The Coverup: Drew Peterson – Journal 1, 10.20.08

The following session completed on 10.20.08 was posted here August 19, 2009: . Below is the complete file for viewing:

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My focus is page 3 below:

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Okay, this session must be explained, especially now.  While doing the session during the year 2008 on the disappearance of Lisa Stebic knowing that Lisa Stebic’s disappearance was connected to Stacy Peterson’s disappearance (more on how I knew that will be later in this post), I continuously received information on other individuals, Drew Peterson being one of them.

Right now I am only going to focus on one aspect of the above session on page 3, and that is when I asked: “What do you want me to know?”  I am provided with the symbolism for “1” (aajejll).  “Coverup”  “Judicial Bribery” and I was shown an electrical current and this symbolically means “current”.  Then I see a man talking but just the mouth and “teeth” talking, this is symbolic, representative of an identity but not the entire person, just the mouth.  Then I see Drew Peterson’s face and he’s “whistling”.  Then I’m shown another symbol that relates to a specific individual (one I will explain at another time in the near future and will refer back to this post as a reference so as to make the message undoubtedly clear to the reader).  This symbol is the “Barbershop Lighthouse” and this Lighthouse was being “covered up” in “blue” material.  This was associated with Drew Peterson going down.  Please note:  This was on October 20, 2008, Drew Peterson was not arrested for Kathleen Savio’s murder until May 7, 2009.  I first received a message that Drew would be arrested “soon” on September 10, 2008, posted here: .  I see that the session where I got the message from Lisa Stebic that Drew would be arrested soon was covered up by a post it and you can only view part of it.  Here is a scan of that session so you can see the entire message:

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I provided a copy of this information to authorities long before Drew Peterson was ever arrested and a full 19 months and 7 days prior to the event actually taking place.  Anyone can say what happened before, after an event takes place, but I have continuously stated what will happen in the future and I back that up by publishing these journal entries prior to the events taking place.

I’ve had to wait several years before I could openly explain this for a variety of reasons.  Timing is everything and presenting information before it’s time can be detrimental.  At the time I provided a copy of my Journal 1 to authorities, I knew that it was best to NOT provide interpretation of what the symbolism meant so I did not explain anything.  I simply placed a copy of my Journal 1 in their hands and let time work.  I knew my pure intentions would be misconstrued at that time and I would be viewed as a nut but I also knew that in time, the truth would come out and I would be vindicated.  So I waited until the time was right.  However, I had hoped that the authorities who I provided a copy of this journal to would have “asked” me at that time or even sometime later what much of what I provided to them meant but nobody did.  In fact, just the opposite, and that too is meant for another time and another post.

Specifically, what spirit told me on 10.20.08 was that WHEN you hear that Drew Peterson “whistled” it is NOT the truth.  It is a Cop (blue) covering up (blue material) the lighthouse, to hide it undercover, under a “blue cover”.  That means this person is either under the protection of someone undercover as a cop or they are themselves undercover as a cop.

See for more information on this person.

This event  happened in June 2010 when Illinois State Police went to search for Stacy Peterson out in Peoria, Illinois based on the rumor that “Drew Peterson” “whistled” to a fellow inmate while being held in jail at the Will County Detention Center, according to: :

Drew peterson whistles to inmate about the location of Stacy's remains

Of course, as stated in the screenshot of an article below:

Drew peterson in solitary and has no contact with other inmates.

Drew Peterson was being held in an area where he was isolated from all other inmates and had no contact with other inmates.
Drew’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, at the time made this statement to NBC 5 Chicago: “Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky told NBC 5 that his client couldn’t have confided in a fellow inmate because he is isolated from the rest of the prison population and can’t talk to other inmates.”  Source:

I was forewarned of this event 1.5 years prior to it happening, and it happened.   At nearly the same time the Illinois State Police began searching for Stacy Peterson in the Peoria, Illinois area, the Riley Fox investigation flipped completely and Scott Eby was charged with her murder on May 27, 2009: .  A week later they were searching for Stacy Peterson in Peoria, Illinois based on that “rumored” tip.
This post is a work in progress and I will continue to update as needed.

copyright ©2012 Laura L. Burke

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