Planting Digital Evidence


Lisa Stebic, John Spira, Stacy Peterson

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Planting Digital Evidence

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[Link to 11.29.08 session] The man detailed on page 3 of the 11.29.08 session has a tattoo on his forearm—a mariner’s tattoo that looks like the marine logo.  He is “the hand” as detailed on page 2 of this session and he is directly associated with that specific location in Yorkville detailed on flip page 14 in my Journal 1—it is HIS HAND that is in it as clearly stated on 11.29.08 page 3.

He is the one with the bogus marriage to the beauty pageant queen who is the blond. Then the person who is playing the blond pageant queen is taken out of the scene (the “tooth” being removed—the person who is the “staff” as detailed below). At the point when the “7-staff”—the “rose”—is taken out of the scene, he takes over that identity. This particular “beauty pageant queen” identity is manipulated with an IP he has cloned from “Alsip, IL”.

Furthermore, in a dream I had several months ago they showed this bogus wedding to be taking place in my own backyard; so, the “Alsip, IL” IP he is using that he had cloned is an IP from someone close to me. This means they are trying to make it appear as if I am the person concocting all these fictitious identities. He is still trying to pin crap on me in order to take the heat off him and does so by illegally tapping me in order to get personal information from me so he can then use that information in his efforts to continue to point the finger at me trying to frame me to get me out of the way.

Because of me, he is now “stuck” and cannot move forward.

In another dream I had a few months ago they showed me precisely what he was doing with this “Alsip, IL” IP he has cloned. The dream also showed to me what investigative department he works for and the time period when this manipulation would be taking place—at a time my son is in from college on break—which was during Christmas, December 24th-January 11th. What the dream indicted about me and my son, the events we engaged in and our conversations, could simply be a story he created—planting evidence on the internet somehow—to point the finger at me.

For example, he creates this bogus beauty pageant queen identity off my sister-in-law’s wireless IP in “Alsip, IL” that he’s been able to tap into, and creates some other communications using the same IP that appear to be coming from me—maybe he has my email cloned or a mock email made to look like me or something like that. Or he uses one of the bogus psychic identities he has created and uses the personal information he’s taken from the illegal phone tapping of me and plants a trail of bogus psychic leads that point to me.

And that is exactly how his “crooked and distorted” mind works.

02.08.10 p2 001

On 02.08.10 page 2 they show me him as a “turtle” that’s a “bug” crawling around in a “plant” making his way to the top. Turtles move slowly—slow and steady.

06.07.10 p5 001

06.07.10 page 5. This is him again; and this is regarding a woman on a computer doing all this crazy stuff trying to manipulate things. This is him planting evidence on me in order to justify his illegal tapping of me so he can continue to frame me and continue to justify his illegal tapping of me. Slow like a turtle, he is crawling stealthily as if he is a bug in a plant where he’s going to eventually prove what I am doing that is really the plant he has put there made up of all his illegal acts to frame me; and all done while he makes his way to the top in his dirty operation.

This is the kind of crazy stuff he has been doing to me for years trying to make it appear as if I am some flipping nut case on the computer conducting ludicrous trolling actions. The madman is trying to make it appear that I am doing what he does.

One must know that this guy is not in this alone. He gets others to do his dirty work on the guise of detective work.  He is a master manipulator.  He/they play “musical chairs” with these online identities and use the cloned IP’s and computer cookies he/they steal in order to create chaos.

Initially, those actions made understanding this entire mess quite difficult. I can now read the symbols clearly so I can see the process by which they conduct their online manipulations and how they share identities and that is why I get multiple names at the same time for a single identity.  Spirit has become quite creative in providing me with the right clues so I will understand the message.

When there are multiple people using the same identity, I will get the first name of one person with the last name of the other or a combination of multiple people’s names combined as one name such as “Roselli”. If he has cloned coworker’s computer cookies and/or IP, I might get the name as a conjunction such as JimmyDean or JimmyJohn.  Or I will hear one name while seeing another at the same time and that means the name I see is a disguised name of the name of the person I hear. If I see a name and simultaneously hear the same name that means it is their real name.  I also will get two names at the same time and can’t tell one apart from the other—twins and identical twins or two individuals operating simultaneously as the same false identity. I will get a name that morphs into another name such as Joan becoming Joann that becomes Ann. They are merely showing me what this nut case is doing to manipulate things in the digital world.

Again, sometimes there are multiple people who share a false identity. Other times, this lunatic has cloned his coworkers’ computer cookies and IP’s and uses them to do his dirty work. The guy is a madman. He has grown much too large, however, and he is losing the control that he never really had to begin with. He just thought he was in control.  His downfall has always been predictable because what he has created is weak with its “crooked and distorted” manufacturing process making for a severely flawed hollow-structure because of its lack of substance and quality. His creation is a house of cards and its collapse is inevitable—it is only a matter of time.

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[Link to 03.28.08 session] On 03.28.08 p5 spirit showed the guy with the mariner’s/marine logo tattoo on his arm as one of the “two” who disposed of Lisa Stebic’s body. He is a heavy smoker with an “S” on the lighter.

The other two in this entire charade are “Tony’s” children. “Jill” is the daughter and she is the sister of “John Jr.” Tony’s “children” are his “cover” with each being represented by one of two “front” teeth (she is the “staff” that is removed). “Teeth” are symbolic for identities. “False teeth” means a false identity. This is a “PC family”—an internet family.

Remember, everything is symbolic and this nut has created a plethora of false identities as a way to cover up the truth and manipulate investigations to keep the focus off him while framing others in the process.

When spirit provides me with a full name, it may take me time to locate that name in the physical world but I always find them.  I found “Jack and Jill Morgan” precisely as spirit showed them to me—providing me with both of their ages and their full names including their middle initials.  It doesn’t get more specific than that. I found “John Oglesby” precisely as they showed him to me—multiple faces too but the same name and with specific details so I would understand who they were when I came across them in my searches. I also found “Tony” and his “cover” precisely as spirit indicated. Every name spirit has provided to me, I find in the physical world.

I blow their cover every single time. I am going to blow their cover yet again too. I have their future new cover names tucked away—never mentioned, typed, or text to anyone.

You can never hide from me, Tony, I will always find you. You don’t scare me one bit; but I know I scare the bejeebees out of you.  You are deathly afraid of the truth, and I am your enemy number one.  I will proudly hold that title and claim victory when I witness your take-down.

Then I am going to celebrate.

BRAINTREE Ch. 6 – Orphanannie and Plainfield PD

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