Lisa Stebic, Plainfield PD: August 4, 2008 5 pages

Lisa Stebic
August 4, 2008 5 pages
Journal 1


Lisa Stebic 08.04.08 5pgs .pdf of complete vision.

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copyright ©2009 Laura L. Burke

This post needs some explaining to make things more clear to the average reader, or to anyone who cannot understand the symbolism in the visions, they are most important in understanding the real message.  Most importantly, THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES.  Everything has meaning.

On the first page of the vision, I refer to a term I have used for many years, “Stupid Monkeys.  This is one of many terms I have adopted that makes a description in one to two words, or via an acronym.  Not only does this make communications faster and more precise with no room for misinterpretation, it also prompts others to THINK, something I always promote with the manner of my speech and writing.  Too much wordiness leads to soggy brain matter on the receiving end because they’ve nothing to “figure out” on their own – nothing to learn from or nothing to encourage them to learn how to think about things.  Anyone who follows what others say via hearsay and gossip, is someone I would call a Stupid Monkey for they are afflicted with what I call FTSE Syndrome.  FTSE stands for Forked Tongue Stuck in Ear.  Figure it out.

Below is a screen shot of my use of the term Stupid Monkey in regards to Plainfield Police Department’s method and manner of thinking with respect to their investigation into the disappearance of Missing Mother of Two, from Plainfield, Illinois, Lisa Stebic.

Stupid Monkey clip screen shot

Pay close attention to all of my readings about Lisa Stebic and just who spirit is telling me that is involved in some nefarious way.  You’ll have to read through everything to understand what I mean here.  Think, that’s the point.

Now, notice this Monkey image that was posted on Topix, where so much of the gang stalking of me and their slandering of my name has taken place (among other places on the net including the blogosphere) in their hot pursuit to stifle what I have to say about Lisa Stebic and my continuous efforts (2 1/2 years running now) to find her remains:

The Monkey screenshot 10.16.08

The Monkey screenshot 10.16.08

Also, take note of this poster, The Monkey:

Monkey aka Russell same thread

Screenshot of above link – The Monkey & aka Russell are same person

If you notice, The Monkey is also “aka Russell.  aka Russell was someone that came through on John Spira while meditating on Lisa Stebic.  You can view all about that here:

Okay, now here we have the introduction of the Batman insignia.

Batman Insignia Symbolism

Batman Insignia Symbolism

Batman Insignia Symbolism

Batman Insignia Symbolism

This symbol is used many, many times throughout all of these sessions the past year.  Now Batman has a secret identity.  Batman’s operation is covert and underground.  These are all symbolisms and their meanings are directly related to the person they are trying to tell me about.  When this symbolism appears, it is identifying one or more of these traits applied to whatever person they may be referring to.   That it was backlit, to me, tells me that this person is operating behind the scenes.

Upside down Fisher Price School Bus

Upside down Fisher Price School Bus

The next bit of symbolism is the upside down fisher price school bus, which was followed by a regular school bus but still upside down.  When something is displayed upside down, it means their line of thinking is screwed up, and they are not thinking correctly, they are upside down.  This is important.  That it was a school bus and, at first, a pre-school toy school bus, tells me that they are very premature in their investigative techniques because their learning abilities are upside down and they simply can’t see the light of day because they are either playing games or are toying around because of their distorted line of thinking.  Remember, a school bus carries many students together, at once, at the same time – they all ride together on their way to school.  That this was followed by a real school bus tells me that they’ve (or someone has) advanced some but they are still on their way to school – upside down. **UPDATE** 07.20.09 8:21 AM **While reading this about the different school bus that appeared “after” the first one, it dawned on me that these are two “different” objects, and I’m thinking this means two different people.  So, first it was a person who was represented by the toy upside down school bus, and then the second person is represented by a real upside down school bus.  That’s it; they were describing two people.** Further, and more importantly, they do not drive their own car, they are being driven to and fro by someone else.  This is VERY important and this tells me that they are limited because of whoever it is that is influencing their perspective as they are afflicted with FTSE Syndrome (see definition at top of post) and do not think for themselves nor can they be objective enough to see through the distortion deliberately being created by others.

fist with ring

Now the next symbolism is of a hand balled into a fist extended forward displaying a “ring”, a “fraternity” ring.  This tells me  that they are bonded to each other and, regardless of the situation, that bond will not be broken.  They are protecting their own.  Now, remember the pre-school toy educational symbol that preceded this, which tells me that those who are investigating are influenced by someone inside who is working behind the scenes (backlit Batman insignia) who has it wrong, for whatever reason, whether deliberate or not.

Black Cat

Black Cat


I ask about PPD (Plainfield Police Department) as it relates to Lisa Stebic and the investigation into her disappearance.  I am shown a black cat. The black cat is symbolic to someone that cannot be trusted, sneaky, sly, manipulative, DELIBERATE.




I then am shown an empty


This means NO TIME.

Sleeping Bloodhound

Sleeping Bloodhound

This is


followed by a

big, friendly, sleeping dog all droopy who is a Bloodhound.  Lackadasical and lazy is this bloodhound (investigator).  The only thing they are on the trail of is the drool on their own pillow.

What all of this tells me is that the individual who is responsible for the investigation into the disappearance of Lisa Stebic has no time for their job in investigating because they are lax and lazy, and further they are being manipulated by an untrustworthy person (black cat)  who is a behind the scenes individual.

sail-boat-3 This is then followed by a sail boat with a sail that is on wrong, sideways, causing the boat to go in circles.  To me, this symbolism is quite obvious and tells that this person doesn’t have their thinking cap on correctly and their efforts are going nowhere but in circles, meaning they are repeating and repeating what does not work and they end up in the same place every time which is nowhere.  Albert Einstein supposedly defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

There is more to the vision and more symbolism in this particular session as posted in the .pdf file above, however, I cannot explain each and every one in detail for then this post would be miles long.  I believe I have provided enough explanation of the symbolism used in spirit communication to provide you with enough insight to help you in deciphering this information for yourself. If anyone has ANY questions, see the About page on how to contact me.

***UPDATE*** August 8, 2012:  For more details on this session got to: .  This is a continuation of this post.

***UPDATE*** July 25, 2009 6:48 PM

The following statement was made by “Freespirit8” on Topix, as is viewed in the screenshot below (click to view full screen):

bennett statement according to freespirit8

Chief Bennett is too nice to tell you, but you have quite a reputation over there at the PPD. (click link which provides access directly to freespirit8’s statement about those within the Plainfield Police Department discussing matters of Police Business regarding a potential murder investigation with “civilians“.)

clipped from my Email to Detective Siegel on July 21, 2008:

Someone from the inside is leaking information and has been since the beginning. I’ve discussed this aspect of it with several people as information seemed to come out before it made the news. I am told this is what happened on the Voy forum and there was a play-by-play of what would transpire prior to it transpiring (possibly that disclosure was on purpose and LE’s intention?). There are too many things that come out during discussions that should not be known outside of the investigation or outside of the PPD.”

***UPDATE*** July 27, 2009 10:30 AM

Freespirit8 has been flat out BUSTED here:

and here:

Shame on all of you.

***UPDATE*** August 1, 2009 9:05 AM

The bullying and gangstalking on Topix continues.  The intention is to prevent the truth from being known.  The question of the millenium is “Why?”

***UPDATE*** August 3, 2009 3:38 PM

I just came across this statement made by “tooclosetohome” on Topix:

“As most of you know, I have not posted here in a long time, because I choose not to take part in the back and forth garbage and dealing with all the trolls who choose to ruin these forums. With that being said, it has been brought to my attention that a certain poster who is continuously posting under different names and causing trouble on these forums has been slamming myself and others on her personal blogs. She even goes as far as to accuse some of us of being involved in Lisa Stebics murder. She goes as far as to post real names in these blog posts along with our topix names. This person knows who she is, and I am certain she is lurking here, because she has nothing better to do but cause chaos on the internet because no one can tolerate her in “real life” In these blogs, she asks why the Plainfield Police are ignoring her… OMG are you freaking kidding me? Maybe its because they know you are full of sh*t!! I am not even going to go any further with the psychobabble that you have posted on your blog, because its quite meaningless and boring actually, and I wouldnt want to subject intelligent posters to this type of garbage… I am asking you to remove my name along with the names of others that you have slandered and defamed on your blog, or we will seek legal action. I have already spoken with authorities and they DO listen to me by the way … they dont ignore what I have said to them and what I have shown them. They are well aware of you, your games and know what you are all about. They recommend that I follow through with filing a report, but I have decided to give you a chance to remove it from your blog before doing so. You claim that YOU have been harassed on the internet, and here you are spreading lies and blatently accusing innocent people of being involved in a MURDER? You are a sick individual, and I will no longer allow you to use my name to make your false claims. I am not the one who slithers my way into the lives of families with missing loved ones… you are. Then they realize what kind of person you are and they cant get far enough away from you. I am not the one who tells lies about being responsible for finding missing people… you are. You need help… and you refuse to get it. No one can help you until you realize that you have an illness. I have wasted enough time here… kindly remove MY name along with the names of the other innocent people that you have wrongly accused of horrific things from your blogs.”

As an FYI, “Tooclosetohome” is a screenname, not a real name.  I have not posted anyone’s known identity.  Period.  I do not “create” or “makeup” anything, I am merely the messenger.  Furthermore, I have NEVER stated “tooclosetohome” was involved in a murder.  Never, ever.  That is flat out false, untrue.  It’s a lie and you can simply read and see for yourself.  -Laura/whereabouts

copyright ©2009 Laura L. Burke

“The likelihood of one individual being right increases in direct proportion to the intensity to which others are trying to prove him wrong.”
– – Harry Segall

A link to exit directly to the main page: Missing – Lisa Stebic – Stacy Peterson – John Spira – Home Page


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5 Responses to “Lisa Stebic, Plainfield PD: August 4, 2008 5 pages”

  1. Linda Says:

    This message may not appeal to you at all. But I am offering it to you on the chance that it might provide refreshment for your soul in this wicked world.


    Gangstalking / My Story / How King David Was Gangstalked

    This comment was moderated and most of the content removed. The content was not spam, and was not offensive; it was simply content soliciting something I am not a part of and do not personally support. –whereabouts

    • whereabouts67 Says:

      Dear linda,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. I apologize that I had to edit it and remove some content as explained above. Thank you for providing the information and the links. They were helpful.

      Best regards to you and yours,


  2. whereabouts67 Says:

    I think it is important to paste the text content of Linda’s link here as it is very relevant to this post and my entire situation since first searching for missing mother of two, Lisa Stebic. I have been the victim of intense gangstalking because of my efforts to solve the mystery of Lisa Stebic’s and Stacy Peterson’s disappearances.

    Greetings …

    “I’m being tormented by strangers.” Has anybody ever said that to you? That person could be a victim of a growing menace — gangstalking. To describe gangstalking, let me quote from an article regarding workplace mobbing:

    “According to the German newsmagazine Focus, mobbing is “frequent, repeated, and systematic harassment.” More than workplace banter—which might include sarcasm, criticism, teasing, and practical jokes—mobbing is a campaign of psychological terror. The goal is to make the victim an outcast.

    The tactics of harassment range from childish antagonism to criminal injury. The target is subjected to character assassination, verbal abuse, aggressive behavior, and the cold-shoulder treatment. … Some victims of harassment are targeted by one person. But more often, the victim is subjected to the assault of an alliance of colleagues. Hence, the term “mobbing” is appropriate, since it implies that a group is putting an individual under pressure by deliberately annoying or attacking him.” – Awake, 05/08/04, War of Nerves

    Gangstalking is the community version of mobbing, a more “intense” version.

    One writer called it “an organized criminal phenomenon”. Gangstalking is also being called a “Silent Holocaust”, a holocaust because many victims are dying – many of them victims of suicide. They just give up … it simply becomes too much to bear …

    I was almost a victim of the silent holocaust. Instead, today I am able to smile and laugh again. Of course, my life is far from perfect and it has changed dramatically, as have the lives of all victims of this occult activity, for being “targeted” is truly a life-changing experience. However, my life has also greatly improved in other ways. Today, I have help and no more fear of the gangstalking criminals nor of their tactics. I have never been physically harmed by them and that is not due to a lack of them trying. With help, I have been able to make a living and I have a home – two things gangstalkers try to take away from their victims.

    Occult – (1) beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious; (2) secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated; (3) hidden from view (Random House Dictionary); (4) to shut off from view or exposure (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

    Time Magazine has named the Urban Dictionary one of the 50 best websites of 2008. There are additional descriptions there.

    As I became aware of the numerous victims who feel so totally hopeless about their situations, I was moved to create this website to let them know that there is hope. Guiding victims to their only source of help is the main purpose of this website.

    Many people assist the perpetrators without knowing the truth about their role in this underground network of terror. The secondary purpose of this website is to help those people understand exactly what it is that they have gotten themselves involved with.

    The third purpose of this website is to have a place to guide friends, family and acquaintances to who you feel may have been approached to engage in some of the tactics of gangstalkers. What they are really being asked to do is much easier to explain in writing than verbally.

    Although we are living in critical times, many of us don’t realize how perilous this world really is. Before I was targeted, I knew nothing about gangstalking. Believe me, once you are victimized by this crime, you become much more perceptive about what is going on around you. You begin to see the world with absolute clarity – a view of the world that one who has never been personally touched by crime will likely ever understand.

    Please don’t dismiss gangstalking as a delusional nightmare of the paranoid and mentally ill until you first examine all of the evidence. You’ll learn, as you visit the links provided, that the perpetrators of this crime want you to believe exactly that.

    The people that tend to not believe that this crime is real are those that don’t want to believe that the world is really as dangerous as it is and will not take the time to investigate it, taking sort of a “head in the sand” approach. To those people I ask, “What do you think this world is really like? What is it about this crime that makes it so unbelievable to you?” Nothing about it is new as you’ll learn if you’ll take the time. You need only to ask around or ask the young people (privately) in your urban and suburban communities what they know of gangstalking to find out that it exists. But even they likely don’t know the full extent of it.

    A question often voiced by those who will take the time to try to understand it is “why you”? What many victims have in common is that we have no idea why we were targeted.

    I’ve read that single women are targeted as well as people who spend most of their time alone. Prior to being targeted, my life was pretty quiet as when not at work, I was primarily alone in front of a computer or a book. I was a perfect target.

    Don’t think it can’t happen to you. Targeted individuals are all ages, races, nationalities – male and female. You could be targeted for any reason, or for no reason. You may already be targeted without the gangstalkers making themselves known to you at this point. You’ll learn more by visiting the links provided.

    No one has live in fear of these criminals. But you cannot battle them alone. You will tire out before they do. You are going to have to reach out to your only source of help against this evil, the most powerful help available. It’s not the popular choice and it likely would not be what you would choose if you had options. But you don’t. Your only hope is your only option once you become prey for the amusement of the deviant world of gangstalkers.

    If you are somehow drawn into the world of gangstalkers and you seem to have no way out – if you fear going near someone close to you who has been targeted – if you fear being targeted by them in any way – if you’ve been approached to engage in this activity against a friend or relative or anyone else – if you are just getting tired of waiting and hoping for a solution – try your one hope, your only option.

    If you’ve come to this website to learn more about the depraved world of gangstalkers, visit the Links section.

    For the curious, look around. I ask that you read each page and visit at least one link on each page to get a full overview of the purpose of this website.

    Explore, and learn about the real world you are living in, a part of this world I myself may never have known had I not been involuntarily drawn into it.


    NOTE: For this website, gangstalkers will also be identified as “GS”.

  3. Linda Says:

    Whereabouts, thank you for posting the content from my page.

    Gangstalking is widespread. Recently an acquaintance contacted me to talk about my experience. A friend of hers is experiencing what sounds like workplace mobbing, as well as gangstalking. It doesn’t surprise me that as an investigator, you are targeted.

    If you ever get tired of fighting this battle alone, seek Jehovah. It is not the popular choice, but He is the only choice for help once targeted by gangstalkers.

    As far as Lisa is concerned, this site might give you some comfort:

    Too, gangstalkers won’t be around for much longer.


    • whereabouts67 Says:

      Hi, Linda. Thank you for your comment. I’m enjoying the challenge of taking on these gang stalkers and busting them. 🙂

      Take care and best of luck to you.

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