Lisa Stebic 08.13.08 and 08.25.08 2 pgs

Lisa Stebic
August 13, 2008 & August 25, 2008
Journal 1

***Note***In my notes, I describe the man I saw as resembling “Nick Nolte” but that is incorrect. The man resembled “Gary Busse”. As a child, I always said Nick Nolte when I meant Gary Bussee. Old habits die hard.

***UPDATE*** July 28, 2009 6:39 AM – While reading the note above and thinking about the symbolisms represented by the people I see in visions and dreams, I began to think about Gary Bussee and his “teeth” as that is his most prominent feature.  “Teeth” has been so prominent within all these visions.  I know that is a multi-faceted connection and has multiple meanings.  It describes the individual’s physical features, as well as something else that has to do with “teeth” that appears to be more disturbing.

Lisa Stebic 08.13.08 -08.25.08 2 pgs

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