Lisa Stebic Dow Chemical – Visions Sample

copyright ©Laura L. Burke

Lisa Stebic appeared to me in late spring 2007 as a negative image on the floor (it was rather bizarre).  She very simply, yet very determinedly said, “Find Me.”  I promised her that I would do everything in my power to find her.  I have stood by that promise and have relentlessly placed my thoughts and energy into “Finding Lisa Stebic”, and have spent countless hours physically searching as well.  The here and now is a continuation of my promise to Lisa – to find her – by communicating what I have been shown through psychic visions to the outside world in an effort to bring a collective conscious and collective mind to the project and expand on it without limitation.  Previously, due to saboteurs, I felt it was necessary to keep it all private.  The time has now come to make it all public and continue the search for the remains of Lisa Stebic and the quest to uncover the truth regarding her disappearance.

Human remains found along river Des Plaines by DOW Chemical in Channahon, Illinois


(Journal 1)  March 31, 2008 – DOW Chemical, Channahon, IL

March 31, 2008 - DOW Chemical mentioned

March 31, 2008 - DOW Chemical mentioned



Just remembered this: In dream, I think maybe this might have to do with XXXXXXXXXXX but not sure, it does have to do w/ Lisa: * (see Nov 15, pg 7) Man in work uniform and the patch on the shoulder was shaped like (diamond shaped)

10.20.08 DOW Chemical “Dupont Styrofoam” Channahon. ————————————————————

(Journal 1) August 4, 2008 page 5

August 8, 2008 page 5

August 8, 2008 page 5


Shaking, very violently SUDDEN CHANGE. Then seeing it (the one room building) crack and start to split open. Kept seeing cracks and splitting open.

“Who should I focus on?”

Seeing a wreath, thinking Christmas but it’s shape is like the Jewish Star.  Then saw (black star image) but they were solid black.

11.09.08 been wondering if I misread the Star for jewish instead of Police Star?

“Who?” feet, strange, funky, ugly toes, strangely shaped/deformed or twisted. Deformed feet.  (WTF?)


(Journal 1) August 6, 2008

August 6, 2008

August 6, 2008

Text: ”

“Lisa, what do you want me to know?” Wednesday, August 6, 2008 drop. Water moving or in motion, like swaying or swishing back and forth.  I thought of Lisa Williams. I saw a white flower. I saw a white star but not a star in the sky, just a solid white star.

XXXXXX said:  XXXXX said 2-3 weeks ago Lisa told him everyone gave up.

08/7/08 – (Dream) “John Ogelsby

(This spelling) * —> Oglesby * 08/10/08

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (I inquired about a specific online poster)

Feet, bottom of feet walking as if on glass and I was underneath seeing the feet making footprints. *Saw the same drop of water that I saw above. I still do not know what that means.


(Journal 1) November 10, 2008 – DOW Chemical Channahon mention

11.10.08 p1 Dow (link to .pdf of journal entry)

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Lisa, what do I need to know that will help me to solve this?  Barge. 7 with wings. eye of the tiger. (backward 1) on the water.

(drawn image) Combine. F. I keep seeing a google earth image w/ a River. The Combine thing was on the East or West shore of the river (my left). If looking at a map, it would be the “West” bank. I’m thinking Des Plaines in Channahon by DOW.  Some kind of boat with a sail like (drawn image).

*note* 11.13.08 (I found this: —>(pointing to drawn inmage of Combine) Hanson Materials, 1 site south of Empress Casino.

*note* 11.13.08 I found it! It’s on the River, Bluff Road, 1 site south of the Empress Casino. Rte 6 & Bluff Rd.

Wire. Mailbag. (drawn image) <–Rose

Rings (coils) <–(coil plus?) and a pair of hands prying them apart, separating them from each other (drawn image).  The rings were uniform in size, all the same.


(Journal 2) November 29, 2008 pages 1-4 of 5

11.29.08 p1-4 of 5 Lisa

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(this one is too long at the moment to type out all the text.  I will complete later).


(Journal 2) January 11, 2009 (clipped) – Description of  “Steve”

01.11.09 clipped desc of Steve

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Sunday, January 11, 2009  8:06 AM

During the night, I woke up and I was thinking about Lisa and the case, I got a vivid image of a man w/ dark hair, shaggy curly kind of look but not long, receding hairline, glasses (drawn image of glasses), 40’s, mid, mustache, a little thicker and fuller (drawn image of mustache) and even longer, not trim at all.  His name is “Steve”.  *note* (1.15.09 Looks like John Spira’s mustache from a newspaper I saw.)

copyright ©Laura L. Burke

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3 Responses to “Lisa Stebic Dow Chemical – Visions Sample”

  1. whereabouts67 Says:

    Please feel free at anytime to let me know of any typos, bad links, anything that will help to improve the functionability in this blog. You can Email me at

  2. whereabouts67 Says:

    I just saw this – a man missing from Bollingbrook, named “Steve”. He has the same hair as the Steve I described I don’t know if he wears glasses and has/had a mustache. I’m interested in finding out though.

    Check this out:


    A Bolingbrook man went missing last week. As reported at, the man went away on business and did not return.
    “Stephen B. Flood, 46, of the 100 block of Tecumseh Drive, was reported missing Thursday evening by his wife after he failed to return to Bolingbrook in time for a son’s baseball game.
    “Friends said it was really odd that he didn’t show up,” Bolingbrook Police spokesman Lt. Ken Teppel.”
    The part not being reported is that allegedly, the wife had been attacked in her home last week. I do not have the details as to whether or not this happened the time that Stephen was away on business, but there are some obvious coincidences here.
    Another question to be asked is why this attack was not reported. I had gotten the information through a Bolingbrook moms group who has connection to the woman.
    Some questions to be asked;
    1. Are there any connections between the disappearance and the attack
    2. Why was the attack not reported?
    3. Are there political aspects to the not reporting of the attack?
    The biggest question now is, who will break the story, besides me?

    Police searching for missing Bolingbrook man
    June 8, 2009 5:37 PM | No Comments
    Bolingbrook police are investigating the disappearance of a local baseball coach and father of four who did not return home from a brief business trip in Ohio last week, police said today.

    Stephen B. Flood, 46, of the 100 block of Tecumseh Drive, was reported missing Thursday evening by his wife after he failed to return to Bolingbrook in time for a son’s baseball game.

    “Friends said it was really odd that he didn’t show up,” Bolingbrook Police spokesman Lt. Ken Teppel.

    Police traced the last-known whereabouts of Flood to a hotel room in Edinburgh, Ind., south of Indianapolis.

    Bartholomew County, Ind., sheriff’s deputies, making a well-being call Friday on behalf of Bolingbrook police, found Flood’s laptop computer, clothing and cell phone in his vacant room, Bolingbrook Police Lt. Ken Teppel said today. The phone was charging and the television was on, Teppel said.

    Calls to Flood’s cell phone immediately went to voice mail until it was no longer accepting calls, Teppel said.

    Flood operates a Joliet-based business that purchases used catalytic converters from auto scrappers, then strips them of their precious metals. He frequently has made two- or three-day interstate trips, and is known to carry large amounts of money, Teppel said.

    Bolingbrook police traced Flood to Edinburgh by persuading his cell phone carrier to “ping” the cell tower closest to the last call made on his phone, Teppel said. That tower was in Edinburgh in Bartholomew County. It was not known if he made it to Ohio for his business appointment.

    Bolingbrook detectives are monitoring Flood’s bank account and credit cards and are seeking a search warrant from Bartholomew County to go through his belongings, Teppel said.

    Tom Page, who manages the Bolingbrook Bandits youth baseball team, said he has known Flood for the two years he has coached the team.

    “Steve is a good guy and cares so much about the kids and the community,” Page said. “I once saw him literally give the shirt off his back to somebody.”

    Teppel said the department is very concerned about Flood’s disappearance. “He leaves the house, withdraws a large amount of cash, and then he’s just ‘poof’ gone.”

    The brown-haired, brown-eyed Flood, is 6-foot-tall and weighs 185 pounds. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a blue sweatshirt. He has been married since 1993. Police are unsure whether he is driving his personal silver 2008 Kia minivan, or his black 2005 Chevrolet work pickup truck.

    Anyone with information is asked to call the Bolingbrook Police at 630/226-8620, or CrimeStoppers at 630/378-4772.

    –Dennis Sullivan

  3. nikko 2376 Says:

    hello my name is nikolas and my age is 21. i’ve lived in the plainfield area ever since i was in 1st grade. for ten years, I’ve wondered what happened to lisa. she was my cafeteria at lincoln elementary in third grade, and her dissapearence has always stayed in the back of my head. I’ve came across your detailed blogpost years ago, but tonight i came back to it, and what you found, or wrote i think is bizarre. not that it’s wrong or right, but it’s very, very interesting. I’m curious how those correlations with the DOW chemical and your other visions correlate to the missing case. i know its been 10 years since you made that blogpost, but i think its important to never give up. i want to find a conclusive answer.

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