Lisa Stebic: INVOLVED persons

I must break away from the “Location of the Remains” posts as this matter is more pressing.  I go with the flow and work on whatever it is that I am supposed to, and for whatever reason (I never question it), this is what I am supposed to complete right now.

I am going to start from the beginning and show you what spirit (and Lisa) have shown as to WHO is INVOLVED in Lisa’s disappearance and the COVER UP to prevent the truth from being known.  Hang on to your hats!

INVOLVED 11.09.08 pg1 clipped1

INVOLVED 11.09.08 pg1 clipped1

The above clipped vision is not the first mention of involved persons but I wanted to mention this one first, because it clearly states that THIS SHIP IS GOING DOWN.  These criminals will be caughtthis case WILL BE SOLVED.

I am now posting a block of the images first, then I will come back to explain each image.  This post will most likely end up like the Location of Remains Posts and have to be made in multiple posts due to it’s long length as there is a lot of information.  I am in the process up updating this as you read.  As long as you see this text you are reading now, know that the post is continually being updated.  If you intend to print this out, you’ll have to check for changes throughout as I am making many changes on a continued basis, adding new images and details to keep things in cronological order as best I can, correcting typos, for sentence structure, highlighting and bolding things, adding links to names, etc.

Stay tuned.


INVOLVED 03.22.08 clipped

INVOLVED 03.22.08 clipped


In the above, I dreamed of “Wexler Road“, “Hay Duke” (deliberate “HAY“) followed by an indication that there was a “spy“.  I saw an Email address associated with “spy“.  This came within the same time period that the Topix gang stalkers were slandering me, stalking me around the internet, copying posts I had made elsewhere regarding my psychic work on Lisa Stebic, then ripping them apart on Topix, while “aka Russell” and “Ollie“, (same “Ollie” using a registered name) both, had taken photographs of me and my son that were posted on my blogs, manipulating them and using them in their Topix avatars.  Freespirit8 was making reference about my son’s picture and stating that it was “Ewww, and looked like he had a rash.”  Freespirit8 provided a link to my son’s photo on Topix for everyone to see.  That was the last straw.  I emailed Freespirit8‘s husband after conducting my own research online trying to find his last name (I knew her by the maiden last name she used), their address, and then locating his place of work by googling his name (so I could get an Email address) on March 19th, 2008, and approached him politely and respectfully and explained the problem about how these people were stalking and harassing me and how his wife was generating links to my son’s photos as well as Freespirit8 tracking down my ex-husband on myspace and disclosing that on Topix.   I will post a copy of that Email I sent on Blogster soon.  In any case, the above vision is what I received during this time period of massive gang stalking by all of these crazy Topix posters.

I googled “Wexler Road” and discovered that there is only one Wexler Road in the U.S. (that I could find).  I looked at the area on mapquest or yahoo maps or something and discovered there was a new home community there called “Hayden Farms“.  This was my “Hay Duke“.

INVOLVED 03.33.08 clipped2

INVOLVED 03.33.08 clipped2

I began searching the sale records and discovered one particular one that told me beyond a shadow of a doubt, that “Freespirit8” was a spy, as that record had her name in it (not the last name, that I am aware of, though there could be some ethnic connection or something but I would have no way of knowing that and it’s rather pointless to find out since the dream vision was only to let me know there was a “spy” and who it was).  Interestingly, the ending of the PIN# on the tax record for that particular unit sold that has part of the same name as Freespirit8 ends with three numbers that Brian Ladd from Brian’s Dreams website has associated with Lisa Stebic917263“.  There are NO COINCIDENCES.

This told me, without a shadow of a doubt, that Freespirit8 was a spy, but I had no idea for who or for what reason or anything along those lines.  It seemed incredulous at the time.  More on that came much later.

An interesting thing to note in this one vision is the way spirit is so clever in their use of symbolism.  At the time of this, there was someone posting on Topix as “Amerika” who had all the regular posters over there all riled up.  This vision was telling me that Freespirit8 was being the spy because “they all” wanted to find out who “Amerika” was, because they thought it was me (when it wasn’t).  The real “Spirit” used a song (music is a huge part of my life) that coveyed those two aspects together while simultaneously showing me an Email address and then further providing me the reinforcing information of “Wexler Road” and “Hay Duke” so there would be NO DOUBT what they were trying to tell me.  Getting this involved with spirit about a criminal case on this level of intensity was a first for me and at the time, I viewed everything in the literal sense so it was difficult to understand what they were trying to tell me many times.  This time they made sure that I got it and that there was no doubt as to what they were conveying  to me.  They really wanted me to know this.

Something to note that is important:  The information that comes through is ABSOLUTE, the problem occurs with the “interpretation” of that information.  The symbols spirit sends are never false, only the interpretation can skew the information but never is the information itself wrong.

Also at this time, a Topix poster using the screen name “Ollie” was moving like mad to try and crush my reputation and prevent anyone from listening me.  They spent all of their time attempting to portray me as a psychotic individual.  Each time spirit would show me something specific, like “Yogi Bear” or “Beaver Teeeth” and even a “Pig Face“, “Ollie” would use that as their avatar immediately following.  Spirit is very, very clever and knows precisely what to do to make their message known.  So, because of that, “Ollie” was on my radar in a big way and somehow “Ollie” was associated with “Freespirit8” and they wanted me to know that.

INVOLVED 03.28.08 clipped1 main

INVOLVED 03.28.08 clipped1 main

okay, now in the vision above, Lisa has indicated that “two Men” took her somewhere while she was still alive but appears that she was “drugged” and in a state where she was not in control of her body.  Later visions (11.15.08) validate her being drugged and that two men were inside her home, at night, and took her somewhere while Lisa was not in control of her body, or her mind.  That vision is posted here:  I will break this down into sub-sections and address each one below.

INVOLVED 03.28.08 clipped1a

INVOLVED 03.28.08 clipped1a

Of the two men, one of them is a heavy smoker. An “Son a lighter was shown.  This could be symbolic or actual.  Later visions provide more details such as those provided here  On 11.15.08, I received a physical description of him as being heavier set, shorter, wearing a blue work uniform. I received the name “Walter” and just after completeting this vision, I saw that a “Walter” posted on the Topix Bolingbrook forum with a “Romeoville” IP address.  “Walter” could be actual and it could be symbolic.  One must be open to all possibilities in order to see the truth and understand the message that spirit is sending.

There was a “Ball and Chain” attached to her ankle.  Again, this can be actual or it can be symbolic.

Told to Flip 14 pages and "whatever is on that page is concrete"

Told to Flip 14 pages and “whatever is on that page is concrete”

Lisa told the person I was on the phone with to tell me to Flip 14 pages and what is on that page is “concrete”, another “C”.  I flipped 14 pages and to my surprise, it was the specifc piece of property that I was researching because days prior Lisa had lead us to this specific piece of property.

Location Lisa direcected us to, 03.28.08

Location Lisa direcected us to, 03.28.08

There are several facts regarding this piece of property that are extraordinary which happened to come much later, November 29, 2008, to be exact.  I was told “The hand that’s in it“.  I asked “Whose hand?” and I received a full name.  I recognized the last name as the owner of the parcel of property in question but was confused about the first name.  This vision can be found here:

Lisa Stebic 11.29.08 p1-4 of 5

View this document on Scribd

I researched the name and discovered that the name I received was whom I assume is the adult child of the owner of the parcel.  So, being the way I am, I began to research my brains out on this individual.  I was able to locate their spouses name based on online information readily available.  So, then I began to research the spouse and I nearly fell off my chair when I found the name’d person’s spouse as a “facebook” friend on a close friend of Lisa Stebic!!!  A direct link to Lisa!

One must understand, that in March 2008 I Emailed authorities regarding this specific parcel of property, I sent it to Plainfield PD and copied ISP and the FBI.  Nearly 8 months later, November 2008, I discover that there is a DIRECT link to Lisa Stebic!  But wait, there is more.  In March, I discovered ties, strong ties, to Stacy Peterson!  There is SO MUCH, too, that is associated to this particular parcel of property which is DIRECTLY connected to Lisa Stebic and to Stacy Peterson.  There is SO MUCH MORE.

Those that I have worked with have a complete understanding of just how much is tied to this specific parcel of property that Lisa Stebic’s spirit indicated was “concrete”.  All things are relative and all things are connected.  Nothing can be dismissed.  To do so is to cut off your ability to learn the truth.

INVOLVED 03.28.08 clipped1B "Connect the Cs"

INVOLVED 03.28.08 clipped1B “Connect the Cs”

After receiving the infomration to flipp 14 pages and directing us, once again, to the same parcel of land, we asked how they knew to take her there and Lisa responded with “Connect the Cs“.  This will be detailed below.

Much of what is posted for the next few images is taken from another MISSING post that is currently (as of 08.11.08) not complete.  The link to that post is here:

November 29, 2008 page 1, clipped2of2
November 29, 2008 page 1, clipped2of2

Lisa is telling me that this precise location is associated to what happened to this “skeleton”, whom I believe to be Lisa.  This is how this person died, I am assuming, by blunt force trauma to the back of the head as it was repeatedly slammed into the ground.  That the person whose skeleton this is had their head slammed to the ground by another is without question, that that is what caused their death, I can’t say for sure and that is why I indicated that I was “assuming”.

I asked where to find the skeleton and I was shown the 8 of cups reversed.  This has multiple meanings here but for now, “abandoned/abandonment” is the meaning (even that has multiple meanings).

November 29, 2008 page 2 clipped1
November 29, 2008 page 2 clipped1

I asked who is “C“?  The “C-hand” symbol has been coming through since October 12, 2008 as indicated in the clip below:

October 12, 2008 page1 clipped1
October 12, 2008 page1 clipped1

If you notice, I made mention that this hand is symbolic to “whose hand is in it“.

In March of 2008, when I asked Lisa, “How did they know where to hide your body?“, she responded with “Connect the C’s“.


INVOLVED 03.28.08 - "Connect the Cs"
INVOLVED 03.28.08 – “Connect the Cs”

On November 29, 2008 (as posted in clip above), when I asked who “C” was, the one “holding the wire”,



This is what I was shown:

Who is "C"?

Who is “C”?

I was shown a picture of a man’s hand with a ring on the thumb and a woman’s hand resting on his.  It felt like a wedding photo.  This was followed by hearing “The hand“, “The hand“, over and over.  They were telling me who is INVOLVED.  This is in direct relation to that specific piece of property I inquired about (the one posted on this page that is all blanked out, 03.28.08).  Further, it is telling me that this person is “riding the wire” and showing me them as the “C-Hand” holding or hanging on to a “wire“.  This person is a COP, an under cover Cop with a “New York Accent“.  “New York” is referenced many times associated with those involved and a specific saboteur to my efforts. I believe riding the wire to mean that their actions hinge on the information received via a wire tap of someone.

There is more information in Journal 1 which Plainfield PD has a copy of that relates to a “wire”.

Now remember, there are many variables.  The information is absolute but the information provided is not literal but figurative.  So, for example, the “New York Accent” could mean a New York native or it could be referencing someone who is controlled by someone who is a New York native, or it could mean they were born in New York or their heritage is from New York … there are many variables.  Attaching to only one potential is too rigid and rigidity never allows one the flexibility to learn the whole truth because that rigidity blocks anything that doesn’t fit within it’s restrictive boundaries – a square peg won’t fit into a round hole.  The one thing that is absolute is that there is some sort of NEW YORK connection, whatever that connection is.  I, too, have made the rigid mistake of taking a single course line of thought but as time went on, I learned that was not ever going to solve the mystery and that I had to be open to all possibilities.  Nothing is too ludicrous, in fact, just the opposite exists.  I am learning in these kinds of crazy situations that the more ludicrous it seems, the more likely it is.

Also, the above does NOT mean that this involved person is her murderer.  All it is indicating is that this particular person is somehow involved/connected and that connection/involvement is the connection to the location in question as indicated above.

to be continued…

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