches.

04.16.12 p1 04.16.12 was such an important session for me as it helped me to understand so clearly just who this woman is. I have blocked out much of the notes I made while trying to understand the message on this session completely; so the page looks quite busy though the message is very clear.

She is the woman with the “flip flop” and she is or was a cop who is a “single stripe” officer associated with “Will County.” She is “Link.” They also tell me that an internet “IP” address the police have, possibly one I have provided to them on involved persons, is her IP and this is associated with “Melrose Park.”

04.16.12 p2On 04.16.12 page 2, they tell me that “Link” is with “Paris ID.” Paris ID is symbolic for a Paris, Illinois case conducted by the Illinois State Police. That means she is Illinois State Police—ISP under cover as the “staff” at “Plainfield PD.” She is the “record keeper” for the “Chief” as detailed in Chapter 7. They indicate that there will be a “test” associated with her and “trump.”

A quick note here: it is possible that I misinterpreted “Link being with Paris ID” to mean she is an undercover ISP agent; when it could mean that she is “with” the person who is the ISP undercover as a suburban cop. Or both can be true—she is under cover and is with the ISP under cover—and they are both undercover. I remain completely objective; it’s the only way to know the truth.

Will County is also the Sheriff’s police, the State’s Attorney, and the Courthouse. Is she the record keeper for whoever puts cases together for the Grand Jury and I misinterpreted her being a staff member at Plainfield PD? Or is she or was she both positions—a staff member at Plainfield PD and the record keeper for the Grand Jury cases? Jesus sits at the head of the Grand Jury and she is his lover/partner/wife/mate whether real, as undercover identities, or both—as in, they are both undercover as a couple yet they are also true lovers. Their relationship is detailed in Chapter 8 – Jesus: The Fall Guy.

J5-07.30.14 p1c*Update* 08.04.14: J5-07.30.14 p2Because of a dream I had July 30, 2014, I just realized today, that one of the two 4’s is with the Will County State’s Attorney’s office. Jack Honig is the Will County Inspector—the Chief—and the “rose” person grandstands for the Chief when he isn’t in his chair. Since “8” is on the “inside” of “7”, the two 4’s are “8”, and rose is” on the inside”; I’m thinking she is the record keeper for this guy—the Chief. His ship is the “flagship” and that is the two Jacks: Jack P. Morgan—the Township President, and Jack Honig—the Clown who is the serial killer. She is the sister as “Jill M. Morgan” who is the “4” that is lovers and married to the younger—that is, John Morgan. They’re the brother and sister incest scenario I’ve been shown—“Flowers in the Attic” as they’ve been characterized. They are “Jewish” playing the role of “Irish”—the Catholic “holier than thou arth” as detailed to me on RF-02.15.09 page 2.

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As you can see on this session on 02.15.09 page 2, she is “Joan,” a “7,” and associated with “Kingsbury”—the King’s Jury—the Grand Jury. She is lovers with the Jesus man who sits at the head of the table of those being served for the Grand Jury. She is the record keeper; and I am pretty sure she is ISP under cover. And, most importantly, she is his boss—she is BRASS. They are “John-Joan”—the two Captains where I can’t tell one apart from the other—the “two that become one” as shown to me in multiple sessions and detailed in Chapter 10 – Head Spinning Internet Mess: The Covert Operative’s Cover is Blown.

Always keep in mind the master manipulator’s manner of deceit and how he plants a trail of bogus evidence—namely an internet trail of evidence—pointing the finger at me. This planted evidence is comprised of the false information I have deliberately laid out for these two ISP knuckleheads to steal from me through illegal wiretaps and computer taps—informatio06.07.10 p5 001n I have sent via text, Email, and what I have chatted about on the phone with my associates. So, for example, the two 4’s that work for Glasgow could merely be some bogus internet identity they created for some reason. And remember, they clone the digital ID’s of any computer I’ve ever used and any phone I’ve ever used plus the digital ID’s of those I’ve been in contact with online; and then take those digitally cloned ID’s to create these fictitious internet identities meant to look as if I am the one creating this load of BS as shown to me on 06.07.10 page 5 . End 08.04.14 *Update*

I just came across a session I did on 03.19.11 p303.19.11 page 3 that shows “Joan/Jill/Jan” as one of the pair of “butterfly frames”—that is a Lisa Stebic “7- frame”—and they clearly indicate her to be a specific character that has been shown to me for years. Furthermore, and most importantly, they clearly indicate that she is ISP—Illinois State Police. Based on what they’ve shown to me about this woman since early 2009, she is his boss or the boss (remember, many times I see things several years into the future; so her being his boss could have been a career advancement later on—after they were initially teamed up). She is one of the two “4’s” that make up the two in the “Captain’s Chair”—John and Joan. He is a “7” on the side—this is “Tony.” There is some very dirty ISP activity going on here—very dirty. This guy is “Spike, the Bull Dog” and he is the one with the book and potentially a movie deal—that’s their treasure. This is what drives him to continue in his relentless pursuit to point the finger at me; and if he isn’t under surveillance making an idiot of himself at present, his ludicrous actions will soon become flagrant in the eyes of the true investigators.

11.12.09 p411.12.09 p4 is the first time this woman with the many necklaces/chains symbol came in. This session is exceedingly important. The “two” who have been pointing the finger at me all these years are these two—the woman with the necklaces and the Egyptian Pharaoh with an “ear ring”—that means he is “listening” and the ring is a “circle of corruption.”


11.12.09 p511.12.09 page 5 shows that the “Egypt” that is at the base of the mine—as shown on the previous page—is at the river boat gambling casino. I ask if there is a mine beneath the casino or if the dirty operation has its base there. They show me two “hat” “halves” that make one—two become one—the woman with the necklaces and the fighter pilot with a 5pt star who is the “Tasmanian Devil.” These are the two who sit in the Captain’s chair where I can’t tell one apart from the other—John and Joan. She grandstands for him. The session ends with “fetus” (that is symbolic), a wedding ring, and a bride and groom, meaning these two will be married whether real or staged.

05.12.10Because of a dream I had on May 12, 2010; in March 2012, while on a field search with my associate, we decided to go to Splash Station Water Park in Joliet Illinois, which was closed for the season. On that day, we discovered that there is an old abandoned mine beneath the river boat as I had previously been shown by spirit years earlier. We returned to that location in September 2012 for a more thorough examination of the area. The entrance to the mine is beneath the old train tracks on the hill adjacent to Splash Station Water Park. Splash Station Water Park is built on the excess land from the river boat development between the casino boat and Trygg Industrial Park—the mine is under the entire area. This mine is directly across the river from the Lafarge mine where I predict John Spira’s remains will be found. This “Egypt” mine is the reason I went back to the river boat in May 2013—when I finally realized what spirit was trying to tell me about John Spira; and what they’ve been trying to tell me all along about Lisa Stebic and these dirty cops with the corrupt organization many of them are a part of.

When we first went to the entrance location of the river boat casino in March 2012, we did not go up to the river boat complex; so I never saw the pay loader trucks driving at the Lafarge mine as detailed in Chapter 1 – The Location of the Remains of John Spira. We didn’t go to the river boat on our September 2012 field trip either. I didn’t see those pay loader trucks as had been shown to me for so many years by Lisa Stebic’s spirit until May 2013; and that is when everything began to come together so much more clearly—when it all started to make sense.

11.12.09 page 5 clearly shows this guy to be a 5 pt star—that is a Will County Sheriff. This guy is the “thief” who moved to Will County in 2008 as detailed in Chapter 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman on the 09.26.12 and 09.27.12 sessions and also explained in more detail near the end of this Chapter and in this update. Now I know who this is. I kept going back and forth with myself about the true identity of this person—trying to understand the confusing symbolisms—and I could not definitively say who this person was. Now I can say with certainty precisely who he is. I’ll bet he was “deputized” in 2008, in part, because he was thought to be such a good Samaritan searching for the remains of Lisa Stebic and Stacy Peterson (even though he was an ISP under cover agent); but he wasn’t a good Samaritan—he was stealing my work from me via his illegal wiretaps and computer taps and using it for his own personal gain and advancement in the underworld in the guise of his surface world activities. He is the ghost—the “spy”—the one who views everything through “BlackShades.” He is the “thief.” He has everyone hoodwinked including the families of Lisa Stebic, Stacy Peterson, and John Spira.

07.25.11Jack is the old brass lock that is now open. He’s the American flag who’s a “Thief.” This is the same person as shown to me on 11.13.08 page 3—“Take me down to the boat on the River.” The symbol between the “baby” and the American Flag is the emblem on “Morgan” custom automobiles. Spirit speaks in symbols.

That “thief” symbol is multi-symbolic.

In 2005 there was a theft ring in Will County where they were breaking into new homes in subdivisions that were under development—easy targets where eyes and ears are few, especially at night. An employee of mine and her husband, at that time, purchased a new home in a still-under-development Gallagher and Henry subdivision in Homer Glen, Illinois. During the late spring/early summer of 2005, prior to the move into their new home yet after they had all their new appliances and new home purchases placed in the garage of their new home, their home was broken into and everything stolen. I heard about that theft ring going on in Will County sometime prior to their home being broken into. After they were robbed, I did a session on my employee’s break-in to see if I could pick up who was behind it.

In the session I conducted to see who was behind the new home theft ring in Will County and who stole my employee’s stuff, they showed me two men standing outside their parked full-size pay loader trucks smoking a cigarette while having a conversation. Spirit told me that they knew when to hit the homes based on when the driveways were poured. Spirit also indicated that the thieves had an inside connection, someone directly associated with the home builder who worked in the office. Sometime after my employee finally moved into her new home, I visited her there. That day after my visit, when I left her home and walked outside to my car, I saw those two guys that were shown to me in the vision. They were parked outside her home with their full-size pay loader trucks, standing there having a conversation while smoking—exactly as I was shown in the session I did. I called her from the car as I was driving away and told her about them being outside so she could see it for herself. She knew I did the session on her break-in and she was aware that I saw the two guys smoking outside their vehicles in the session. Brazen is an understatement for the bold action these two men took standing outside her home after they broke into it at night a few weeks earlier and stole all of her belongings.

I am certain I can trace back to the exact date I saw those two and we can then find out who they are through the company that employed them—Gallagher and Henry’s contractor. Oh, indeed, the wheels of justice turn quite slowly; however, true justice does come for those who wait.

Later that day, I called Paul Kaupus, the Will County Sheriff, and told him the whole story and what I saw. Paul asked me if the trucks hauling dirt were small trucks or full-size. Then he said he would pass along the information to the guys on the team. And I left it at that. That happened in the summer of 2005.

I bring this new home theft ring up because the “hat” as shown to me on 11.12.09 page 5 with the 5 pt star is also the logo of USA Trucking—that which I came to realize in January 2013 when I saw that logo on the side of a semi as I was driving on the highway. I am near certain this guy was a truck driver (under cover) and then was unwittingly deputized in 2008 by the Will County Sheriff; and they’ve shown him repeatedly as an industrial worker associated with the full size pay loader trucks. I also bring this up because on 09.27.12 page 2, while asking spirit about the person who moved in 2008, the one they showed me the day prior, I was reminded about those two men and the new home theft ring in Will County from 2005.

01.23.1001.23.10 shows the “Staff Sergeant” tied to “Jan” and a work locker. They are giving me two names—Petrizzo and Grabow. These names are symbolic. Petrizzo is symbolic to “Russ”—aka Russell on and he is the older of the two—and “Grabow” is symbolic to “Ed” who is the younger of the two. “Ed” is multi-symbolic and part of that symbolism is related to “Ed”mund Fitzgerald (a ship that sank on Lake Superior). Remember, he clones the digital ID’s of anyone I’ve ever communicated with digitally, whether by phone or by computer; and because of his use of “BlackShades” he also has tapped into their computers and their extended communications as well. I’ll bet he has tapped into hundreds—if not thousands—of computers, stealing their information as he did mine for use in his manipulative schemes.

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“Edmund Fitzgerald” was a symbol I first received on 11.08.08 regarding the human remains that would be found the following year on DOW Chemical property along the shore of the Des Plaines River—a future event that happened on May 21, 2009. It sometimes takes years before the symbols show their deeper meanings—Edmund Fitzgerald was no exception—and I still have more to learn about this specific “Edmund Fitzgerald” symbolism.

08.22.11 p6On 08.22.11 page 6, it shows the “Edmond Fitzgerald” symbol associated with the serial killer who is the “pirate”—the “Thief”—and he is the one with the book that is his autobiography.

01.23.10 p2On 01.23.10 page 2, they show the ghost—a “spy”—trudging forward and then a “badge” is hung on him. He was deputized. Then they show him in “BlackShades.” As mentioned above and described below, “BlackShades” is detailed in Chapter 11 – Covert Operative’s Underworld: The Underground Railroad and “BlackShades”.

01.23.10 p3On 01.23.10 page 3, they indicate that the “Staff Sergeant” is “Love is” (symbolic), “Jeff,” a spanking motion, and “Exposed.” This is about “gossip” and this is the “2nd ship.” The first ship is the “Titanic.” The second ship is their ship made up of “gossip.” At the end of the page they show a “shower”—that is for an identity wash—with “Ed” “graffiti” and “Jeff.” You can see the last thing on the page is “Ed Fitzgerald.” I know what they are telling me here yet I can’t explain it all openly at this time; however, I can tell you with certainty, the older one is the guy who is multiple undercover. He is ISP undercover as an industrial worker/truck driver who was “deputized” in 2008 and also works on the side at Plainfield PD. He is Tony S. who is “Jack” who is “Jim” who is “Joe” who is “John” who is “Joan” and many more.

He is a “left-handed” heavy smoker; and I bet when he has finished smoking a cigarette, he field dresses the butts when he doesn’t have a bucket of water to toss them into—so nobody can get his DNA. Ask yourself “why?” He is the two-striped Will County guy that had me tapped and hacked covertly as shown to me on 02.06.09 page 6—two striped old brass. They were tapping me illegally through AT&T.

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Because on 02.06.09 p6 they told me they were listening to my phone calls through the cable guy, I contacted AT&T on February 9, 2009 about the AT&T vans incessantly outside my home for hours and hours a day—just sitting there in their vehicles—and I spoke to a Customer Service Representative. AT&T was my home phone service provider. I explained the situation and provided the representative with the license plate of the AT&T van outside my home at that moment. The AT&T representative, in turn, provided me with the employee’s name and job title—he was a Cable Splicer Technician—and then provided me with the name and contact information of that person’s supervisor.

There were a lot of them doing this to me, not just one. Spirit would show me a face, then I would walk outside to get the license plate number of the AT&T van; and—son of a gun—the face they just showed me would be the face of a man walking past me on the sidewalk. I am exceptionally good at what I do—because of my never ending pursuit to learn and to know the absolute truth, I’ve become that good—and those dirty law enforcement officers cannot operate covertly around me without me seeing not only exactly what is going on, but precisely who is doing it.

I‘ve documented all the license plate numbers and the dates and times associated with all of the over-extended AT&T “spy” visits. One guy was out there on CHRISTMAS DAY in 2009; which clearly shows just how long they were doing that to me. Legal taps do not last that long.

Daryl Imani, the AT&T supervisor I contacted on February 9, 2009, confirmed that nobody should be in the area and nobody should ever be there for those lengths of time. I provided him with the license plate number of the vehicle that was outside my home at that moment, and that employee’s name and what their job title was as was supplied to me by the AT&T Customer Service Representative. Daryl stated that his employee shouldn’t be there and the Cable Splicer Technician should be somewhere else. He was very concerned with what was going on and he wanted answers. That supervisor was ticked during our phone conversation; and upon hanging up the phone with me, he immediately got into his car and drove over to see who was outside my home at that moment for nobody was scheduled to be there—they did not have authorization to be there. But because these dirty dogs had my phone tapped; the AT&T guy was given a heads up and he left a minute before Daryl showed up. I spoke with Daryl again after he drove to the area to catch the AT&T guy in the act, and I told Daryl I would email him all the license plate numbers and the dates and times associated with their lengthily visits outside my home, though I never did. I knew that would be something for me to present later, such as right now. I am extremely detail oriented, so of course, I still have all that information; and I have since passed copies of those records on to associates, as I do with all pertinent records and documentation.

Spirit told me on 02.06.09 page 5 that they were listening to me because of Drew Peterson. That meant they were ISP yet they showed me Will County was behind the AT&T illegal taps; and I couldn’t understand it all. Now I understand it completely.

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On 02.17.09 page 4, because of all the AT&T stalking activity plus all the people watching me outside the home specifically on that day (as the day’s instances are detailed under the pink post-it notes in this 02.17.09 session), I asked spirit what the hell was going on! They told me this was John covering his tracks—he was protecting himself because I was spot on in my insights and visions making me a threat to his dirty operation. As you can see on this page, he is lower case “j” and the one with the ultra-light plane—the same guy as shown to me on 11.12.08 pages 1, 2 and 5, that I tried to open Don Bennett’s eyes to by providing him with a copy of my journal on December 16, 2008.

On 02.17.09 Page 5, they show me this guy’s license plate number with the symbol for the 3rd Marine Division. LE, it doesn’t get more specific than that. DO YOUR JOB. I am getting sick of doing your job for you—and for free, I might ad.

This guy’s bogus identity will be washed with the other two; these three identity washes are all a part of a “triple play.” I mention this triple play in the notes at the end of this chapter and it is discussed in detail in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths.

On the same session, 02.17.09 page 3, they tell me that my work—“go”, “tell”, “talk”—will take this guy down. And I will take this guy down. He is the “pacman” with “blade teeth” under cover as a “hamburger”—a “McHamburglar.” A “McHamburglar” is a cop (ham = pig) who is a “thief” (burger = burglar), see 01.02.09—the “McDonald’s” McHamburglar bandit, 09.04.09 page 2 and 01.10.09 page 3 –the “mouth;” and he is “Johnny boy.”

As indicated on 01.05.09 p2, the one in the Captain’s chair that Lisa Stebic had an affair with was Tony—and he was under cover as John Morgan. This is the same session that shows the name “John Oglesby” being washed through a dirty prison shower as detailed in Who is This?.

On January 26, 2010, I was contacted via phone by this “McDonald” law enforcement person; however, that whole situation cannot be detailed until later. I will provide details about that when the time is right.

08.06.10 p9On 08.06.10 p9, they told me that “Troy” was “in bed” with the “White Tiger” who is “Jake” who is “John” who is “Tony” and he is “Fox. Find Me!” Fox. Find Me! is directly associated with the Riley Fox investigation and the Lisa Stebic investigation. Remember, in the 07.30.14 dream above, Troy was sloppily pounding nails into the “old brass” plate “inside” the “framed” “two ribbed stripes”—the two Will County Brass stripes shown to me on 02.06.09 page6 to be the guy who was tapping my phones. That means “rose” is on Tony/John’s staff as he is now the Staff Sergeant (as they are under cover); and they are the two 4’s that make “8” that is inside the “7”, see 04.04.12 and as detailed below.

11.27.10 p2

11.27.10 p2 again shows that Troy is in bed with Tony.

The Will County guy who worked on the Riley Fox case and the Lisa Stebic case is symbolize as “Fox. Find Me!” He is nicknamed “Elvis.” He is the “baby” in a “high chair” with the “guitar”—the same person associated with the 3rd Marine Division and the older white hatchback with the license plate of 3533 or 3563 or 3653—something like that—as detailed below and shown to me on 02.17.09 page 4. He is in “Joliet” (Will County Sheriff) yet he is really “Lockport” (ISP District #5). This guy has a “record” behind him and since I know he is under cover; I am not certain if that record is part of his cover or if he actually does have a past criminal record. Is this is his “Jack Honig” cover? Spirit told me on 01.13.11 page 2 that “Tony is Thief.” Then on 01.13.11 page 6 they said that “Jack Morgan is Thief.” This is how they speak to me—they were telling me that Tony and Jack P. Morgan are the same person.

01.13.11 p601.13.11 page 6 shows him steeling my communications to the Boston FBI from the computer I used to contact them (see I dream of “Jeannie” image at the bottom). In spirit’s amazing way of communicating, on this page, they show me that he used “BlackShades” to monitor that computer. They further tell me how he purchased a copy of the illegal spyware program called “BlackShades.” They tell me a whole lot more on this page, too. I can provide law enforcement with the staged name he used along with a partial credit card number that he used to purchase this illegal spyware program—and we can save the FBI a lot of investigative time trying to track down this purchaser who just happens to be an under cover Illinois State Police officer.

Spirit told me that “Tomczak” was Tony’s attorney (06.08.10), and that “Honig” (09.20.10 page 2) was the “atty fired on July 7th” symbol associated with Tomczak. Since I know “Jack Honig” is an ISP cover name for “Tony S.,” I am now seriously leaning toward Tony having worked on the Riley Fox investigation in 2004 under Jeff Tomczak being later fired for some reason; and then in 2008, he was re-deputized unwittingly by the Will County Sheriff where he continued his spree of corruption in the guise of law enforcement while viewing everything he sees through “BlackShades.” He’s the turtle crawling around in a “plant” as detailed on 06.07.10 page 5; and as just indicated above, that means he is also Jack P. Morgan—the “thief.” This is the CPD pirate ship with “H” (Honig) in the lower right corner (a Republican) and “M” (Morgan) in the upper left corner (a Democrat). He’s a “RINO” (06.09.10). He is teamed up with the “rose” woman—she works in the office, is tall, skinny, with a vicious mouth (06.07.10 page 4), she is “Link” (06.07.10 page 2); and they—the two under cover ISP agents pointing the finger at me—will have a public “face-off.” The 5pt star (with the “Link” inside see 06.07.10 page 2 and 03.02.09 page 3) is the “X”—the location of the remains of Lisa Stebic, Stacy Peterson, John Spira, and one other; each of whom ultimately end up in the Des Plaines River. Remember, these two are Illinois State Police—ISP—under cover. Illinois State Police is the law enforcement agency in charge of the Kathleen Savio-Drew Peterson investigation and the Stacy Peterson-Drew Peterson investigation.

In 2012, I came to discover that someone I had known well for many years transferred from one Illinois State Police district via promotion to ISP District #5 in Lockport in late 2008; and because of the new position this individual held, this person was directly related to all the illegal tapping of me and the investigation into me based on the false finger pointing at me from Tony and the woman (both of whom were ISP under cover agents—spies—the two who share the Captain’s position). I won’t get more into it; but I will tell you that this ISP guy who was promoted to a position at ISP District #5 in Lockport did something to me years prior—something that is well documented and verifiable through multiple people, including his wife—and when the truth comes out about how I was illegally tapped, hacked, stalked, harassed, etc., in conjunction with what was done to me by that person who is directly tied to all the illegal tapping, hacking, talking, harassing, etc., of me; many Illinois State Police heads are gonna roll. This will be a very big deal—HUGE. A whole lot of officers will be fired from multiple police stations because of it; and a few will wind up in prison for their roles in it.

I cannot show the remaining two pages in the 01.23.10 session following those posted above, though I can say that page five is extremely important; and when the time is right, I will detail 01.23.10 page 4 and page 5 accordingly.

Additionally, with respect to the “thief;” there was a huge theft at the Will County Sheriff’s off-site evidence storage unit in late 2011—3.2 kilos of heroine evidence was stolen. An article was published in March 2012 stating the man behind the theft died; I question that. Since they showed me on 09.26.12 and 09.27.12 page 2 that this Will County guy is the “thief” coupled with all the ties to illegal drugs I’ve been shown over the years (they’ve continuously shown him to me to be a “dealer”); my intuition tells me he is tied to that heroine theft. There is no question about that heroine theft being an inside job. Remember, he is ISP undercover. He has partners in crime. One man alone cannot pull off something like that.

For those deep inside who may have been misled to think that the $500,000 heroine theft was part of an under cover Holder operation in order to get close to the local “cartel” who control the heroine or something ultra covert along those lines; that’s the ruse—that is the master manipulator at work—that is precisely how he manipulates decent law enforcement persons to violate protocol and into engaging in criminal activity. He is not under cover doing any such thing. He is a hardened criminal taking advantage of the intellectual weakness and the lack of intellectual integrity of those who “believe” in something rather than to “know” the truth through the efforts of an objective search for the truth. He has you all completely hoodwinked.

And that hoodwinked state is the tunnel vision investigators were stuck on—a distorted viewpoint by the lead investigator in the Lisa Stebic case that Lisa’s murderer pounced upon to deliberately push the investigation in the wrong direction—a false perception I attempted to warn Don Bennett about when I brought him my Journal 1 on December 16, 2008. See 11.12.08 pages 1, 2 and 5—these three pages say so much about the real killer yet it was completely ignored. The lead investigator in the Lisa Stebic case did not ask me one single questioned as to what my journal writings meant—she never even contacted me—because she, and everyone else, was stuck inside their ignorant tunnel vision perception. The whole reason I brought my journal to Don Bennett was to open his eyes to the tunnel vision his investigators were clinging to—precisely the reason why the case is now so brutally cold—and precisely what the master manipulator planned to happen by his finagling the willfully ignorant into believing in his BS.

It is time, investigators, to open your eyes to the truth through the act of an objective search for the truth. Get off the Craig Stebic kick—the killer is one of your own.

03.12.10 p2 001On 03.12.10 page 2, originally posted on January 27, 2014 in Chapter 1 – The location of the remains of John Spira, they show all the toothbrushes trying to keep Jack up. This is directly related to “Lafarge” and someone offering or handing over a toothbrush that is symbolized by baby. That offering is the information I’ve provided in this ebook. The baby is the man who sits in a high chair—a top position. He is symbolized as a baby because emotionally he is a big baby.  “Rose is carrying the baby; and the baby is under cover, see 02.17.11. She is the one “feeding him”—she is taking care of him. This baby guy is the one with the guitar. The one with the guitar is the one who is associated with the location of Lisa Stebic’s remains; and as detailed to me on 02.21.09, where they clearly showed me—as clues to where her remains are—a white car, a guitar, and an abandoned underground mine with a train track that is in Rockdale, Illinois. They show me precisely where Lisa’s remains are—I know beyond a shadow of a doubt where that is; and I can take you there, LE.

It just dawned on me that the email address I used when I contacted the Boston FBI on January 26 & 27, 2010, was my age old “BABEY31” email account.  I am certain that email account was hacked into and that specific email read by these dirty investigators. And now I wonder if the “baby” symbolism is multifaceted and it is also symbolizing my email address being cloned for some nefarious purpose in an effort to falsely point the finger at me and plant a bogus trail of evidence. So, the “baby in a high chair” is whatever internet identity he created using my digital Babey31 ID in his relentless effort to falsely accuse me to redirect the focus off of him.

09.30.10 p509.30.10 p5. The upper case cursive “J” is pulled away while he has a “baby” with him—he’s carrying a baby. Near the bottom of the page, it shows people at a table playing cards and someone is “the dealer” followed by “31” (BABEY31 is my age-old email address use to contact the Boston FBI on January 26, and 27, 2010). The bottom of the page shows the woman with all the necklaces as others are reporting to her and filling her in on what they’ve done previously and what is currently going on. This may be what transpired during the initial transition period of her becoming the new boss.

03.19.11 p303.19.11 p3. The two “7-Butterfly frames” (that is Lisa Stebic’s case) are the two under cover ISP agents: the woman with all the necklaces and Humpty in clouds (an internet cloud). He is “Spike the Bull dog” and a “7” on the side. Humpty is the “Lighthouse” that’s a rocket just taking off.

11.21.10 p511.21.10 page 5 shows that my email address of “BABEY31” is associated with Humpty who is sporting checkers—that is Chicago PD—and this associated with the “face off” that will be public and on “TV.” Humpty is the guy with the dark walrus mustache—the Staff Sergeant. The public face off on TV will happen in September.

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10.14.11 p1, 2 and 3. The baby is Humpty who is the “Thief,” the “Tasmanian Devil,” and the serial killer—“Jack the Ripper.” He killed Brenda Boyd, Sandra Poston, Haquika Suggs (she was only 14), and many more. He is a very dangerous man. Get this animal off the street, LE.

02.17.09 clippedOn 02.17.09 page 5, as mentioned above, they provided me with the license plate of this older white small car that possibly is a hatchback—license plate number 3533, 3563 or 3653. Since they showed the military symbol for the “3rd Marine Division;” I think the license plate is a military license plate—this guy is a former U.S. Marine.

INVOLVED 03.28.08 clipped1 main

INVOLVED 03.28.08 clipped1 main

This fits—Lisa Stebic indicated on 03.28.08 page 5 that there were two men who carried her body and dumped it; and they showed this guy with a Marine tattoo on his arm holding a lighter with an “S” on it who was one of the two. This guy was a heavy smoker, stank of brute-like—old man—cologne, and wore a hat. Anyone who has read my Journals, especially Journal 1 and 2; know that the marine logo—the anchor tattoo—is used as a symbol repetitively by spirit to describe one of the men involved in her disappearance and murder.

If you are an investigator working on the Lisa Stebic case or have worked on the Lisa Stebic case and you have not fully read my journal notes followed by an inquiry to me as to precisely what the symbols within the journals mean, then you are negligent in your investigative duties; and you should be relieved of your position immediately and replaced by someone who is more competent and capable—someone who doesn’t foolishly think with their ears—someone who isn’t a stupid monkey. A full six years later, PPD; I still stand by that statement.

Lisa Stebic 07.06.09 pg 1 of 207.06.09 page 1 – Here you see the bench seat person who gets the boot. The position chairs are closing as she gets the boot. Chairs and seats are “positions” held—think of a chair in a band: 1st chair, 2nd chair, etc. Braintree is the band. The chairs are players in the Braintree band. The band/orchestra plays—they make noise and toot their toothbrush-horns. When they play together as one, it sounds good but when one or more is off key or plays out of turn doing their own thing; they sound like crap—they suck—like a broken record and nobody wants to listen to them.

So, the 07.06.09 session shows the court bench associated with Joan’s position (Joan/Jill/Jan/Rose and more to come). Is she also on the Grand Jury? Is that why she gets the boot or got the boot before?

Also, she came in as the blond beauty and was the “my soldier reporter” person. This is multisymbolic, however; and it is possible that she is/was a court reporter with the position either being real, a cover, or a bogus online identity. Always remain objective and, in time, the truth will become flagrant.

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Go to 12.08.08 page 2 and 3. Beginning at the very bottom of page 2, we’re inside a room in police headquarters where “the door is now open to me;” and those in the room say “What if?” They start thinking about and discussing the 3-ring binderrecord keeper” and an “old firing” in the past as symbolized by the old revolver regarding a rosepin” in the shape of a “Y” with the Aries ram symbol.

A “pin” represents pinning something on someone. “Y” means “Why?” And those are the “Y-Force” people—those on the police force who want to know why—as described below. Make note that this session was on “Cheddie”—target 24—another infamous poster. I am near certain all those on the inside of the Lisa Stebic investigation know who that Cheddie person is in real life. And that person’s involvement in all of this should be focused upon.

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On 10.07.08 page 3, I did a session on Cheddie who had contacted me via email. I was highly suspicious of the purpose of their email and of this individual’s intentions—as I had been since first coming in contact with this person in the Plainfield, Illinois forums on Lisa Stebic. Cheddie claimed to be a woman who went to high school with Scott Stebic and said she knew Craig Stebic because of Scott. This person claimed to have been a woman who later married and moved to Ripon, Wisconsin.

The Ripon, Wisconsin forum is the same forum where the “SueH” poster—with her “flip-flop” avatar—made a new post in an effort to locate a “Gordie Gillespie” who was a former Joliet Catholic Academy High School Baseball Coach about 60 years ago as detailed in Chapter 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman.

Gordie Gillespie” was the baseball coach of the father of a former Will County State’s Attorney investigator who was an active investigator at the time of that “SueH” post on February 6, 2008, I later learned. This was a gigantinormous red flag for me when I realized this connection in the latter half of 2012. Then in May 2013, I learned something new and immensely important about a parcel of land that I had pinpointed in the summer of 2007. This piece of property I had pinpointed was a place I was drawn to and a location that I felt was associated with Lisa Stebic’s disappearance—a very specific small piece of property—where I conducted field searches around the property with my associates on the ground countless times over and over again for several years. This is a location I had been drawn to since Lisa first went missing that I thought was part of a large corporate owned industrial complex yet it was actually owned by the investigator’s father—the same person who was the star baseball player that had Gordie Gillespie as his high school coach who the user “SueH” was searching for. Screaming horns and red flags were going off when I discovered that.

10.05.08 C10.05.08 Cheddie Emailheddie24 EmailThis is the email Cheddie sent to me on October 5, 2008 that prompted me to conduct a session on this person. A copy of this email was provided to Don Bennett when I met with him at Plainfield PD on November 16, 2008.

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 10.07.08 page 3. It tells me that Cheddie contacted me because I was the subject that all these people were looking down on wanting to know why—obsessively “wanting to know why.” This session is discussed in detail in Chapter 15 – Who I am. For the purpose here, I want to point out that this Cheddie person, as told to me by spirit on page 1, contacted me via email in an effort to get things going again. On page 2, they say that I am the silver lining of those being fired repetitively without pause. These firings are of those who are in an old school classroom—they are learning—but they are on the outside of the classroom looking in through a window. They are the “Y-Force” people looking in through a window at ME and what I am doing; they are stealing my work for their own personal gain. These are the same people who keep Jack’s Titanic ship of corruption afloat—they are all underwater supporting it, see 01.11.09 page 5—detailed in the next paragraph). And the Y-Force people are those who are all the toothbrushes trying to keep Jack’s arm of the operation up so he doesn’t take the whole thing down (detailed later in this chapter). They are a team as indicated by the football helmet on page 5, and it’s a paddle ball game they play; but they are doing it the wrong way—by force repeatedly through improper procedure—they are CHEATING and doing it illegally. The last thing spirit tells me on this page is for me to not worry about what they are doing to me—to know that I am the one who is in control.

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Go to 01.11.09 page 5. The “Y-Force” people are those who are underwater—they cannot be seen on the surface—supporting the Titanic ship that is on the surface and visible. The Titanic is the Team Captain’s over-bloated false theory behind the two fingers (on the same hand) at Plainfield PD that are pointing at me—that which they have used to illogically justify their illegal tapping acts of my phone and computer—grossly violating my right to privacy. This Titanic ship is comprised of the information they’ve obtained through their illegal taps of my phone and computer activity while I’ve been working tenaciously and endlessly on this case discussing it with those I was working with at given times—those who were my associates. They then plagiarize the information they steal from me with bogus psychic blogs, tips to law enforcement, and the staging of evidence on the internet to make it appear that I am doing what Jack does—that is, to be a relentless internet troll stirring up trouble and causing a ruckus.

03.04.10 p803.04.10 p8The tapping of me while done on the “QT”—information that was spun and obtained behind closed doors from “gossip” and “hearsay”—was taped and recorded with the fingerprints of the person who did that to me all over it. There is blatant trace evidence everywhere.

10.07.08 page 5. 10.07.08 p5“Y-Force” is symbolic and has multiple meanings. There was previously a hacker type of program called “Y-force” that was used to capture any Yahoo ID password. My primary email is a Yahoo email; and I am certain this is associated with someone hacking into my account.

Another meaning of the “Y-Force” symbol represents those on the police force who want to know “Why?

They are stuck on wanting to know why I would spend so much time on the Lisa Stebic case. Those wanting to know why—due in part to their tunnel vision—have no concept of what it is like to be selfless in pursuit of the truth merely to do what is right in an effort to get this animal off the street to save the lives of future others. They ignorantly thought I had some other selfish and self-centered motivation for working so hard on this for so long. That ignorant thinking of theirs led to their unethical actions, procedural improprieties, and their down-right illegal acts violating my constitutional rights—namely my right to privacy.

They incorrectly viewed me through their own understanding of the nature that drives individuals—that understanding being a reflection of what they know of themselves—that being the opposite of the person I am; but because they couldn’t see its existence within themselves, they falsely believed such pure intentions didn’t exist in those like me. They could not and cannot grasp the concept of an individual who lives selflessly working to make the world a better place to be—simply to help others with no thought of personal gain—because that is not what drives them. When you couple that with the bogus gossip about me they willfully—wantonly—bought into, you have the basis for their distorted perspective and their false beliefs.

They erroneously projected their own reflection of their distorted perspective onto me leading to their misconception of who I am as a person. Their false beliefs of my person were based solely on innuendo, meaningless hearsay, and misguided, untrue, ill-intentioned gossip. And that misconception of who I am as a person—also known as tunnel vision—was the driving force behind their justification of the illegal acts they’ve committed that not only violated my constitutional rights and my right to privacy; but the twisted perspective of me that they chose to adopt from the distorted perspective of another led them to engage in egregious acts against my person, including but not limited to assassinating my character, slandering my personal and professional name, illegally tapping my phones and my computer, years of constant internet harassment, and a physical presence around my home as well. Let me make this clear; their egregious nature towards me—the ill-intentioned and downright horrific things they did to me—was based upon idle gossip and the false beliefs that inevitably follow such crude and ill-intentioned communications.

Essentially, because of their foolish perception—choosing to look only inside the tunnel—they are incapable of understanding what drives me; therefore, they are incapable of recognizing the truth for what it is.

And those who cannot recognize the truth are the ones in control of a missing person’s investigation—a case that is now as cold as the Arctic. (Maybe that is what “Tundra” symbolizes?)

While investigating me based upon their false beliefs, they resorted to scrounging around for whatever debris they could scrape up on me to back up their distorted perspective and ludicrous theories. They then threw those scraps out there in an effort to see what would stick; however, because of the flawed thinking behind their pathetically weak theory—the driving force behind their surveillance program of me—what they’ve ended up with is as sticky as the dirty tape they’re trying to use to wrap it up. They continue to do the same thing—that which does not work—over and over again yet they expect a different outcome each time; and their relentless effort to wrap it up using dirty old tape—that is as sticky as a spoon—is a clear sign of their level of insanity.

How’s that working out for you, Tony?

Because of their distorted perspective and their false beliefs, they not only can’t see what they believe is wrong; they cling to their false beliefs becoming more aggressive in their foolish efforts to prove their wrongs right. Their actions mirror the actions of one I would call a “clingon”—one who unhealthily refuses to let go of something despite the self-destruction caused by their own desperate acts.

With me, they’ve especially latched on to the egregious negative gossip—desperately clinging to their erroneous perspective—a perspective they’ve adopted from those ill-willed persons who were spreading that negative gossip. They continued in their wrong-headed actions rather than to look for the truth; and the direct result of their wrong-headed actions is a brutally cold case.

The truth is that none of that negative gossip was true and it was all based on the false perception of the willfully ignorant thinking individuals I am uncontrollably surrounded by. Some of those individuals are insanely jealous of me, others were just blind mice adopting the distorted perspective of others—those I call “ear thinkers” and “stupid monkeys”—some are just ignorant to the point of being dumb, and then there are some who are a combination of all of the above.

And none of the illegally obtained wet toilet paper—now dust-dry—that they’ve scraped up around my home in order to use against me is an admissible anything—it’s pure garbage.

None of it should have ever been considered as valid. It was all a result of lazy-minded people trying to take the easy route—that is, to adopt the distorted perspective of another and “believe” in it without a shred of truth or any facts to back it up yet acting upon that false belief to the extreme and to the detriment of another—me—as they searched for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They are careless and sloppy due to their lazy-mindedness and because of that; they lack intellectual integrity. A lack of intellectual integrity is also known as ignorance—and the result of their ignorance is the tunnel vision they’ve been stuck in for seven and a half years.

They are not concerned with the truth and doing what is right; they just want to win a prize. Their focus is not on finding the truth; their focus is on what they will end up with—what they think they will get out it. The flawed intention that drives them leads them to follow the many paths toward a fictitious treasure’s reward—an illusion—and not the one path that leads to the truth where the true treasure lies.

Meanwhile, the real killer is running around scot-free laughing at the investigators and their clueless-without-direction investigation while he continues to stroke their egos to keep them going in that clueless direction.

I find the level of ignorance behind the individuals in control of the investigation into the disappearance of missing mother of two from Plainfield, Illinois, Lisa Stebic, to be deplorable.

And you’re darn right I’m ticked off about it after what they have unjustly done to me for years and for what they have put me through; but the remainder of that rant is meant for another time.

Right now we need to find the truth and bring Lisa Stebic home.

Let us get back to the “rose” symbols in an effort to know for certain just who they are talking about when they refer to this person as a “rose.” This rose person plays a significant role in all of this, so the meaning of the “rose” symbol must be understood in order to understand the entire story.

Always keep in mind the master manipulator’s way of controlling situations through deception and his manner of cloning the digital identities of others to prop up his ridiculous scenarios and schemes. So, for example, he may have cloned the digital identity of another and the “rose” symbols I am receiving are of his manipulating that person’s identity—and it is really him. That is just one possibility; there are many others.

Remember the first thing I pointed out in this chapter: * An important note regarding the following: “Rose” is symbolic. One of the involved individuals since the beginning has been shown to me by spirit as the flower “rose.” Rose could be this person’s real name or it could be someone who has the real Rose’s computer cookies and IP cloned to make it appear that it is “Rose.” Or “rose” symbolizes someone’s lover or a female love interest. Or the real “Rose” could have been a part of the character charade at some point and then another individual took over the false identity. Or any combination of these; and the “rose” symbol has a multifaceted meaning. There are a number of possibilities. Remember, symbols can and do mean multiple things and/or represent more than one person at the same time. *

Also remember what I pointed out about my misinterpreting a name: When I misinterpret a name given to me, spirit will use the name I adopted when they are providing me with clues about that person so I know who they are referring to. This has happened multiple times and, at some point; the true name will be made clear to me as was the case with Jan and my misinterpreting it to be Janet. Spirit was quite clear; the “woman” of the two lovers—the 4 and 5 hands—shown to me since early 2008 was Jan.

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 On 01.31.09 page 2, I asked spirit to tell me about “Rose.” They showed me someone trying to wash a window but they used the wrong product—one that was oily—and the result of what they did was so smeared and foggy; you couldn’t see out of the window at all. Following that, the product used to wash the window was dripping down as if a huge amount was over-sprayed on it. Then they showed a two-tiered structure where “Braintree was at the top of two parts/people/positions and “7” was on the left side beneath Braintree. These three positions are the same as the three positions shown on 02.19.09 page 5 (detailed above) with the big star at the top—the father—and beneath it, the Lighthouse on the left and the single burning candle on the right. The Lighthouse and the candle are the two children who are the front—Tony the father’s cover, see 02.19.09 page 5. Back to 01.31.09 page 2: I asked why do they do this—why do they wash the windows or try to anyway? They respond by showing a skull (think skeletons in the closet) moving toward a cheese cutter—the mouth of the skull partly open—with the intent to “break it” at the jaw—to break the mouth.

That session told me that this “rose” person was responsible for trying to wipe clean a window and then screwing it up because they did it wrong procedurally due to carelessness and sloppiness—this person is a sloppy dysfunctional mess. They showed a “7” to occupy one of the two positions beneath Braintree—the one on the left. They further told me that the orphanannie clan character named Cheddie would be cut—to break the “mouth.” As indicated with the information provided by spirit on 01.10.09 page 3 and detailed earlier in this chapter, the “mouth” is the “McHamburglar” guy—that’s the THIEF who is with the Will County Sheriff and is the index finger directly over the top of the Snowman. The “thief” is the “father.”

Based on what I know from sessions conducted over the past seven-plus years, Braintree is Caesar who is “fang.” Fang is symbolic to the person who is associated with New York’s Underground Railroad as detailed in Chapter 11 – Covert Operative’s Underworld: The Underground Railroad and “BlackShades”. Braintree is the band—and that is all the position chairs that are upside down 7’s that are being forced held open by a “rod;” but they will all be slammed closed when a “7” is taken away. The “7” taken away is Egypt—the backward 1 on the water (meaning he has a boat)—and he is or was a Sergeant.

Those on the left are pushed out. The Captain is pushed out. The Captain is a shark—Jaws. As detailed above on the 11.14.08 session, Jaws is coming up underneath the backward 1 on the water. Also as detailed above, “M” is on the left (democrat) and “H” is on the right (republican) of the checkered (CPD) “pirate ship”—the thief’s ship. “M” on the ship is Jack P. Morgan. “H” on the ship is Jack Honig—this is the “family tree”—Braintree. Braintree is Tony’s “Titanic” ship of corruption made up of a bogus mob-like “family” with Jack P. Morgan (10) as the big boss and the brains, John Morgan the son (9) beneath him along with Jill M. Morgan (8) who is the sister, and Jack Honig (8) who is teamed up with Jill M. Morgan, both who are 4’s and together make “8.” He is both Jacks which can indicate a change or an addition he implemented in his storybook cast of characters at some point to facilitate more distortion used to further advance his manipulative schemes—to advance his pathetic over-extended and out-of-control reach for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—using information he has stolen from me to manipulative the willfully ignorant in law enforcement into violating protocol and into engaging in illegal acts in the name of his grand under cover operation that doesn’t exist. Those willfully ignorant persons are also reaching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as he promises to make them a part of his book and movie deal. The plagiarized information of mine is then planted as digital evidence against me (collectively by all of his participants) while simultaneously used to point the finger at me through a creation of fictitious psychic leads and from other false online profiles that expose me for being the one who is behind the digital manipulation that he planted against me. Because of his use of “BlackShades;” he can garner any amount of personal information on me from anyone I‘ve ever been in contact with via a computer or phone and anyone they’ve ever been in contact with, and so on and so on; and use that personal information to make it appear that he has inside connections to those that are close to me.  He then will attempt to friend them on Facebook or have one of his bogus family members friend them, to make it appear he is connected to their personal life and how he gets his inside information. He is a master manipulator. Much of the bogus information he stole from me—plagiarized and used to advance his own surface world career—is part of what I’ve deliberately laid out as a trap to catch him in the act.

10.31.09 p301.31.09 page 3. More than four months before I created my MISSING blog and posted my journal sessions online, I asked who was reading my journal—the journal I provided to Don Bennett that was now a part of the official police documentation contained in the 3-ring binder record book at Plainfield PD. Spirit responds by showing me a sail to a ship—the same sail that was being cut by “precision” who is “Jeff.Jeff is there to cut ties to the old man who is the ship’s Captain. The ship’s Captain is the Team Captain whose cover name is Jack. They show that Jack is reading my journal through the “connector.”

As described above, there are two Jack names used in the Titanic ship of corruption—Jack P. Morgan, and Jack Honig. The checkered pirate ship is this person’s investigation based on illegal wire taps and plagiarized material—information that has been pirated. The “checkered” pattern is on the uniform hat of the Chicago Police Department. This person is somehow associated with CPD; and that could simply be an online identity such as one like the online CPD blogger “Detective Shaved Longcock” who, interestingly, got spooked near the end of 2012 and deleted his blog.  🙂

As detailed in Chapter 3 – “Orphanannie” and Plainfield PD:

[link to session 11.16.08] The last page of the journal I provided to Plainfield PD Chief of Police Don Bennett, on November 16, 2008, tells of a “meeting of the minds” and the “old one room PPD School” is now an “inviting” “storybook.” Page 2 shows the “Y-force” people (“the woman” is one of the force from my June 29, 2002 reading) being subjected to a “lie detector” test and this is associated with an “old school” being covered in “snow”—the entire “old school” was covered with and surrounded by “snow.”

Snow is symbolic to “affliction” but it is also symbolic to “cocaine;” and this is my work that what was stolen from me through their illegal wiretaps of my phone and my computer. This leads to a huge shakeup that will occur over at Plainfield PD (and elsewhere) and someone will actually begin to look at my journal and make a decision. It is at this point when someone decides “it’s time” and the “staff” is removed from their position. “Link” is the staff that is removed—and is one of the “two” front teeth that are removed in an effort to cut ties to the old man—the ship’s Captain who is the Team CaptainJack Honig.

What the 01.31.09 page 2 session tells me, combined with the 11.16.08 Chapter 3 details above and all the other information I have been provided by spirit over seven-plus years, is that Jack Honig is the Braintree—the Father who is Tony—and the two at Plainfield PD are his children and his cover—the two who have been cut out, are being cut out, or will be cut out in order to protect Jack’s grandiose operation which is the Titanic—which is a huge ship destined to sink on its maiden voyage. The father—Tony—is a Will County Inspector and holds a 5pt star badge.

The old man is a serial killer.

09.26.12 & 09.27.12 p109.26.12. Jack is the “big, fat, sloppy ghost” (a ghost is a spy) who is undercover. This guy is the index finger taping keyboards and phones. The big ghost is the one who wears the dark sunglasses—the “BlackShades”—as has been shown to me for years.

10.18.10 p1 001

10.18.10 page 1Secret Squirrel (symbolic to John Oglesby) is freaking out and frantically getting rid of stuff. Someone is pushing the nose trying to break it. The pirate is old—he’s “Captain Hook.” Based upon information I received on 08.21.10, the pirate ship is “checkered” (symbolic and this symbolic meaning is detailed in Chapter 11 – Covert Operative’s Underworld: The Underground Railroad and “BlackShades”). The checkered Pirate ship is a position and/or a theory held by two people—one in the upper left who is “M” and the other in the lower right who is “H”. As just mentioned, there are two “Jack” names used in the Titanic ship of corruption—Jack P. Morgan, and Jack Honig. The checkered pirate ship is also the person who is associated with CPD—the Will County Inspector who is Tony the father.

10.18.10 p2 00110.18.10 page 2. “M” is also “Mary” (symbolic to the Virgin Mary with Jesus—Ave Maria) who is the person who keeps coming forward to drop off information, repetitively coming forward and dropping off as shown to me on 10.18.10 page 1 and 2. This page also tells me the Grand Jury where Jesus sits at the head of the table of those being served is associated with “June 26” and ME! The remainder of this page and page 3 of this session is explained in detail in Chapter 8 – Jesus: The Fall Guy.

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 On 05.13.09 page 3, Spirit tells me that I will write a book about Lisa Stebic and all that has transpired around her case, as I am doing right now; and that will lead to a closed door—the door to the underground “shaft”—and two or more people end up behind bars because of it (see page 5). One of the two behind bars—the one on the right—is a fireman.

On 05.13.09 page 6, it shows prison bars again and a symbol of rocks and a cliff that relates to a specific individual; and then it shows a man in dark sunglasses—“BlackShades.

BlackShades is an illegal malicious spyware program that was sold worldwide to more than 750,000 people—one such program where the FBI conducted a huge global takedown on May 13, 2014.

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 Spirit has shown this dirty undercover guy to me in BlackShades since January 23, 2009. Notice the big shark and the little shark—meaning father and son. A shark symbolizes someone who viciously goes after another. Because I see many things in the future before they happen; I didn’t know what the dark sunglasses meant until I read a news article about the malicious and illegal spyware program called “BlackShades.” BlackShades is discussed in detail in Chapter 11 – Covert Operative’s Underworld: The Underground Railroad and “BlackShades”.

On May 12, 2014—the day before the BlackShades global takedown—I was provided details about what would happen to this guy because of what was going to happen “tomorrow,” “May 13th;” but I had no idea what it meant until the following week when I read the news article about the BlackShades operation and the FBI’s global takedown. I detail all of this in Chapter 11 – Covert Operative’s Underworld: The Underground Railroad and “BlackShades” and how this information thief named Tony S. utilized malicious spyware and malware programs to illegally gather his Intel—to steal it and use it—to plagiarize it—for his own personal gain.

01.06.10 p4 00101.06.10 page 4. The “distinguished gentleman” is a master manipulator as shown to me on 01.06.10 page 4. They show him in a boat in the second seat alongside “Mary Poppins” dressed in “pink,” with the young “jm” in the first seat.

01.06.10 p5 00101.06.10 page 5. This “Ring Master” as they show him on 01.06.10 page 5 has a huge head and he was trying to “kiss” the “pink lady” (pink is the soldier reporter from my Journal 3 and the “7-star stage” from PPD with the “orphanannie” debacle). This kiss is a multi-symbolic description to be explained at another time. The point right now is that the Ring Master is a supreme egotist who appears to be a distinguished gentleman yet he’s a master manipulator.

That these are all “cartoon” characters indicates these actions are animated and concocted—drawn up and digitally created—manipulated and published putting the “Looney Tunes” cartoon in motion. The creation of these characters is merely a part of the manipulator’s infinite number of bogus online personalities and his clustered mess of schemes devised to point the finger at me to get me out of Tony’s criminal way so he can move forward.

Once LE chooses to open their eyes to the truth, they will be able to see it as clearly as I do; and they will witness for themselves the absurd and obnoxious things—the utter madness of it all—that this guy is doing in his effort to manipulate and control so many things all at the same time.

As I stated in Chapter 1 – The Location of the Remains of John Spira in the “Lafarge” references, “one of them is very jealous of me;” and don’t forget that I am “Jeff’s nemesis.” Jeff’s job is to cut ties to the old man—the ship’s Captain who is the Team Captain—for everything is in jeopardy because of me.

As detailed in Chapter 3 – “Orpahanannie” and Plainfield PD :

11.06.09 p7 00111.06.09 page 7. Jeff’s job is to crush the man and the woman—the lovers with the staged marriage; however, Jeff works for the “Captain” who gets “pushed out.” The man and the woman—the lovers with the staged marriage—are the cover for the Captain who is pushed out.

*Note:* A “pirate” is a “thief.” The “thief,” as detailed above, is associated with “sheriff.” The “hat” on the “old man” who is the “ship’s Captain” is symbolic to an “online identity”—think this person wears many “hats.” The pirate is the Captain is the old man is the sheriff thief they are cutting ties to—the ties being the man and the woman who are the cover for Tony. Tony is the “spy” for Illinois State Police and Tony is associated with the Captain that moved from “Lockport” to “Will County” in 2008.

Jeff is associated with “Brazil” and it is his job to “cut ties to the old man” who is the ship’s Captain. Jeff’s job is to cut the “two” in Rockdale out—Tony and his bride “Link”—who are tied to Jack Honig. Everything is in jeopardy because of me. They are freaking out; and this is when the “spy” is handed over with the skeleton attached to it.

This Titanic ship of corruption is going down.

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Avalon EWO was the screen name of a poster on—one of the “orphanannie” gang as detailed in Chapter 6 – Orphanannie and Plainfield PD. Avalon EWO is symbolized by “Joan” and “Joan” is symbolized by a “rose.” On 05.16.09, my dream said “Rose” was working on a “frame” of a picture of my former home in Homer Glen, Illinois; but she screwed it up (big shock) by spraying it with “stripper.” FYI, spray paint is symbolic to graffiti. Graffiti defiles any impervious structure with a painted mess. The spraying stripper on the frame of a picture of my prior residence means she tried to paint me out to be a “stripper” by posting false information including an image of what was supposed to be me in a bar doing a striptease act (as later shown to me by spirit) but because she is careless and sloppy, she screwed it up—meaning she screwed up the frame she was working on; and that frame was a picture of my home life when I lived in Homer Glen, Illinois. She tried to finish the frame that had me painted out to be something dreadful but because she is a mental mess and an intellectually dysfunctional slob; she screwed up the job she was tasked to do—to finish the frame of me and my home life. Based upon the image I was shown by spirit, the stripper woman in the photo made to look like me was heavier—I don’t weigh that much and in the picture that was used; the girl was thick and weighed about 30 lbs more than I do. I weigh around 110 pounds or less. I am thin, not thick.

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 Look at the 01.03.09 session and have a read—both pages. This session was about “Rose.” She is a “7” and she will be taken out by the “big ship” because she is an idiot who isn’t following orders—she is tooting her own horn. She is the “York” person from 11.12.08 pages 3,4,5,6 and 7; and her mind is such a clustered mess she would screw up writing her own name and probably does.

04.16.12 p1Make note: “York” is a single striped officer the same as “Link” as is shown on 04.16.12.  She is the “upside down” “tuning” fork (this is super symbolic) though for now I will point out that it shows her trying to use a tuning fork the wrong way—improper procedure. This improper procedure is REO “You Can’t Tuna Fish”—the Big Tuna is moving. REO in real estate means relocation. She is a woman pointing an automatic weapon trying to direct traffic (see below). There are too many meanings in this session to detail right now; and I detail it all in Chapter 10 – Head Spinning Internet Mess: The Covert Operative’s Cover is Blown.

J5-08.05.09 p1 001J5-08.05.09 p2 001

08.05.09 Dream. For now, I’ll point out that on 08.05.09 I had a dream about the woman who was using a remote control devise directing traffic for her brother, and because she didn’t know what she was doing and didn’t know how to use the devise she was using that belonged to her brother; she crashed into an innocent woman causing severe damage to the woman’s car and a major pileup on a very busy highway—symbolic to the information highway. That was me she recklessly crashed into. Another woman was with her and witnessed what she did—they walked away as if they did nothing wrong and both pretended that the sister didn’t do anything when she was fully responsible for creating an extraordinary amount of damage.

01.03.09 p3Back to the 01.03.09 session: on Page 2, it shows a shaggy 5-palm that’s a crooked mess. She is a mess. Shaggy is multi-symbolic and one of those symbolic meanings relates to the profile of “ollie.” It shows that Rose—the shaggy 5-palm—is an arm of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the “Pope Man” who is really the crab/scorpion that is a bug underwater; and that is the old man they are cutting ties to. The Statue of Liberty is 10—that’s Jack. He’s the clown in the wheelchair. The Statue of Liberty is the Uncle Sam-hand pointing the finger at me.

Remember that spirit symbols can and do refer to more than one person and more than one scenario at the exact same time. So, for example; the real Rose could have been the one who originated the character—or held the job—and then she was terminated for a specific reason, maybe for having a tainted and poisoned view or because she is a dysfunctional mess and screws everything up or something like that. Then the individual who takes over that character identity could suffer the same fate. Always remain objective—rule nothing out and consider all possibilities—so the truth becomes flagrant.

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01.11.09 page 5: Moby Dick was followed by an Egyptian boat. 01.11.09 page 7 again shows an Egyptian boat and then its “boxy”—think “woman in the box” though that boxy is multi-symbolic. Egyptians are slim and trim. A boxy anything is big and bulky.

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 02.18.09 page 6: When asking where I should look to find answers on “Joan” and who she was, spirit responds by showing me an Egyptian Chase—an elaborately designed chair—an elaborately designed position—that is a LINK. Then they show a woman’s mouth wide open with a focus on the teeth—the identity of a female big mouth. Then someone folds a piece of paper together and matches all the wings up—they all fit together. This tells me that the elaborately created Egyptian position played as a woman with a big mouth is an identity that is on paper and it can be matched to other identities on paper that are all wings that match up and go together—“we go together” from the movie “Grease” (sing the song: “we’ll always, be together …); and this is symbolic to identities on where I used to blog for fun back in 2008 and 2009. Wings are the Eagles; and that is what is on the badge of many police officers—the Illinois State flag symbol.

10.07.09 p3 00110.07.09 page 3 says “Carry On” is inside the case between two Captains. “Carryon” was a profile on This tells me that the person who is “Carryon” on was on the inside of the case either during the transition period where a new Captain replaced the former Captain, or she is inside the case of two different Captains. Since they showed one case and two Captains, I am leaning towards her being inside the case between the transitions from one Captain to the other. The remainder of this session is provided in great detail in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths.

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 02.20.09 page 3 shows “Janet” looking at homes for sale in a real estate advertising book with “jmovingthey move together. This is her ship changing from big and drab to something more sleek and Egyptian. This whole session was on the Soldier Reporter.

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 Now go to 10.07.08 page 2 but use the copy of my journal that you have from Don Bennett, for those who can, and look at who is associated with the person in the wheelchair. The person in the wheelchair is the “clown” and that is the Serial Killer—Jack the Ripper—who is the real Rose’s friend from New York as was shown to me in early 2008. When I first came in contact with Rose, I asked her point blank, “Who is Jack?” She lied to me and told me that Jack was her cat. I later learned that Jack is her friend from New York that now lives somewhere in or near Will County, according to the person who told me that. Why would Rose lie to me? Spirit showed me this “old man” visiting her when she was near death in the hospital in New York—an event that Rose confirmed did happen to her—and the old man was wearing an old fashioned suit that was much too big for him now he was old, and he had a butcher’s knife he pulled out of his sock (multi-symbolic) and at that moment; they indicated that he was “Jack the Ripper.” That is why the first thing I asked her during our initial phone conversation was “Who is Jack?”

Is that why Tony comes in symbolically as a cat? Is Tony under cover as, or does he have the false name of—witness protection maybe or he’s a fugitive—Rose’s friend Jack—the old man—who is a Jack-the-Ripper type? Is that the New York connection? Is that why he is dubbed “Joe Swift” because he is a master manipulator and an identity escape artist? Is that the multi-symbolic Whitey Bulger meaning along with the “j” Connolly—meaning the “son”—symbol?

11.22.09 p3 001On 11.22.09 page 3, they tell me that “Joe Swift” is “Batman”—a covert operative—but it’s a “mask,” meaning it’s not real—and he is “Deputy Dog.” The “page” has “sharp” features—he’s intelligent—with a “spade” nose. The “spade” is the “troll” and a “nose” is symbolic to cocaine. He is the “Joker;” and with that is the rapid anxious heartbeat of “John Oglesby.”


11.06.09 p7 001




FYI, Jack is the old man they are cutting all ties to as shown to me on 11.06.09 page 7. It is “Jeff’s” job to cut ties to the old man. The “Lovers”—the man and the woman—are the ties to the old man Jeff is tasked with eliminating as everything is now in jeopardy because of me and what I have handed over.

01.14.10 p5 00101.14.10 page 5. I am trying to figure out if “Jack the Ripper” is a real person or a figment of a psychotic imagination for they showed Jack to me to be an illusion—an imaginary superhero type character born of a child’s imagination. If that is the case, and Jack is not real and not the one murdering prostitutes; then the person who imagined “Jack” into existence is the one doing it. Additionally, the master manipulator could have merely concocted the psychotic scenario in digital fashion by cloning the real Rose’s computer cookies and/or IP in order to falsely accuse another—to redirect the focus off of him and onto another.

In order to learn the truth, one must leave all options open and remain completely objective.

For the record, I prefer to not openly discuss such scenarios; however, you—the investigators—after allowing this animal to skate free and clear for seven-plus years—have left me no choice but to discuss it openly in order to, and in an effort to, expose this animal for who he is to prevent any future loss of life.

01.14.10 p6 00101.14.10 page 6. There are some clues here that I won’t explain right now; however, I want to point out the “Stallion” pulling the enormous “cavalry” that breaks off into “4 branches” and the fact that there is a direct link here to the “New York” “Underground Railroad.” The Stallion is the Sergeant and he is a “7.” He will be “given his walking papers.”

12.01.09 p1 00112.01.09 page 1. “John” is/was associated with “NYPD” and he was “ollie” on This guy is undercover. ollie is Jaws as shown to me on 11.12.08 page 6. John is Jack is ollie.





07.13.11 p1 00107.13.11 p2 001

As stated on 07.13.11 pages 1 and 2, “ollie” is Jack Honig and is associated with the name “Ned O’Malley” as a traffic cop. Ned O’Malley is detailed in Chapter 10 – Head Spinning Internet Mess: The Covert Operative’s Cover is Blown.

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 11.12.08 page 6. “ollie is New York,” (“Joe Swift is New York” too). I provided Plainfield PD with two of the IPs that ollie used while posting in a private Lisa Stebic forum created immediately following the closing of the Lisa Stebic “VOY” forum in mid-2007. Those IP addresses are as follows: and I was not a member of the VOY forum—I never saw it; but I heard about it and all the trolling that transpired which led to the closing of that Lisa Stebic forum.

So, “ollie is New York,” and “Joe Swift is New York.” The real “Rose” is from New York. The orphanannie-clan user “Avalon EWO” is also from New York; and Avalon EWO was also one of those who continuously pointed the finger at me accusing me of being all these crazy online screen-names from somewhere I am not familiar with—I did not recognized those names they accused me of being—posting said accusations in the Plainfield, Illinois and Bolingbrook, Illinois forums they utilized so heavily between 2007-2009.

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 On 05.17.09, I woke to a message from spirit telling me that Avalon EWO was a Sergeant cop in a blue uniform. With this, I get the symbolism of a cursive upper case “J” and a Celtic cross. They provided me with the symbolism for the Lovers—the man and the woman—and woman’s “lips.” This is a dark bird with a sharp beak—a sharp tongue—who was pecking away at something that turned out to be nothing but air. They then showed a woman dressed in a costume like “cat woman” but a “bat”—a covert operative. They showed the inside of her mouth close-up and it’s all dark with a dark “cookie” in her mouth. This cookie in her mouth action is an “upside down” “hook.

What that tells me is this Avalon EWO person is or was a Sergeant at that time (May 2009) who was in disguise utilizing corrupt and illegal means in order to bait their catch; but they’re wasting their time pecking at air while they have a computer cookie in their mouth—the words they use—what they attempt to portray of themselves—is that of the identity of the cookie they have cloned and are using (to falsely point the finger at me). And this effort of theirs is an upside down fish hook—meaning they are incompetent.

J” is directly associated with “Joliet” and he will be taken away like a bad act off stage. There are two different “J’s”—lower case “j” and upper case “J”. Lower case “j”—John Morgan—killed Lisa Stebic. Upper case “J”—Jack Honig—is a serial killer. “J” is a very bad man.

I am trying to understand if there are two different people—say father and son, whether real or as a cover identity—or if they are both the same person and the father figure is either part of a concocted online undercover family identity, or the father figure is a figment of a psychotic imagination that the individual adopts when they morph into serial killer mode—one who, in their own twisted mind, is a super hero ridding the world of those he considers to be despicable vile women.

04.27.09 3pgs Lisa Stebic Stacy Peterson04.27.09 p1.pdf 

04.27.09 – Avalon EWO is a/the 4-hand.


06.08.09 p606.08.09 – Avalon EWO is the naked fat woman associated with the witch hat. Naked is symbolic to the “naked gossip” term I used in my letter to Plainfield PD Chief Bill Doster on December 15, 2009.

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As shown to me on 06.13.09 page 3, the witch hat is a position held. On page 2, I ask; what is the result of the emails I have been sending to law enforcement and the FBI? Spirit replies by telling me that the information I am providing to law enforcement—my view of it from being on the outside of the “ring corner”—is tipping the baluster corner (cop) on the side. This, they show, is the witch hat position—one of the many chairs that will fold-close simultaneously when the Egypt-7 is finally taken away. They show a “frame”—a license plate frame—with the information from my journals inside the frame; and this frame is blocking the view of the outside ring corner—my view of the truth from the outside. That means the person so desperately trying to frame me is doing so to deliberately create a block to my visions so Lisa Stebic’s truth will remain unseen. This person trying to frame me KNOWS I see the truth; and they must prevent that truth from being heard in order to protect himself and his corrupt operation. The one who is using the frame to block the truth is an officer who was advancing—the ship’s CaptainJohn—John and Joan—Johnny boy—the one with all the made up position chairs. He is a “7” and is “Egypt;” and he will be taken away with the closing of all these bogus positions. He is “jConnolly—symbolic to the son of a dirty FBI mob boss handler—as shown to me on 11.09.08 page 4. And as shown on 11.09.08 page 3—as provided to Plainfield PD Chief of Police Don Bennett on November 16, 2008—“j” is John Jr. John Jr. is a cop with 7pt star badge. He is the big upside down man with the chief lines next to him—he is either next to the Chief or he is the Chief or, since many times I can see two people simultaneously as one person and I also see the future, he is both—he is next to the Chief and will later become Chief or he has two roles where in one position he is next to the Chief and the other he is the Chief. The flagship—the ship that carries the Commander of the fleet—is the ship with the chief lines as the sail. As shown on page 11.09.08 page 2 and page 4, John Jr. is Moby Dick. 11.09.08 page 2 shows him to be the “Lighthouse”—and that is the backward 1 on the water. He has a house boat or a cabin cruiser. 11.09.08 page 1 shows that he was “Draig Peterbic.” The “Ken” person named on this page is actual and symbolic at the same time.

The Ken person has a different last name than the one listed in Journal 1 as provided to Don Bennett on November 16, 2008; the first name, however, is correct. As with my misinterpretation of Jan being Janet, I received the name “Ken” and then, possibly, my conscious mind projected the remainder of the name because I consciously recognized someone with that name; though the possibility remains—and more likely than not—that the full named person is somehow connected and/or involved in some way either directly or indirectly merely by what this person symbolizes or by their association with others who are connected. Time will tell the truth.

The following was taken from Chapter 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman:

09.27.12 p209.27.12 p2. The person’s move in 2008 is associated with “Tommy” … I just realized something right at this immediate moment: this guy didn’t move from Will County to a different law enforcement agency. He moved from another law enforcement agency to Will County in 2008 and this is associated with “Tommy” moving … Whoah—I just realized something else. I know precisely what they are telling me and what that means. I cannot detail that here at this time; however, what I can say is that this “move” is related to the “Captain” whose position was closed at the time I was moving in November 2008 as detailed above on the 10.31.08 session and this guy—the Captain whose position was closed—is “Sheriff” and “thief” as indicated on 09.27.12 page 2. It is also directly connected to “link” as shown on 12.22.08 page 2 and detailed above.

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This is also directly associated with a dream I woke to on 08.13.08 and documented in the journal I provided to Don Bennett in November 2008. Now I understand this dream completely and now I know who that person in the dream is in the real world—the one who was the “Lead Guy” at the time of that dream who was after me because I had the “codes” to the game—the guy who was the white haired man that resembled “Gary Busse.” *Note:* In the journal, I wrote he looked like Nick Nolte; but that should be “Gary Busse.” As a kid, I confused one for the other by name; and old habits die hard.


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 The first name of Ken on this 11.09.08 page 1 session is correct. He is the “lead guy” from my dream who resembled Gary Busse, though I mistakenly wrote “Nick Nolte” see 08.13.08.  On July 28, 2009, upon hearing the name Gary Busse and it triggering a bell dinging in my mind, I googled his picture; and then I realized my error and I immediately published my realization of that on MISSING to make it clear. At that time, however, I still did not know who this person was or where they were from and I had not yet realized what the Ken name symbolized; so I had not yet put those pieces of the puzzle together and had not yet connected the name I received in the session to the person shown to me in the dream. I was completely in the dark about what it all meant until much later.

Remember that spirit symbols can and do mean multiple things and/or represent multiple people at the same time. The physical description of this lead guy from my dream is one such instance where a physical description displayed as one person is actually showing me two different people at the same time—two men in this case. This happens to me frequently and always has.

One man is a big guy and about 6’2”ish, and the other was someone who wore an off-white suit, was in his late 50’s and looked liked Gary Busse. This/they was/were someone in a position of authority who was “on the inside” of the investigation—the lead guy. Both of them are in positions of authority and are the lead guy—they both are in control or were in control at that time. This is also associated with the two that share the same position—the “Captain’s” chair where I couldn’t tell one apart from the other. At that time, they each separately were Captains and were symbolized by the Captain’s chair yet I couldn’t understand what they were telling me because I was getting the same symbol for more than one person. Initially, it was so confusing; but as time goes on, and if you are open to it, the truth inevitably becomes flagrant.

That July 2009 Gary Busse realization was validated and confirmed in May 2013 when—for the first time—I happened to see a real life picture of this “lead guy” while I was conducting a field search with my associate—the day I discovered the Lafarge quarry was where John Spira’s remains would be found. A conversation my associate and I were having led us to do a google search, and then one thing led to another; and I came across the photo. In the recently taken photo of him that I saw—nearly five years after my August 13, 2008 dream—he was wearing the exact off-white suit that was shown to me in the dream. How cool is that!

That kind of stuff never ceases to amaze me. It is also exhilarating and inspiring.

Since I documented the dream describing the off-white suit, provided a copy of that documentation to Plainfield PD on November 16, 2008, and then posted a copy of that documentation online on my MISSING blog on July 28, 2009 for the whole world to see; there can be no denying my advanced psychic talents and skills; and there can be no denying my ability to accurately see future events.

That lead guy has since left that position.

As so often the case while working on such a complex situation, it took years before the meaning and the whole truth became obvious to me. In this specific case, it took nearly five years before I knew who this guy was; and then it took another year from that point in time to fully understand the whole story and the full message in the dream. Now I get it completely.

One of the Captain’s positions was the one that was closing at the time I moved at the end of November 2008. One of the two was named “Ken.” The other is named “John.” This is the “two” purses (multi-symbolic) in the dream I had—one cream colored and one “pink” (multi-symbolic). They were after me because I had the “codes” to the game. The game is “Monopoly.” Monopoly is a board game. That’s why they needed to steal information from me and then try to frame me in order to shut me up—because I saw exactly what they were doing that was illegal; and what they will both go to prison for.

While a tremendous amount of law enforcement officers and their support staff will be fired for their participation in this Titanic ship of corruption; only a few of them—the fireman included—will go to prison for it. The majority of them are merely being manipulated by the few that are leading—those in control of the dirty operation who led the followers like blind mice to participate in acts of wrong doing. And this is why I have given up more than seven years of my life—to end this dirty madness; and to take it down—and all of them with it.

04.04.1204.04.12. “8” is inside the “7”. “8” is the one on the inside. “8” is a position held by two 4’s—4 + 4 = “8”. “8” is the Captain with two who share the position—the two that are one—two names together as one, and I can’t tell one apart from the other; like twins—“John and Joan.”

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The name “Joan” came in on Avalon EWO (see 11.14.08 page 4) along with symbols that indicate computer manipulating, hacking and manipulative plans. This person was being pressured by a huge thumb—they are under someone’s thumb; and a huge one at that. Remember, Avalon EWO is a Sergeant. As shown on page 3, Avalon EWO is associated with the lower case “j” person. And on 05.07.09 they showed Avalon EWO associated with the big “J” also.

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 04.29.09j” is the hand spray painting graffiti about a row of stick candles burning. The candles are symbolic to “Links”—detailed in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths—regarding “the woman in the box.” “j” is the hit man who killed Lisa Stebic. Jeff is associated with the graffiti.

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 On 11.13.08 page 4, when asking about the poster “Draig Peterbic” (the name is a combination of the names Drew Peterson and Craig Stebic), they show that the lower case “j” person was a corner that was either on its side or fallen down. Draig Peterbic was banned from in latter 2008 for angrily threatening to throw me in the Sanitary and Ship Canal with cement tied to my feet. Notice on 11.13.08 page 3, they tell me that the C-hand with the rose ring was the internet harasser; and that he is the backward 1 on the water who is the lower case “j” person who was Draig Peterbic. He is a smoker who is left-handed. This is aka Russell from and he is “Daremeonce” from and “Slickster” from as detailed in Chapter 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman. He is the one who killed Lisa Stebic. Lisa knew him as John Morgan. He is the younger one as symbolized by a “Page” tarot card. He is also the fireman who has a house boat as indicated on 12.13.08 page 3. Remember the bogus profiles they use on the internet; therefore, the fireman, for example, could simply symbolize a bogus internet ID. The fireman can also be a real life position, or symbolize a position that is part of an under cover identity, or it can symbolize someone who is an arsonist, or any combination of those examples.

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 12.08.08As spirit has indicated throughout these sessions the past seven years, “rose” is the one “on the inside.” Page 4 indicates that “rose” is “twisted” and shows “rose” as the Aries ram “rocking back and forth.” As detailed previously, “rose” is a 4-hand. Two 4’s make 8; and “8” is the one on the inside of “7”.

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 11.12.08 page 5 shows the hang-glider plane “rocking back and forth.” The hang-glider has the twisted thing at the tip of its nose (the “spiral” is also symbolic and means “Spira”). Spirit speaks in symbols. The spiral became the twisted writing of York that’s on top or at the top of a corner (a corner is an officer’s stripe). This is telling me that either 7-man-seven is twisted in his investigation because worse than thinking with his ears; he is thinking with Rose’s gossiping mouth, or he cloned Rose’s digital ID and is planting evidence out there to make it appear that Rose—or someone else being made to look as if they are pretending to be Rose—is the one doing it. Or both scenarios are true and Rose was involved initially in the internet mess and the staging of the plagiarized information stolen from me through illegal wire taps—that’s the Titanic ship of corruption—then at some point he or another took over her bogus online identity/identities and the job to be out there planting a bogus trail of internet evidence to frame me was taken over by him or another.

03.10.10 p1 001

03.10.10. Not only is that rocking back and forth motion shown to be one of the two with the false identities who are the “bride and groom” as clearly displayed on 11.25.08 and detailed in Chapter 3; but that rocking-back-and-forth symbol is exactly the symbol used on 03.10.10—the girl with the pillow who was confessing what they did—and that is supposed to be me though it is just their made up garbage as signified by the “upside down” telephone “handle” that is an office phone. This is the same upside down office telephone handle that is the basis of Tony’s appearance before the “Grand Jury” as mentioned in Chapter 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman and detailed further in Chapter 13 – The Grand Jury.

There is a multifaceted meaning here on the 03.10.10 page with the rocking-back-and-forth symbol and the “upside down telephone handle” symbol. In part, this is telling me that when they had their legal-yet-illegal-(because they lied to get it)-wiretap on me, they falsely claimed that I confessed to something when I was drunk in order to further stalk and harass me in their efforts to pressure me into either a false confession or to pressure me enough to push me into a psychotic break. It doesn’t matter how they got me out of the way; they just needed to get me out of the way.

It also tells me what is happening because of the information I am providing right here and now with this post—information I had provided confidentially to a law enforcement officer in the past.

It is on this page, 03.10.10, when the name “Rozak” is first introduced to me—that is Judge Rozak—and someone lied to the judge as I have stated over and over again on MISSING. And remember, I see many things long before they happen—years before in most cases. As can be seen on this 03.10.10 page, everything these two have done to me is based on theft, plagiarism and—the worst one—gossip coming from “jpg.” “jpg” is the tough guy who takes all the pictures of rugged terrain, who was the “fake psychiatrist,” who is the one whose “hand” is “in it;” and he is associated with that Yorkville property and the death of the “woman in the box” with the major skull fractures who died at the campground where the real person named “Rose” associated with Lisa Stebic’s case has a campsite—discussed in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 and further detailed in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths. He is a “Will County” “Razor Back.” Aside from what that [Razor Back] is in nature—a wild pig—I have no idea what a Razor Back is, though I know for certain; I will come to know what that is in the future.

03.10.10 p2 001Page 2 of 03.10.10 shows the new information I am providing right now and shows how I can see their attempts to wash their internet trail as symbolized by the “window wipers.” A “window” is symbolic to a computer window—computer tapping and hacking in a “Windows” environment—and the doing so is associated with “jar” which is “John Oglesby” as detailed in this post:  Who is This?  Further, it shows a planted trail of bread crumbs. And on the last line, it says “you” “just you” “ticking time bomb.

That tells me EXACTLY what they did to me and are still trying to do to me.

07.21.08 edit This “ticking time bomb” symbol came in when I did a brief session on the real “Rose” on 07.21.08; and this was included in my Journal 1 provided to Don Bennett of Plainfield PD on November 16, 2008. I deliberately did not post this particular session on MISSING prior to now—this is the first time I am publishing this session. Notice how it says “she’s a ticking time bomb.” Notice in the 03.10.10 session on page 2 (in the paragraph above) how it tells me that someone else said that about me; and this is the “woman” “rocking back and forth” who confesses what they did while clutching a pillow as if she were institutionalized—the same rocking back and forth motion of the “skeleton teeth” on 11.25.08—think skeletons in the closet and an unknown identity—and one of the two whose identity will be revealed—the bride and the groom—the beauty pageant blond and her knight.

11.25.08 page 111.25.08 A “7” is “fired.” This is associated with “Christmas.” Christmas is also symbolic to Jesus who was born on Christmas. The firing is also associated with the Tarot Death Card; and this entire meaning will be detailed in Chapter 8 – Jesus: The Fall Guy. This is when the rocking back and forth motion symbol is first introduced to me as one of the two who are the bride and groom; and it is the same rocking back and forth motion as the pregnant woman who is fired as detailed on page 11.30.08 page 4 in Chapter 3 – The Killer: The Man and the Woman. This was the woman who was lovers with the man—the two with blood all over their hands from 12.13.08 page 9—and they were doing the home renovating around that time in late 2008–to early/mid 2009, or since I see many things before they actually happen; they will be doing the home renovating at some future point or would be at some future point from November 2008—a point in time since past. Notice the motion picture symbols (to be explained later) prior to the skeleton teeth rocking back and forth. This is someone who is or will be moving.

**Note: See the comment below dated 07.22.14 at 6.10 AM**

11.12.08 p511.12.08 Page 5 is when the rocking back and forth symbol is initially introduced, which is the hang glider-like plane—the ultra-light plane—with the twisted handwriting of “York” at the tip. The twisted writing is about John Spira; and this is or will be about and/or tied to the “woman in the box” as detailed in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths.

And don’t forget about the bogus psychic identities this maniac has created which he uses to manipulate cases by pointing the finger at innocent people—namely me.

In order to learn the absolute truth, one must remain completely objective and not become fixated on a single scenario. Remember, too, that multiple people play the role of the same fictitious online identity; therefore, the originating symbol provided by spirit for any person’s role—whether an online identity or a real life position—could have been the person’s real name and then at some later point, a different person took over that identity yet spirit continues to use the original symbol to identify that online character. The further clues provided by sprit will tell me if that is the case.

09.23.09 p309.23.09 page 3. As described in the beginning of this chapter, these are the two at Plainfield PD who’ve been pointing the finger at me all these years. Based on the symbolism, they told me that this person was also Cheddie from It shows that these two are the “King Cobra” and this is associated with a “tent.”

The King Cobra is made up of two halves—the brother and sister that are lovers and have the fake marriage. And remember the multifaceted meanings of spirit symbolism and how it can mean more than one person at the same time about more than one situation simultaneously. He is symbolized as the “King of Diamonds.” The “tent” is his “stake.”

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As also shown on 09.23.09 page 3 (two paragraphs above), on 03.22.08 page 2 they show this tent—his “stake”—in a “campground.” This campground is multi-symbolic.

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On 02.16.09 page 4, they tell me the “tent stake” is John’s digital “B” (this same “B” came in on Stacy Peterson in November 2007); and this is a huge “nail” that’s a tent stake making the sound of steel hitting steel—the sound of “prison bars.” That was his goal—to get me in prison and frame me for crimes I did not commit. This tent stake is also the “medical symbol” representing, in part, this guy as the FAKE PSYCHIATRIST in his “medical monitoring” scheme (and we found the direct link to that fake psychiatrist and this “Jim” person—documented in the file and saved). This tent stake was to be the foundation of his book and movie deal.

08.08.12 & 08.13.12 00108.08.12 and 08.13.12. In fact, the “campground” is “his stake.” And that stake is nothing more that a jagged and mangled mess made up of various parts of steel—STEAL—they twisted together in their pursuit of fame and fortune. He stole my work from me through the illegal tapping of my computer and my phones. The campground is the specific location of the property in Yorkville, Illinois where there is or will be a “death” associated with it—the “woman in a box” with three major skull fractures from her head being slammed to the ground; and soon to be discovered as detailed in Chapters 1 and 3—a major manipulation of truth and fact—whose deceptive scheme will fail because I am on top of it. The campground is also symbolic to another location to be detailed at another time.

There will be three people/identities that disappear. The three person identity disappearing act is symbolized as a “triple play;” and this is being setup to protect the men who sit at the round table—the leaders of the dirty operation—those on the board of the organization that is the Titanic ship of corruption. The Triple play is associated with John Spira’s remains being found. The triple play is detailed in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths and Chapter 14 – BRAINTREE: June 26th.

(1) The twisted campground stake of theirs will be used to pierce the “Jesus” man in the head once he is on his back. Jesus is symbolized as “Sieffert;” and that is when he is taken out. This is detailed in Chapter 8 – Jesus: The Fall Guy.

(2) The crabby old man who is the serial killer—Jack the thief—will be kidnapped; and he will be found in the trunk of a car.  “Tony” is characterized as “Spilotro” symbolizing that he will be taken out. As mentioned in this chapter, this is detailed in Chapter 11 – Covert Operative’s Underworld: The Underground Railroad and “BlackShades”.

(3) The woman who “rose” symbolically represents will go missing. “Joan” is also symbolized as “Spilotro”–when she is taken out. This is detailed in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths under “the Woman in the Box.”

These three (3) deaths are all STAGED–they are not real–to protect the true identities of the three individuals behind the facade of these three fictitious identities. So, either some very dirty cover ups will take place with actual deaths and then the identities are manipulated to use as a cover for washing these three identities, or the three staged deaths are some cockamamie creation of the master manipulator and it is something that is in writing somewhere. Maybe this is a part of the “storybook” he is writing that is “due out in July.” I am not certain yet about the nature of these staged deaths–if they are real deaths used as a cover up to wash the three Morgan identities or if it is just some garbage he wrote about somewhere.

When “jack—the old man—Haggard” is kidnapped, I will be hired to find him—to find Tony. And I will find him.

**Comment – 07.22.14 at 6.10 AM** While editing the paragraph preceding the *note* remark in red above referencing this comment, as I counted the pages on my session from 12.13.08 to reference it above, and then got to page “9” while looking at page 9 and seeing the two lovers with blood all over their hands, it hit me; This is it!—this is the “This is it” I got in Journal 1. On 10.31.08, I was shown my own hand while writing the words “This is it,” followed by the “1” and the bogus psychic Steven writing that BS about Joe Stebic having his daughter-in-law Lisa Stebic in a freezer that he took with him to his new house when he moved on 9-11—and 9-11 is the fireman. This guy is the left-handed heavy smoker. He is the Rising Son. He is Tony in Rockdale, Illinois with Link—they are the lovers with blood all over their hands. This is it!

On 12.15.08 page 3, spirit referenced the space where Lisa’s remains were; and it was associated with “it” (symbolizing “This is it”) and “page 9”—a page in my journal that I correctly identified to be 12.13.09 page 9 and posted as such on MISSING in July 26, 2009—though I didn’t realize at the time it was referencing the two lovers. I thought it was referencing the blue box change purse that I happened to be focused on late last night while making notes to add to the “woman in the box” scenario I am piecing together that will be added to Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths. I didn’t grasp the whole “This is it” meaning until the moment when I was counting the pages in the journal to make reference to it above and I said “9” while simultaneously looking at the description I wrote of the two lovers I saw with blood all over their hands; then it hit me in an enormous way—they are the two will be in the face off … “Oh, my God,” I said to myself; “This is it! This is them! I did it!”

This guy has the boat and he is a pilot. He is a fallen officer—alive not dead—who’s a Sergeant. He’s the “7” who was or will be fired. He is the younger one. He is j that’s an L. He is the Stallion—he’s a sex fanatic. He is the one with the dark mustache and he is also “Jesus”—the son of God the father—the one who sat at the head of the table of those being served for the Grand Jury as those who were being served were being catered to and taken care of by those serving them. He is “9;” and Lisa Stebic knew him as John Morgan. Holy jamoly—I know who this is.

LE, I am DEAD ON here; and I am handing you Lisa Stebic’s skull on a silver platter—that which I stated to my associate in early-mid 2008. During that phone conversation, I said; “They are so ignorant over at PPD they won’t believe the truth until I bring them Lisa’s skull on a silver platter; and that is exactly what I am going to do when I find her.”

You had me illegally wiretapped at that time; so I am certain you have that on tape!

The handing of Lisa’s skull on a silver platter is super-symbolic and I will detail this meaning further in Chapter 12 – Skeletons and Cover Ups: Identity Washing and Staged Deaths, though I will tell you this; I will bring you Lisa’s skull because I know exactly where it is at.

Because John Spira won’t be found, or the identity of his remains won’t be revealed, until September (I realized that definitively a month or so ago); you, LE, won’t listen to me until you are forced to do so—that which will come once John Spira’s remains are discovered—and identified—precisely where I said they would be found. If that location has not been searched, someone needs to get over there pronto and search it. If that location has been searched thoroughly—and I have great doubt about LE’s competence in finding those remains even if they are there right under their noses—and nothing has been found; set up a camera on that spot so however those remains get to that precise spot it will be caught on camera once they do show up there. One cannot deny something like that (though based on what I have seen; I’d bet they would try to deny it).

I’ll wrap this chapter up with a few predictions:

  • (1) The Chicago Blackhawks will take the Stanley Cup once again on June 26th. The Grand Jury is also June 26th.
  • (2) Something exciting with Lisa Stebic’s case happens on a “Friday.” “Freaky Friday” is associated with a specific poster who is playing house; and I more than suspect this is the “Link” woman with Tony in Rockdale.
  • (3) These two will separate and move.
  • (4) Both of them fugitives? I think so, though maybe it is just him; but I am not entirely certain about that right at this moment. He will definitely become a fugitive.
  • (5) When he becomes a fugitive on the run, I will be hired to find him; and I will find him—I already know who he will become once he does flee. Tony, try as you might; you will not escape my ability to find you.
  • (6) The two lovers will have a public “face-off” associated with court, June 26th, and me.

June 26, 2015 is a Friday.

Dates to Remember     

September 24

December 21

March 15

April 5

April 12

June 26


 Chapter 8 – Jesus: The Fall Guy

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