Lisa Stebic: 11.15.08 – 11.16.08 9 pages

Lisa Stebic
Journal 1
November 15, 2008 – November 16, 2008 9 pages

The individual I did a session on where all the images of what happened to Lisa Stebic the night she disappeared is an online poster on, fyi, freespirit8.

Lisa Stebic 11.15.08-11.16.08 9pgs

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copyright ©Laura L. Burke

On November 17, 2008, I met with Don Bennett, Chief of Police, Plainfield Police Department, Plainfield, Illinois, to provide him with a complete copy of my Journal. At the time, it was the only journal I had. I now have four (4) journals, as the informaton began to pour in after that day.

That night, the night of November 17, 2008, after I met with Don Bennett and provided him with a copy of my journal, I had this dream:

The vision post deserves an honorary mention here and the text spelled out for you all to see clearly. I’ve waited until I felt the time was right to disclose this one, and that time is now. There is always a rhyme and reason for what I do that which appears to be madness to those who are “not in the know”. That “not in the know” has multiple meanings, too; one of them being pure bread ignorance coupled with vindictiveness and down right cruelty, steaming out of a bubbling stew of envy.

Lisa Stebic 11.18.08 1 pg

Lisa Stebic 11.18.08 image

Tuesday, November 18, 2009 Text:

Last night’s dream:

Two women, each one accused me of stealing these “rocks” from them, from their gardens. They knew each other too. They were trying to pin this “theft” on me and force me to apologize but they couldn’t come up with the evidence to do that.

I know what this means. This has to do w/ me giving Don Bennett a copy of my journal. They will “contradict” the information I provide, and accuse me of “stealing” this info but their claims are baseless and unfounded and therefore it will be impossible for them to come up with any evidence to prove their false claims.

It’s intersting to note that these two women were “civilians”. One was nasty, the other was not. They were close in age but the 1st one, the older one, was the nicer one and the 2nd one, or the younger one was the nasty one. The older one was Blonde or dyed blonde and the younger one was dark hair and a little thinner in size.

*note* 1.15.09 I wonder if this is Lisa D. & Tammy (tooclose)?

*note* 2.13.09 I am now certain this is Lisa D. (end)

As alwys, LE, if you would like to contact me for any reason, please see the about page for details.

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