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Things are getting good.  They will get a whole lot better.  Soon.

…dun dun dun dun…(JAWS music)…dun dun dun dun…

Lisa Stebic
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January 12, 2009 4:39 AM 2 pages

Lisa Stebic 01.12.09 2 pgs

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The following is real.  It could have a rather insignificant meaning and it could be very significant.  Time will tell.

FYI: The avatar used to be the red electric guitar exactly the same as the one I drew in the journal posting above on January 12, 2009.  Somehow, this has something to do with John Spira.  I have the image of AKA Russell’s red guitar Avatar and a screen shot of that image associated with the post below saved on a different computer (will have to get that and place here), in the meantime:

aka russell topix 06.20.09

aka Russell

Mar 10, 2008  #61

quite wrote:  One thing is sure … LLynn … alias WC alias Will County alias Whereabouts

and so on … is really giving all of her time to search for Lisa and Stacy 😉

Please let us follow the tips on the editor site … Report Abuse and inform theTopix admin

again about the name LLynn being the same person as WC/Whereabouts who was just banned

for some days. A person like this .. threatening all the time is not even worth to answer to 😉

and trying to look like Don Z with the avatar?


“Those who have something to hide,

will trash another in order to keep their secret secret.”

LLynn, WC, Will County, whereabouts, and so on  (all me- Laura).


This image was posted on Topix for AKA Russel (Rusty)

but has since been removed.  He is friends with Freespirit8

and she has a couple other photos of him posted on her

myspace page, per someone who posted that in the Topix forum.

I have those images stored along with the myspace page I retrieved them from

as well as the posts directing viewers to that myspace page that has been

conveniently removed from Topix (per usual).

LE, all you have to do is ask.

Rusty w Red Guitar when young

Below is a group of photos posted by aka russell as “The Monkey”,

another of his several known Topix “IDs.

Monkey pics Plainfield forum Topix

A link to exit directly to the main page:

Missing – Lisa Stebic – Stacy Peterson – John Spira – Home Page

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